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Sun River, OR?

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On 7/9/2021 at 11:26 AM, Scscsc89 said:

I was thinking of taking my family there in a few weeks but have no reservations -- am I screwed?

It looks pretty great for kids.

I don't spend much time there, but I would imagine you could still book an AirBnB if you tried.  You could also stay in bend and cruise down there; it's only 20 mins away.

Great bike paths, Oregon Observatory is cool, and I think they recently expanded their pool facilities, etc.  Def a good vacation.  Enjoy the trails, obviously, too.

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Are you a golfer, SC? If so, you'll want to lose the family for a few hours.

Some cool geological stuff close by, if you're a geek like me. The Lava Cast Forest, Lava River Cave, Lava Butte (there's a reason Bend High School is the Lava Bears), even Fort Rock and Crack-In-The-Ground (a little further away).


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The Lava River cave was closed last year due to COVID, but I think it's open now.  It's badass, but there are lots of cool caves in the region.  Bring multiple light sources and warm clothing (temps are static at like 40 degrees down there).  Arnold Ice Cave, Boyd Caves, etc., are cool, have stairways, but aren't as mobbed with tourists as the Lava River Cave.

Also, we wary of the fires.  We've got shit burning everywhere right now.  

I recommend Tokyo Starfish for your weed.

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2 hours ago, Quack 12 said:

Yeah, but I was thinking Lava River would be more suited to California sensibilities. In the latter case, Wind Cave is really great.

It's definitely more suitable for Boomers.  Lots of stairs and flat ground.  Echoing makes it easier to hear people who are warning you of obstacles (no need for a trumpet horn).

As for Californians, they already own this place anyway.  There's no distinction anymore.

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