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  1. Liz Cheney has them on Witness Tampering
  2. https://businessofcollegesports.com/name-image-likeness/usc-partners-with-media-agency-stay-doubted-to-expand-nil-offerings-for-athletes/ 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. USC just launched something that everyone swears is not a collective because it supports enrolled student-athletes & not recruits. It sounds stupid. I am going to use my ~$1,000 a year budget to buy tickets/travel to games instead.
  4. Not surprisingly, the UCSB coach turned them down. Today they are interviewing Troy Tulowitzki
  5. I don’t know why anyone would take the job unless/until the NCAA raises the number of baseball scholarships or USC follows Stanford’s full-ride admissions policy. and honestly, I don’t see either of those happening. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. sigh — I’ve given up hope that coaching can turn this around. https://usctrojans.com/news/2022/6/6/usc-and-head-baseball-coach-jason-gill-mutually-agree-to-part-ways.aspx
  7. Quite the list here — good luck with that
  8. USC has filled 82 of their 85 scholarship slots
  9. I refuse to perpetuate this hate crime against people named ******.
  10. Imagine being Ted Cruz’s constituent & believing he has your best interests at heart.
  11. I’m starting to doubt the “Texas politicians care about their constituents” premise of this thread.
  12. Two scholarship rules are in the news (although not necessarily new): * This year & next, the NCAA is removing the class limit of 25 + up to 7 transfer replacements. You can sign as many as you want as long as you stay under the overall max (85?) scholarship players. * When a new coach joins a program, he can indeed “cut” players he doesn’t want, even though they have been promised 4-year full rides. The school can move them to non-athletic scholarships and they can continue their education. I’ve got to believe that this was more interesting before the transfer portal, but I guess it might help for a player that is injured.
  13. Glad we don’t have to see Clay Helton’s rank.
  14. Here you go… I think they screwed up 2020
  15. Wow — it won’t feature the North & South winners anymore but the conference’s two top teams based on winning % goodbye divisions
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