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  1. Last one left turns out the lights?
  2. I bet you’re excited to play Rutgers and Maryland!
  3. Lead the entire season only to lose in the Championship. Unless we do this for bowl season too.
  4. I appreciate your donation! I did add additional amounts after you posted this but I didn’t think about doing that before hand. Not a big deal you guys already covered the goal so we’re good now.
  5. Thank you to everybody who donated. We reached the goal rather quickly, actually exceeded it so I will bank it for next year. I really appreciate it!
  6. The ads on the site don't cover the annual expenses of keeping the site running. So I've made a decision. I've removed all of the advertisements as I'm not running this site for the money (if it became more popular that could change) so I've added a donation widget to the sidebar of the website (bottom if you’re on mobile). The donation goal is $210 which covers the hosting and software licensing costs for the year. I will update it as we go so you can keep track of it.. It's linked to a paypal account I created for the site. If you'd prefer Venmo I can send it to you via PM as it goes to my personal account and I don't really want that posted on the internet, which I'm sure you can understand
  7. I'm all for breaking up big tech
  8. I’m not sure how the targeting works specifically but I’m guessing you’ve done quite a few political searches and that’s probably what’s happening. Idk. I’m half tempted just to take the ads down as they don’t even cover the cost of the site and just ask for donations instead to keep the site going. Costs are $10 per month for hosting and $90 a year for the software license (bastards increased it…).
  9. Trust me when I say if I could've put "adult" ads on the mwcboard I would've. I also would've made substantially more money and probably would still own the website.
  10. Norvell will be Washington State's next head coach.
  11. ummm....what is your search history like as that's what the ads are based off of (generally) . I see an add for investing in real estate, a vroom.com ad and an ad about browser securty.
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