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  1. I know the WSU and OSU posters here may not like this but I am excited by the prospect of playing both schools every year. I think ultimately what happens is OSU & WSU compete as quasi independents next year and possibly in 2025 and after that there will be a reverse merger of sorts with the MWC. The 12 MWC will “join” the PAC-2 with Gloria taking over as commissioner of the PAC-14.
  2. I have a couple of options I’m considering. I could rebrand this as another board. I’ve registered collegesportsboard.com, ncaaboard.com and am considering a couple others. I could create subforums for each conference. Could turn it into a P4 board as well. The other option is waiting for the P2 to decide what they’re going to do and rebranding this site, effectively killing the mwcboard. One option does not preclude the other. If I create an all encompassing board I will probably drop minimal ads onto the website to pay the costs as it could be lucrative, depending on the traffic.
  3. Last one left turns out the lights?
  4. I bet you’re excited to play Rutgers and Maryland!
  5. Lead the entire season only to lose in the Championship. Unless we do this for bowl season too.
  6. Booo lol but I’m pretty confident in my other picks.
  7. You banned me on the MWC board. That is Ok with me. Can I ask why? I appreciate you saving this board by the way.

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