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Idiots not named Trump

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OANN about to pluck two big transfers out of the portal!  

Sure does — it’s the same “appearance of conflict of interest” bullshit that was trotted out around the Clinton Foundation in 2016.   No wrong-doing ever found but it sure distracts the boomers w

Oldie but a goodie.

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15 hours ago, KUGRDON said:

The worst thing about Trump, he’s not the first President to seriously erode Constitutional norms and damage our governmental institutions. He won’t be the last or the worst.



I stopped reading this dipshit's column here:

And nearly all of the radical proposals they support — from gun control, to “Medicare for All,” to the Green New Deal — 


There's absolutely nothing "radical" about gun control, or single-payer health care, or an ambitious plan to save the planet.  This is why your "both sides" bullshit doesn't fly with us.  Also, the author assumes Warren will ignore judicial orders (like Trump has) or govern by fiat (like Trump tries to do).

This is a campaign.  These are proposals.  A president winning, combined with a legislative blue wave, would make all of these things possible.  

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15 hours ago, azgreg said:

Giuliani lost his shit on CNN tonight. Leads me to believe there's something to this whistleblower deal.


No truth is Cuomo is a two faced wind blower who changes with the paycheck.Maybe he can attack someone else physically, he seems to be good at that.

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15 hours ago, Scscsc89 said:


The most disturbing part of that story is when the tweeter's opponent said the tweets surprised her.

I've grown up in republican-red districts all my life, and NOTHING they say surprises me anymore.

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On ‎9‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 12:32 PM, Orange said:

Not Trump, but FOR SURE a Trump supporter.

Also a real surprise that he's employed by a sheriff's department.  That Anglo-Saxon Heritage prevails again, right @PapaG?




I can think of a lot of African American's that are racist, who are NOT Trump supporters …. There are racist on both sides of the aisle.

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