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2020 Election Thread

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1 hour ago, Orange said:

Shit, Arizona and Georgia would tend to disagree.   

Arizona is McCain State and Georgia is a red state.  They wouldn’t tend to disagree to be honest with you.

Arizona flipped the bird at Trump due to how Trump treated John McCain.  A lot of people from throughout the conservative southeastern US are people who live in those Atlanta suburbs too.  Just because they voted for Biden does not mean they will keep voting blue for those Senate seats.

The far left and far right folks are the losers of this election.

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You have to look outside of breitbart, fox, and other dipshit sources.   https://www.wsj.com/articles/bernie-sanders-focuses-on-coronavirus-as-he-reassesses-campaign-11584796882 Oh holy

We have radicalized Jalepeno. Welcome, comrade.

John Bolton is one (or more) of several things. None of the possibilities speak well of him. If he's being truthful about the things he claims to have witnessed, he's an opportunist who sold his

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1 hour ago, CRBuff said:

Do you really think there isn’t at least somewhat of a messaging problem?

looking at the incumbent and the state of the Republican Party I would have expected a better overall result for the dems.  (Acknowledging the popular vote)

Sure, I guess the messaging isn't ideal, but I don't think it played a big factor.  These idiots on breitbart message boards and QAnon twitter think Joe Biden wants to Defund the Police.  They think Conor Lamb wanted to defund the police.  They took an activist's message from the streets, and pinned it on every single Democrat.

Why?  Because Trump Republicans are fucking retards, and moderate republicans have no problem exploiting that.  

The election was a referendum on Trump (he was awful) and COVID-19 (the handling of it was awful).  Hell, even to the extent people voted for Trump, it was probably because they were less scared of COVID and  more afraid of not being able to work and earn an income when COVID lockdowns hit.  This was true of even many Latino and Black voters.  And they're all issues that, ironically, a more left-leaning president and Congress would've easily resolved by mandating monthly stipends to furloughed workers until the pandemic came under control.   If Trump and the GOP had handled the pandemic and the economic fallout the right way -- by funding hospitals, regular, monthly direct payments to all citizens, funding local govts., sufficiently stockpiling PPE and messaging better on masks, etc. -- then they would've won re-election in a walk.  Statistically speaking, it's very hard to defeat an incumbent.  But Trump got boatraced as an incumbent. 

"Defund the Police" barely moved the needle.

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26 minutes ago, KUGRDON said:

Anti-Trump WAPO columnist:

Seems like I’ve heard something similar hmmmm

Breaking news, a republican renames progressive policies "inflammatory language".  How fucking fascinating.


Shouldn't this go into the "Milquetoast Privilege" thread?

Also, lol @ you tacitly endorsing someone who calls Obama a "moderate dem" when you called him the most liberal senator of all time in 2008.

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Two things.

1. GOP won the Alaska Senate seat which gives the GOP 50 Senate seats with GA's two seats to decide the balance of power.

2. If past history is an indicator given that Trump will probably refuse to attend Biden's inauguration, it bodes well for Biden and perhaps Harris.


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