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  2. The winner, according to the media: Especially the uber-love from this guy:
  3. I’ll live and die by winning ugly is still winning. Even on the road. Folsom always gave me weird vibes. Glad it was a morning game instead of a night game.
  4. Don’t watch ESPN? I get the over saturation, but who cares? It’s going to be one of the stories, but big games are coming up and it will slow down
  5. Congrats. Just such a good team, cu had to play perfect which is nearly impossible.
  6. USC has given up nearly 600 yards of offense and 41 points to one of the worst offensive lines in the country.
  7. Christ, even if USC wins it’s going to be “coach prime” up all our asses on ESPN/fox/everywhere else for the rest of the year. Really needed USC’s defense to show up here.
  8. Lol, CU TRYING to lose this game in the final 4 mins.
  9. Prime will be fine long term. Tough two games to start in conference. They are still well ahead of schedule.
  10. I think both Washington and Oregon knock off USC this year. SC’s defense is still terrible.
  11. Welcome to the P12 coach “Prime”.
  12. Been losing more guys every game. Yesterday in addition to QBs and TE were missing top 2 RB's, starting receiver, kicker and a few guys on defense. Starting left OT, starting DE, another QB ( Barnes ) and another RB all went out with likely serious injuries. Starting to run out of players, hoping a few guys can get healthy enough to play with the bye week
  13. We’ve been injured before the season started. I think 8-9 starters didn’t play in our 1st game. Mash unit. It’s either piss poor strength and conditioning and physical contact management in fall camp or just really shitty luck.
  14. I meant in terms of injuries. Did they lose a lot during the UCLA game or were they injured earlier?
  15. Welp, time to move onto next week.
  16. Welcome back to the PAC-12 after dark Colorado
  17. Nah. We don’t have a QB. Barnes is hot garbage. Johnson isn’t ready for this level of football and I don’t think he will be. He kills worms throwing to the dirt every other pass. You can’t beat a high school team when you only complete 31% of your passes. A few drops but Nate was absolutely terrible last night. This might be one of the worst offensive performances by Utah I’ve ever seen. Defense won us 4 games but Utah’s offense is embarrassing. We have a kid named Brandon Rose that looked excellent in spring ball that would have been the starter. Got hurt in fall camp. He has a shot to be the man next year. Otherwise, time to hit the transfer portal. Congrats on the win my friend.
  18. Everyone conservative on last night’s game
  19. Chip also very stubborn in play calling and didn't mix up anything. Of course, we might not have had the ability to do anything else to change the outcome.
  20. Defense scored first play against UCLA, Utah was a little more successful running the ball and stopping the run, and UCLA had freshman QB. Beavers would likely be favored, but wouldn't shock me if UCLA won.
  21. Why can't Oregon ever have a defense?
  22. Was this essentially the team that played UCLA? I really have no idea that’s why I’m curious trying to judge UCLA’s strength.
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