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  1. More like Rat Fink, amirite?
  2. Except for Gardner not there for the spring either so maybe it will be just fine.
  3. Yes, these are so dumb they can be amusing. Here's one from September against BYU posted by huskyskeet. https://www.cougarboard.com/board/message.html?id=20445204 Hi Cougar fans!First of all, welcome to Seattle. Always fun to host a classy program like BYU. We are on a roll and think we'll catch BYU at just the right time. If you need a cold "soda" be sure to ask one of us Dwags.Here is why we win this week.1. Jack "Cobra" Browning -the best white player on the field, enough said on that. With four years of high school and three years of college under his belt, he will do everything possible to win the game.2. Offensive Line. We average a weight of 332 across the line, and they are ready to dominate the line of scrimmage. MacGeary, Tray Adams, Center, Ossai, Harris. These boys have an attitude and are ready to rumble!!!3. Lake. A new defensive scheme and a new attitude. Everyone is speaking out about the difference between our game plan on defense vs Auburn and our game planning since then. you will see a much improved defense on 9/29.4. Speed, speed, speed. this is the fastest team Washington has had this century, maybe since 1991! John Ross XIV, Charlie McClutchins, Jake Kaho, Savell Azeem Ahmed, Myles Gaskin, Louis Rankin. The newbies will be inexperienced but we bring a new dimension that the program has not had in years, speed.5. Time of possession. I think we can win the time of possession battle in this one. the more we can control the ball and keep our defense off the field, the greater chance we’ll have to win.I think UW wins this one rather easily, say… 34-17???
  4. They just pile on... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/player-mistreatment-allegations-surface-against-meyer/
  5. You didn't lie to me Don, the internet did. Dude was a bit overeager to get it but thought kid and mom were exceptionally understanding if he really had thieved it.
  6. Interesting, surprised at Colorado above USC. http://cwur.org/2018-19.php
  7. Thank you folks, he'll be here all week. Try the veal and tip your waitress, etc, etc
  8. Ha! That was nice of him to wait until you got outside though.
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