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Apt comparison, IMO.

AD: so tell me about yourself. holgorsen: well my offenses are routinely top 15 nationally and i've cultivated a successful atmosphere at west virginia --  AD: yes yes that's all well and go

man if even half of the stuff alleged at richrod is true it'd be enough to get him elected president. 

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On 12/23/2020 at 10:15 AM, MrBug708 said:

I like Fisch but man it's still a reach. He's been around a lot and it is a likeable guy so the staff he builds is obviously important.

What else are they going to do? They fucked up hiring a qualified,  successful, charismatic minority coach in Sumlin. Tom Herman and Justin Fuente were getting NFL hype a couple years ago, and they're trash now. Was Matt Campbell going to leave Ames for Tucson? Beau Baldwin was red hot at EWU and couldn't hack it at CAL. Established major college coach? Fail. Hot up and coming mid major coaches? Fail. FCS natty coach, fail. 

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3 hours ago, azgreg said:

Are we getting a good guy in Jimmie Dougherty Bug?



I like him. It's hard to really really judge WR's in any Kelly system. He's a solid recruiter, but he likes low hanging fruit than going up against the big boys. IE - Rather than pursue a top tier guy, he'll go after a guy a step down that he knows he can get. But it's been awhile since UCLA has put a receiver into the NFL and he wasn't about to do it this year or next.

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I think Sark probably has rehabbed himself pretty well. I think he'd still be the coach at USC if he wasn't a alcoholic at the time. That being said, them pressure at Texas is unlike anything he's experienced and I don't see him not being able to relapse. We shall see what happens

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I was just saying yesterday during the Bama game that I hope Sark stays at Bama for his own good.  I'm sure being under Saban is a great environment to stay healthy and avoid relapsing.  I'm curious what Texas sees, however.  They must strongly believe he's improved as a head coach due to learning from Saban, cause his previous head coaching record doesn't exactly scream fire your coach immediately for him.

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