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2019-20 NBA


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This lineup without Mitchell and Conley(for about a month) has done well a giant .500 or below type teams. But they have really fallen on their face against good teams fighting for playoff seeding. 

Teams like PHX and Portland. We did get lucky against Denver about a week ago.

I really hope Utah knows what we are doing. Don and Mike aren’t coming back until the playoffs. Most is that is just caution.  My fear is rust with no games played to get back in rhythm and game shape. 

It definitely takes a few games to get your groove back. And losing the 1 seed after all that work to get home court seems risky. 

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15 hours ago, Orange said:

That was some hometown yokel bullshit foul call on Powell.  

Absolutely. The whole three point shot foul has gotten out of control. I agree with giving space to land but when every guy falls down like they just got shot by a Snipper, kind hard to not touch them. 


It's getting as bad as Soccer.


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On 4/2/2021 at 1:50 AM, utenation said:

So here is my way too early stab at playoff seedings. I’ll likely be wrong but based on how things look today, I see: 


1. Utah

2. Denver

3. Clippers

4. PHX

5. Portland

6. Lakers

7. Dallas

8. Spurs



1. Nets 

2. Philly

3. Bucks

4-8. Meh, they all suck.  Miami could go on a run though. 

Well, I was kinda close.  Phx stayed strong and surprised everyone.  Denver still played well without Murray.  Portland was about right. Dallas came together well after the all star break and the Lakers just might be the mot dangerous 7 seed ever.

Lakers/GS play in will be epic I think.

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If a white fan is goin to attack an NBA player it’s almost gotta be a black one.

The popcorn thing was stupid and should earn a lifetime ban from NBA games as should any physical contact with a player.

Westbrook being unable to get to the fan was the second best thing that could have happened to Westbrook, the first being it not happening.  If he would have seriously hit this guy it would have resulted in a huge civil judgment.  I mean what would have been a proportionate response?  Throwing the popcorn back at him?


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