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This is an absolute crock. The resolution did not "criticize religious liberty," it merely recognized that the loudest voices against religious liberty (Evangelical Christians) are those who insist th

Nope!  We are free to have our own beliefs even if it meant keeping God out of your lives.  If it was to keep God out of our lives, the USA wouldn't be here today.  Due to the efforts to remove God fr

Dude, religious zealots have been saying this from time immemorial. Take a look at the wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_events Keep your hillbilly

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time for the mormon church to pay up:


A whistleblower complaint to the IRS accuses The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of building a $100 billion investment portfolio using donations intended for charitable purposes, potentially in violation of federal tax laws, according to a Monday report published by The Washington Post.

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2 hours ago, Orange said:

Real headline here should be: "Sick fucking country demands politicians be religious before we'll consider electing them."

Each candidate (vp and pres) will make a public display of their faith to appease that audience.  I don’t give a fuck, it’s nauseating.

I hate purity tests, especially this one.

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