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The disinformation thread

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12 minutes ago, Quack 12 said:

Do you read at all? I gave you my opinion, and I illustrated for you that our worst enemies do exactly the same shit that you and Trump do. Namely, cry fake news every time they don't like a factual story.

Who is supporting Iran? I don't know if killing Soleimani was a good idea or not, but I guess we're going to find out. 

You posted exactly the same rant on two threads, and you can't follow either one of them. 

I read it.  What is the Fake News?  Was Reuters lying on the death toll?  Or is the “semi-official” source you gave lying to me?  Use your brain.  Iran kills its own freedom-seeking citizens and literally executes dissidents and forces people at gunpoint to these massive funerals.  Yet you buy it all as genuine and are defending it, although you have convinced yourself you’re not defending it.


There are a lot of bad leaders in the world.  If they attack US soil as Iran did in Iraq at our embassy, then I’d expect Trump to strike at them, too.  Iran seizes two US Navy vessels, holds our sailors at gunpoint, and Obama responded by giving them money in unmarked bills on a pallet.  


Seriously, what is wrong with you and why do you even associate with @Orange, let alone defend him and his insanity?

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Gotta love the argument that not reading propaganda and phony news sites equals not thinking for yourself. Like "you need to balance out news reports based on factual reporting with opinions and lies

Just google "Q-anon Clinton murder suicide Flat Earth war-on-christmas" and hit "I'm feeling lucky."

This is a good example of the fundamental marching orders Papa and other far righters take from their news outlets. Seek out an errant photo, or an incorrect-but-ultimately-superfluous detail, and use

Posted Images

NOW Fox N Friends wants everyone to respect the Intel community...


“I find it so interesting that people are critical of the president’s decisions, of our intelligence community’s decisions, of our generals’ decisions,” Earhardt huffed at the top of Monday’s Fox & Friends broadcast. 

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Please explain to me why the administration would go to the trouble of having the doctors put such a positive spin on Trump’s health — only to have the president’s own CHIEF OF STAFF issue such a dire message:

Why would Mark Meadows want this negative counter-message out?

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