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  1. So give me your educated takes on this football team oh master.
  2. Really? It his fault for testifying in this dumbazz witchhunt in the first place. Trump has nothing to do with this. Blame The Liar and Wide Eyes for this one.
  3. If I am the plague, You are the sewage producer of all time on this board with no competition.
  4. Yup that's it. I am not the dumbazz who sat in cold in Salt lake last weekend to watch rollover U. Aww Bug now be nice.
  5. Really how? Explain that! Really our bowl game is relevant here? Unreal!
  6. Hey genius I was responding to the both items in your moronic post about our bowl possibilities. Nothing was butchered. I am surprised you didn't work the racist crap into this. I have no problem with Cal Poly! Just your misuse of your so called education. By the way genius why did you post this under Pac12 Hoops in the first place.
  7. There is the problem. Your Cal poly Pasture education does not help you to understand these simple things. I asked you what Bowl would want us? Please, I do not believe there will be many calls coming with our great following at the time.
  8. So informative. What bowl again? they have only had these start times for 50 years or more. What a surprise.
  9. Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. And thus we all realize your real usefulness here. None!
  11. Bruin 70

    The Squad!

    And your excuse is what again. Pure evil?
  12. Bruin 70

    The Squad!

    You should be good at this being stupid as you are.
  13. Bruin 70

    The Squad!

    Racist racist racist that is all you got KC. What a mental giant. She is as rotten they come.
  14. Bruin 70

    The Squad!

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if Wide Eyes and Adam the Liar were held to the same standard. Could have saved this country a billion with their BS Witchhunt.
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