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2021 PAC12 football


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2 hours ago, EastCoastFan said:
Odds to Win the 2021 Pac-12 Title from 2¾/1—Oregon 2¾/1—Washington 4/1—USC 4½/1—ASU 12/1—UCLA 14/1—Stanford 16/1—Utah 20/1—Colorado 20/1—WSU 25/1—Cal 40/1—OSU 66/1—Arizona

If these are actual betting odds, I am putting a couple hundred on the Utes when I go to Vegas in a couple of weeks.

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Pardon the formatting.  Not a strength.  Yes, they are draft king betting odds -- Utah at 16/1.  I have a personal rule that has kept me out of trouble -- never bet for or against a team that you either strongly love, or deeply hate.  There's too much baggage in the bet.  Also, when you love a team, you don't want to see victory in dollar terms; it's in the heart.

The odds are interesting.  What they show is that there isn't a clue out there on who will win the conference.  We don't have an Alabama or a Clemson or an Oklahoma or an Ohio State, a giant that kicks sand in the face of everybody else.  So the realization is that  even a Washington State or UCLA or Colorado could win the thing.  Maybe somebody will emerge, or more likely, the Pac-12 will, as often is the case, have everybody with multiple losses.  By the second week in September Oregon, Washington, UCLA, and Colorado may have been blown to shreds by Ohio State, Michigan, LSU, and Texas A&M, picking up the pieces and licking their wounds (and injuries.)

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1 hour ago, glduck said:

If I’m Utah, I’m still offended by that.

I would think that the Utes would have higher probability odds than at least Stanford and UCLA.  And they probably will, as soon as betting gets moving.  I also think that Herm's team has a better shot than, say, the Huskies.

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I think those odds are just too good for CU.  Depth in the trenches are questionable for the Buffs this season especially with 11 P5 games plus five conference games on the road.

If the Buffs go to another bowl game this upcoming season, Karl Dorrell should get another P12 Coach of the Year award.


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