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The Ute's announced a H-H series with Wisconsin today for 2028 and 2033. Utah's OOC sucks this year (Weber State, BYU, SDSU), but should be pretty good going forward. P5 schools they have on the

Apple Cup is 12 and shouldn’t be on the list

On 6/7/2021 at 1:39 PM, glduck said:

Did something happen? That’s bonkers.

The coming out party of Lewis for the Buffs in the Alamo Bowl.  Noyer didn't practice this spring due to his shoulder and I'm guessing either Lewis or Shrout crushed it in spring drills this year which allowed Dorrell to tell Noyer he was expendable.  There was also a sideline spat between Noyer & Dorrell last season so maybe that was a factor too.

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3 hours ago, clpp01 said:

I'm fine with 12, if we are going to watch Alabama and Clemson clown stop everyone every season might as well increase the field so we can watch someone other then Oklahoma getting their ass handed to them.

This is where I’m at. Non-playoff bowl games are reaching nigh-unwatchable status. I find I’ll skip most non-Pac-12 NY6 bowls, too. Wisconsin vs Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl? Eh. No thanks.

If this adds to the postseason drama, I’m on board. I’ve been an 8-team playoff proponent from back in the BCS era, where the six power conference champions and two at-larges made the most sense to me. 8 is still my preference, but I won’t kick 12 out of bed.

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3 hours ago, EastCoastFan said:

I'm okay with twelve, as long as it's not what it might be -- five P5 chamions, the top G5 team, and the remaining six all from the SEC.

You know that is what's coming. And, the CBS article says P5 champions won't even be guaranteed a spot. I will be watching for the the first opportunity to leave out the Pac12 champ. This 12 team setup seems significantly fishier than the straight-forward 8 teams would have been.

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