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  2. Assuming Notre Dame loses in Week One to Ohio State, while A&M feasts on Sam Houston and Clemson also does so with Georgia Tech, the pivotal game will be the Utes at the Gators. A Utah win will very likely place them up to #4 nationally.
  3. They forgot Arizona again.
  4. https://apnews.com/hub/ap-top-25-college-football-poll AP Top 25 College Football Poll The Associated Press began its college football poll on Oct. 19, 1936, and it is now the longest-running poll of those that award national titles at the end of the season. The preseason poll was started in 1950. A panel of 62 sports writers and broadcasters from around the country votes on the poll weekly. Presented by: Click to copy AP TOP 25 COLLEGE FOOTBALL POLL Released August 15 RANK TEAM PV RANK CONFERENCE POINTS 1 Alabama (0-0) 2 SEC 1,566 (54) 2 Ohio State (0-0) 6 Big Ten 1,506 (6) 3 Georgia (0-0) 1 SEC 1,455 (3) 4 Clemson (0-0) 14 ACC 1,292 5 Notre Dame (0-0) 8 IA Independents 1,242 6 Texas A&M (0-0) SEC 1,212 7 Utah (0-0) 12 Pac-12 1,209 8 Michigan (0-0) 3 Big Ten 1,203 9 Oklahoma (0-0) 10 Big 12 956 10 Baylor (0-0) 5 Big 12 884 11 Oregon (0-0) 22 Pac-12 831 12 Oklahoma State (0-0) 7 Big 12 814 13 North Carolina State (0-0) 20 ACC 752 14 USC (0-0) Pac-12 711 15 Michigan State (0-0) 9 Big Ten 631 16 Miami (FL) (0-0) ACC 476 17 Pittsburgh (0-0) 13 ACC 383 18 Wisconsin (0-0) Big Ten 365 19 Arkansas (0-0) 21 SEC 348 20 Kentucky (0-0) 18 SEC 332 21 Ole Miss (0-0) 11 SEC 324 22 Wake Forest (0-0) 15 ACC 303 23 Cincinnati (0-0) 4 American Athletic 265 24 Houston (0-0) 17 American Athletic 263 25 BYU (0-0) 19 IA Independents 234
  5. Last week
  6. New turf and new paint. Looking kinda sporty.
  7. Someone put pop pop in the dementia ward of the prison.
  8. wow what do you think drove him to this
  9. Can't we just tell Iran "no harm, no foul" in this case?
  10. Near as I can tell, modern conservatism is basically whining about victimhood, demanding special treatment to address imagined victimhood, and then calls to incite violence when special treatment is denied them.
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  12. I’ll take the high road. I see 10 wins but after that, it’s going to have to be extra special. We have the horses but need to prove it.
  13. Favored right now to win every game. Let's see, an end-of-season record of 13-0 after the conference playoff. Could be that #4 is a little low...
  14. Number 4 ... very nice. That is some legitimate respect. I don't know your team in detail, but my initial reaction is that ranking has been earned based on what Whittingham has built steadily over his tenure more than this particular roster. But, i think they belong in the top 10 for sure, and might very well be good enough to be number 4. This creates more buzz for the opener against Florida in any event.
  15. The ones I found interesting as well were how many P5 teams that Mississippi State and Ole Miss have left to play with 24 and 26 respectively. Some of them being other southern ACC teams.
  16. Ugh. Suddenly no one cares that the Dodgers didn't do anything at the dead. The voice of baseball has passed.
  17. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-rankings-2022-alabama-near-unanimous-no-1-over-ohio-state-in-preseason-cbs-sports-131/amp/ Thoughts on my Utes?
  18. The 66 member AAU is not the most exclusive group in college football's division I, rather the 48 federal land grant institutions are. Of the 130 universities that play division I football, there are 47 AAU members that play (39 FBS, 12 FCS ). All of the 48 land grant institutions play division I football and 39 play FBS. Only 15 land grant institutions are AAU members; Cornell is the only land grant AAU school that plays FCS. 20 land grant institutions play in the Big Ten and SEC. Nebraska is a land grant institution even if it's not in the AAU. The mountain west has five land grant institutions (Colorado State, Hawai'i, Nevada, Utah State, and Wyoming), which is more than the four in the Big 12 and Pac 12, and the three in the ACC. Yes that is correct the Mountain West has the third highest number of land grant institutions, ahead of the Big 12 and the Pac 12, in FBS football. Both Washington State and Oregon State are land grant institutions and every land grant is a significant academic institution. The SEC consists of a majority of land grant institutions that aren't in the AAU so there is every indication that a primarily land grant university can compete at the highest level of college football. Ideally Wazzou and OSU decide that a Division i FBS conference with a core of land grant institutions is a great place to be with respect to playing college football at the highest level. Also, splitting the 'pie' ten ways is a lot more appealing than 12 or even 16...
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