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  2. Lol, imagine being a former president, and using your perp walk as a campaign event. Truly, Donald Trump is a gift to the idea of total absurdity.
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  4. Great sequence with the block and the 3. How to win a game: By UCLA. Grats Kyle, hope you're well. @MrBug708 edit: If the Bruins lose now it is not my fault.
  5. I'm cool with UCLA giving the title to the PAC-12, if that's what it takes
  6. The B1G has a healthy title drought of their own so I’m sure they’ll try to claim it, but the B1G can fuck itself. That’d be a Pac-12 title.
  7. Unfortunately, nobody will see it that way. They're not "ours," they belong to the B1G. However, we will take their multi-year conference payout.
  8. If UCLA breaks our men’s basketball title drought this year I will bury any resentment I feel towards them.
  9. In the last three tournaments Purdue has lost to a 13, 15, and 16 seed. Outstanding.
  10. I feel like you are just taking this whole discussion into some giant circular argument.
  11. I just found wsu livestream by using the internet app on my tv. Watching WSU v Oregon baseball now. I had no idea this existed. The cutting the cord experiment could not be going better. My Dish bill was $120 a month including sports add on. Post cord cutting I subscribed to Sling Orange $40, Orange sports add on $10, PBS $5 for $55 a month. Have Hulu, Prime, Paramount, Netflix free from relatives or some promo (Walmart delivery gives me Paramount). All the content I want and saving little over $70 a month. Will be a little cheaper in April because I can drop Orange Sports add on. If Padres and Mariners get interesting I can add something to watch them. I guess I have MLB in my Sling Sports package so I’ll be able to get some Mariners and Padre games there. Still learning lol
  12. Trojans proving that they would have bettered the 'cats, that they would have lost be double digits if they had played Princeton.
  13. If you get yourself in a deep shithole, there's no reason to believe that some B1G gravytrain will turn things around. The Bruins are going to be a total disaster in the Big Ten.
  14. UNC-Asheville was the worst team in the tournament.
  15. Where do I get my NIT quarterfinals t-shirt?
  16. I don't think it's supposed to resonate with those schools. 100 million dollars in the red. They choose to save program's at its own school rather than the programs at another school.
  17. While there are legitimate different points of view on this, it's hard to understand how UCLA's move was a "necessity." Tell that to Oregon State and Wazoo. It just doesn't resonate.
  18. I think COVID made it a necessity. That and shitty hires by DG over the years. Also not having their own stadium.
  19. This is capitalism, the system we deify, and continue to use, even as it destroys academic sports contests (at best) and destroys lives at worst. I've got a million fucking better ideas, but we, as a society, don't give a flying fuck about each other's lives, so why would we care about college athletic alignments? It's becoming more and more difficult for me to explain to my kids what the fuck is up with this shit country.
  20. I hope the Pac stays together as well. By the way, if the conference does fold, my version of the history book will place a huge portion of the blame on UCLA. They held the key to keeping things together. They were more aligned with the other public universities in the conference in terms of mission than USC was. They held the key to keeping rivalries with other Calfornia schools intact. They did not need to sell their souls for the money. As I understand it from the NYT article several months ago, the Pac was going to offer them a disproportionate share to stay. UCLA could have sent the message that conference realignment for TV money only is not the best path, and could have let USC choke on the long distance travel as the solo member of the B1G. UCLA knows this too, because Chancelor Block sent a letter to UW President Cauce apologizing: "I wanted to send you a personal note to express my sincere apologies that I was unable to share information with you before the public announcement. I am truly sorry about this. This was an extremely difficult decision for UCLA — and personally anguishing. I and many others in our Bruin community greatly enjoy the traditions and friendly rivalries that exist within our conference. I want to express the deep respect that I have for you, our other Pac-12 colleagues, and for the conference leadership.” UCLA blew it. They had a chance to lead here, and they just fell in line with big brother and went for the money. I did not expect more from USC, but I did expect more from UCLA. Lame.
  21. +1 Really hope he can come through, though. The Pac will always be the GOAT and I hope the 10 of us can stay together.
  22. Really hard for me to imagine a scenario apart from the bold.
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