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117th Congress


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22 hours ago, KUGRDON said:

I think DC should have full elected representation in the Senate and the House after annexed by Virginia or Maryland.

Cool, and I think we should break Texas into 7 different states.  Any other proposals that are absolutely not on the table, and are only proffered as a rebuttal to equalizing the senate?

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23 hours ago, KUGRDON said:

Days before President Biden killed a proposal for a Presidential Commission on the insurrection.  Not to worry there will be a House Select Committee despite Biden and Manchin.

Maybe you were too young way back on Jan 6th, but that was an occasion where the executive branch attacked the legislative branch.  Hence Biden's (and Pelosi's) preference for a legislative investigation into the attack.

I suppose it's no surprise that you blame everyone but your own party of insurrectionists when it comes to investigating an insurrection.

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