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  2. I guess we can’t be right 100% of the time. ✌🏽
  3. Anyway, regardless of being punched in the dick so many times by your rival the most painful part of that game was Rod Gilmore.
  4. Ah, got it. The only one I have seen do it when tied or with the lead late in the game has been the ducks. I must be missing out.
  5. That caleb Williams keeper is a heisman moment.
  6. It’s 2022, everyone goes for it on 4th, especially against your rival when you badly need a spark. Just so happens this OSU defense is among the best I’ve ever seen in program history.
  7. 🤷‍♂️ I think that ignores the situation, but ok.
  8. We're still almost 2 hours away from the Apple Cup kickoff! PAC-12 After everyone else goes to bed.
  9. Sure, making it more difficult on the opponent seems like the right idea but what do I know. If that's how they are making their decisions then I can see how they might make some bad ones.
  10. It’s gonna be a long night of waiting to see who is actually going to the championship game.
  11. I was surprised by the 3 runs up the gut from the 5 before allowing Nix to try and make a play.
  12. I really liked Dillingham, and it will hurt to lose him. The absolute dick punch will be if Dante Moore looks elsewhere because of this.
  13. Well, what’s the best case scenario there? It would be our bad punter actually gets the punt away (statistically unlikely today) and we net 30 yards, giving the ball back to an offense we can’t stop around midfield. Does it matter if it takes them 7 plays to score instead of 4? Nix just made the wrong read. If he hands it off instead of keeping it, it’s a first down.
  14. Who's the dumdum making some of these decisions to go for it on 4th and short in your own territory? They should be the one to get fired it seems.
  15. Still trying to process what I just fucking witnessed.
  16. That’s a gotta-fire-some-coordinators type of loss. Congrats Beavs.
  17. USC gets their rematch with a Washington win.
  18. Sweet, just need Beavs to hold on and Buffs to score 43 in the 4th and UW goes to Pac12 championship.
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