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  1. Once all the antivaxers die off from covid19 it will be much easier to shift this country more left. Towards people and away from the 1% and corporations. I'm not enamored with Biden. Or Harris. We need more progressive candidates.
  2. They saved. I just really suck.
  3. Not much to say. My compassion fatigue has led me to the conclusion that it's probably in our best interest to let these folks who are hell bent on a COVID-19 exit from life just carry on and exit. It's unfortunate that it's having such an impact on our Healthcare systems, but really. If the right-wing nutjobs want to die off, let them. Then we can get this country back on track. PS thank goodness I already got all my surgeries in.
  4. Slow death of democracy?
  5. Idaho is completely fucked up. They just put some clown who referred to the vax as needle rape on the central health board. I've decided I need to be closer to family so for now I'll be moving to Utah. Not much better than Idaho but still a half step better. My brother and I have have similar priorities so I'll have to see where he decides to retire.
  6. Let the culling of the right wing nutjobs continue. And expand. It's unfortunate that it has to impact everyone but if the right wants to let COVID-19 rip through them, I'm not going to stand in their way. Darwin ho!
  7. 8-4 Oregon Yes I'm back on the Oregon bandwagon after years in the wilderness.
  8. Yeah I think the WELCOME WELCOME TO THE XXXX HUNGER GAMES opening might be more appropriate
  9. Yo At home on O2 after my 3rd major surgery this summer. I'm sore and cranky but here.
  10. CFB is headed to 4 mega conferences. The B12 will cease to exist as the other 4 pick over the bones. Bad news for those left out and the BCS. Let the mad scramble begin.
  11. Which keeps them in their cycle of poverty preserving the current power structure for the 1%.
  12. The GOP are nothing but a bunch of power hungry, terrified cowards.
  13. I've said for years Israel is a terrorist state.
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