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  1. How many spots could Arizona possibly have left?
  2. College football players have been getting cars from boosters as long as there have been cars & college football. at least now it’s out in the open. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. After Texas and Oklahoma leave the BigXXII, there will only be four power conferences.
  4. The idea of expansion is popular — but I’m not sure the 12-team expansion ever was.
  5. huh — let’s see what the ACC commisioner has to say …
  6. Another example of how Texas politicians are really exemplary
  7. He had a good (Covid-shortened) season last year — he was going into 2021 with big expectations as the Trojans #2 guy, taking some pressure off Drake London. not to be
  8. former 5-star USC WR Bru McCoy is in. of course, he was also accused of (but not charged with) domestic battery of an intimate partner, so there’s that.
  9. Hopefully the University of Arizona teaches him that IT’S PERSONAL.
  10. https://theathletic.com/news/west-virginia-names-former-usc-assistant-graham-harrell-as-offensive-coordinator/bVw8os1Pmy6j/
  11. I think this dude could be a stud … https://twitter.com/fbsfantasyfoot/status/1480615260570669058?s=21
  12. Caleb Williams must’ve enjoyed his day at both the Rams & Lakers games yesterday.
  13. Man, those Texas politicians sure have their shit together …
  14. For every player you lose thru the portal, you can sign another player/transfer — up to 7.
  15. There's supposed to be a wall between the sports and politics forums. Some people have a hard time following very simple rules. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. perhaps you would’ve heard more about the Texas power grid failure if your state agencies didn’t delay updating their fatality report from February until Friday, December 31 (New Years Eve). https://www.dshs.texas.gov/news/updates/SMOC_FebWinterStorm_MortalitySurvReport_12-30-21.pdf
  17. I predict that after being so wrong, you will disappear for 2-3 months & then come back to tell us that you have moved your family & business to Texas because California sucks as if you haven’t told us a dozen times before.
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