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  2. I expect Utah to beat Oregon by at least 10 points. I’ll bet the Vegas line has Utah by 3.
  3. dtd

    Week 12

    That's really sad.
  4. MrBug708

    Week 12

    I know it's not week 12 anymore, but this performance should nail down first team All PAC-12 selections for DTR, Charbonnet, and Dulcich. It's a shame our defense was so garbage. Probably have 1/2 losses on the year.
  5. Cristobal sucks. The D sucks. The QB sucks. The special teams suck. Oregon sucks. Zero reason to think Oregon wins.
  6. Another rough day for the Pac-12, with four of six teams coming out on the short end. The good news was Arizona's 105-59 swamping of Sacramento State, and UCLA's 73-51 win over UNLV. But Utah went down to BYU, Washington lost to Winthrop, Eastern Washington ended WSU's unbeaten run, and Oregon State, now 1-6, lost to Penn State.
  7. Something is telling me Oregon in this one. The last time they faced a team in the championship game that beat them in the regular season they embarrassed my Cats.
  8. I'd like to meet the player who doesn't want to play 17 games to win the whole thing. If such a player exists, he's a loser.
  9. Makes sense. Not only can he coach, but he's smart enough to get vaccinated.
  10. I hope the two teams put on a show that never fully materialized in Santa Clara.
  11. I've heard this argument 1000 times and it's fucking stupid each time. Every other division in college football has been doing it for decades.
  12. Preseason rankings mean nothing. 2021 Preseason AP poll #3 Clemson #7 Iowa St #10 North Carolina #13 Florida #14 Miami #15 USC #16 LSU #17 Indiana #20 Washington #21 Texas Nearly half of the poll and none of them were any good. Florida St yeah they lost their QB in that game which sucked for them but in the end they were still a 6 loss team, Alabama doesn't get credit for a beating a team that was good in the past also to note Florida State hasn't been good since then. They went 7-6 that year then went 5-7, 6-7, 3-6 & 5-7 since so there was a lot more going on there then just an injury. Alabama beat an over ranked LSU team that had 4 losses including 1 to Troy and a ranked Mississippi St team that also had 4 losses who like Alabama didn't beat anyone of note I did answer your question, in fact I gave you three different options if you want one in specific. Ohio State: had 4 wins that were as good or better than Alabama's best win and a conference championship, they played a stronger schedule and had to play a road conference game instead of a 4th OOC game like Alabama used to play FCS Mercer.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Best move by this conference was to get this game out of Santa Clara. Utah will have over 35,000 fans at this game. We have sold all our allotment and having a hard time finding tix on the Utah side. Interstate 15 will be painted red. It would be something to sell out all 68,000 seats. I’ve got my six for the game. Hoping for another beat down of Oregon. I expect this game to be much closer.
  15. FSU was a #3 ranking, in BAMA's first game of the season. FSU's QB wrecked a knee, late in that game, and their season went down the toilet afterwards, and as a result. BAMA played a ranked LSU, and a ranked Mississippi State. Ultimately, they beat a highly ranked Clemson, and a #1 Georgia. I've asked this twice, and you have yet to answer: What team (or teams) had a better resume and should have been awarded the fourth spot, ahead of BAMA. Your options are Ohio State, UCF, Wisconsin, Penn State, TCU, Auburn, ND or USC (that rounds out the Top 12). If you're going to tell me that BAMA wasn't deserving, you need to tell me why they weren't deserving, what team, or teams, were more deserving, and why those teams were more deserving. In the end, you can't list a team with a better resume, that was more deserving.
  16. You're asking players to play as many at 17 games, in order to win a NC. That's not good for the players, at the college level. It's a long and tough physical grind, not to mention the fact that they have to attend classes, complete college-level class work to perform, and maintain grades to be eligible. And a 12-team playoff is equally stupid. This isn't basketball. A Gonzaga-type team isn't going to be born in college football, because of an expanded playoff. You're not going to see BAMA, Georgia, Ohio State, etc. lose to an Ole Miss, Baylor, BYU, etc. List for me which the year and the teams, where teams ranked 5-16 could have won the NC. There are not 16, let alone 12, or 8 teams, that have a legitimate chance of winning a NC.
  17. A 16 team playoff would give every team a legitimate chance of competing for a national championship. What would be better for the players then that? The only difference between the future 12 team playoff and a 16 team model is the extra 4 spots being given to the conference champions of the other 4 G5 conferences. The biggest thing missing in college football today is the chance of an upset, the ability for a Gonzaga type team to be born on the field.
  18. row Z

    Week 12

    Congrats Cougs. That was an ass kicking. Your team looked sharper than anything i recall from the Leach era. DeLaura is very accurate, and playing at a high level. You might well be the best team in the north.
  19. That Alabama team was gifted a playoff spot, look at their resume and point out who they beat that says they were worthy of a playoff spot? Alabama played 1 good team that season and it was the game they lost. The SEC had a down year that season with everyone outside of Georgia who they didn't play and Auburn who as mentioned they lost to having at least 4 losses, their best non conference win was against a 4 loss Fresno State team. Their best conference win was against a 4 loss LSU team that lost to Troy. They got in because of their name and by beating a bunch of average to bad football teams which is the exact same thing schools like Boise St & Utah & TCU had done for years only to be told "but you didn't play anyone" but I guess (we all know its true) that reasoning only applies to those outside the establishment. You could have taken an undefeated UCF, you could have taken tOSU who's resume ran circles around Alabama, and if you didn't like tOSU's extra loss you could have taken Wisconsin who had a similar resume to Bama with the bonus of a 12th win.
  20. You actually think that a 5-loss Boise would beat Oregon? If Oregon played Ohio State, today, Oregon wouldn't win. And if USU played WSU today, they wouldn't win. If SDSU played Utah today, I doubt they would win. The Ohio State, WSU and Utah are all better teams today, than they were in September. Ranking from best to last, for each conference, as of today .... Utah > SDSU Oregon > Fresno St. WSU > Utah State ASU > AF OSU = Boise UCLA > Nevada USC > Wyoming Cal > SJSU Colorado > Hawaii Washington > Colorado State Stanford > UNLV Arizona > New Mexico
  21. I get amazed at how many people think that BAMA is "gifted" into the playoffs, no matter what. The perception that so many have is not accurate. If BAMA doesn't beat UGA in the SEC Championship, they don't get in. If they beat UGA, both BAMA and UGA get in. The other two teams will come from a 1-loss B1G Champion, and either a 1-loss Big12 Champion, or Cincy. A 1-loss Big12 Champion gets in over Cincy.
  22. azgreg

    Week 12

    How in the hell is this a 6 point game?
  23. That is great for the fans, but horrible for the players. That concept will never happen. List for me 12 teams, other than the four that made the playoffs, who should have made the playoffs and who had a legitimate chance to win the playoffs, beginning with 2014. There are not 12 more teams, with a legitimate chance to win the NC, that you can list. In fact, it's a reach to find 8 teams (overall) who have a legitimate chance to win the NC.
  24. Winning a conference championship is not an automatic qualifier, nor should it be. The purpose is to advance the four best teams. You are correct. An OU win over OK State would provide a rematch between OU and OK State. That being said, a 12-1 Big12 Champion would make the CFP ahead of ND. I agree that the committee has ranked BAMA where they are for a reason. And that reason is because they are exceptionally good, and deserving of their ranking. However, the Tide only makes the CFP if they beat UGA in the SEC Championship. A loss to UGA and they're out. In what years has BAMA been "gifted" a place in the playoffs, when another team was more deserving; and who would that team be? When they lost to Auburn (their only season loss) and failed to make the SEC Championship (Auburn played UGA), I'm not sure what 1-loss team should have advanced ahead of BAMA. Every one of the CFP teams (BAMA, UGA, Clemson and OU) had one loss on their resume. Georgia was crushed by Auburn (40-17) for their loss, they they beat Auburn in the SEC Championship game. I just don't know who you think was a better team than BAMA, and who should have made the playoffs instead of BAMA (who won the NC).
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