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  1. It's interesting that the portal rankings seem to be disproportionately toward Pac12 and, what you might call B level. I assumed it would just further strengthen the top programs, but looks like it may redistribute talent more evenly.
  2. Is it tampering when the player hasn't signed a LOI? That just sounds like continued recruiting until the end.
  3. Interesting turn of topic
  4. Yes, because you made a list and repeated the same claim multiple times, I am convinced.
  5. We all are still suppose to hate the Astros, right?
  6. Flugaur, who I think was linked previously, seems to think Oregon and Washington would only have decrease payments during the current contract being negotiated, and then fully paid members after the next contract. An earlier tweet in the recent email from his 'insider' said B1G's goal is to add ND, UW, UO, Stanford in 2024, as well.
  7. In which I'm sure all four would be agreeable to. How long were Rutgers and Maryland at smaller payouts?
  8. Dennis Dodd reporting that Big10 is targeting Oregon, Washington, Stanford, and Cal for expansion and looking to get 250m extra a year by adding those four.
  9. I don't think you're under anyone's skin; rather, it's just clear you aren't here to engage in actual discussion about the Pac-12 and the current issues it's facing.
  10. Yea the guy is a joke. I loved the, "Four Corners are leaving for the Big12 immediately," followed by, "ORWA is holding conference hostage and threatening to leave to the Big12 if they don't get what they want."
  11. Spoken like someone from San Diego. 🤣
  12. Operating under the hypothetical assumption the B1G is done for now, the ACC alliance seems like the best in-between option for Oregon-Washington and the rest of the Pac. Stabilize the Pac-12 and ACC for now, then when conference realignment comes back again, UO and UW will have a better launching point. The rest of the Pac likely has a better fall back point in an already allied Pac/ACC. Seems like an eventual merger of what's left would be easier to manage with the 'alliance' already in place. A full merger, if UO/UW leave and the ACC gets raided, appears more attractive than joining the Big12 right now. An eventual merged Coastal Conference could be: Pacific: Cal, Stanford, ASU, UA, Utah, Colorado, WSU, OSU Atlantic: Boston College, Pitt, VT, Syracuse, Duke, Louisville, Wake, NC State
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