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  1. Do you have a clip or time reference in the game? So a foul was called but you thought it was more? Apparently you missed his MMA shoulder to the face he gave Erickson at the 12:30 mark in the first half. Greasy and dirty play apparently. Keep in mind, you’re the one complaining about the refs. I thought it was called pretty fair.
  2. So now you are a doctor and know what is real pain and fake pain from your armchair? LMAO. Who knew. It was a dirty play. Period. Saying your boy is greasy isn't racist. He is greasy and looks like he doesn't know what a shower is. Don't forget he also MMA shoulder'd Erickson in the face that should have been a flagrant. The announcers also agreed. Someone should tell him he hasn't reached Kevin Durant's level quite yet. Maybe UCLA players will learn smack talk and jawing is part of the game but choke holds, throat punches and shoulder bulldozing belongs in the MMA. I'm guessing Mack idolizes Draymond Green? It's interesting that you never talk about the refs in UCLA wins.
  3. Then why even bring up officiating at all if it was just Mack? Hmmmm. Inquiring minds would like to know.
  4. Lol. So saying Mack reacted poorly to how shitty the game was being called and saying Tony Padilla is terrible isn’t blaming the refs? Bug usually blames refs for all losses in football and basketball. It looked like UCLA players thought this was an MMA fight rather than a basketball game.
  5. Totally dirty play. I'm not sure blaming the refs is the story of this game. The refs also missed another flagrant 1 in the first half on #9 offering shoulders to the face on a moving screen at about the 12:30 mark. The game was physical and I thought it was called both ways. Maybe Cronin should have a practice where he tells his kids it's not OK to full swing elbows and shoulders into the throats and faces of the opponents? Two dirty plays. BTW, someone on UCLA's staff needs to remind #9 Berke whatever the fuck his name is, he's not as good as Kevin Durant in his prime. LOL at that guy walking away from shots like he knew they were going in, only to break the rim with bricks. While they're at it, get that dude some shampoo and soap. No shampoo in Turkey? You could lube the team bus with all the grease dripping off that guy's mop.
  6. It has a lot to do with where the game is played. Since WSU beat UW on the road and UW's net ranking is 72, that falls into the Quad 1 bucket for WSU for now. Since WSU only beat Utah and CU in Pullman, Utah and CU would have to have a net ranking of 30 to be Quad 1 wins. Utah is 49 and CU is 41. This all changes daily. If WSU beat these two on the road or even a neutral, they would be Quad 1 wins. Here's the basic formula: Quadrant 1: Home 1-30, Neutral 1-50, Away 1-75. Quadrant 2: Home 31-75, Neutral 51-100, Away 76-135. Quadrant 3: Home 76-160, Neutral 101-200, Away 135-240. Quadrant 4: Home 161-353, Neutral 201-353, Away 241-353.
  7. Utah is absolutely pathetic.. Started out hot and spent most of OOC in the top 35 in Net rankings. What a shit show we have now.. They have no business going to any post season. Probably the worst Utah road team I've seen in many years. How do you lose to fucking ASU in SLC? LMAO.. You can't beat last place USC on the road? With only 1 average player injured? Yikes. Go home Craig Smith. @Chile_Ute, I said this team has became unwatchable about 3-4 weeks ago. We've duplicated the 2022-2023 team with less injuries. Hot start and fall apart in crunch time. I haven't watched since we got absolutely blown out on the road against the Washington schools. You will try to find some positives much better than me but I can't watch bad basketball. This is no better than Coach K basketball at the end. Personally, I'm giving Craig 1 more year in my fan book. I'm pretty much done with him. We have the talent but they're all soft as marshmallows. Bad defense. That's coaching.
  8. I think the best ever was when he told us Jayden Daniels was a terrible QB in a terrible conference at ASU but magically became a top shelf Heisman stud once he went to the SEC. You’d think he would regress in the SEC that apparently rivals the AFC South in the NFL.
  9. You see. It’s all about trends. Specifically “trending” up or down. I’ve been told Washington has been trending down for several years now compared to SEC programs like Texas. Certainly Ken has been trending down in this time period. And he has already failed despite him coaching 1 snap at Bama. The sooner you start listening to his logical analysis the better. It’s all balls on accurate.
  10. This nonsense of a book by an SEC Troll that claimed Washington would get smashed by Texas the last two seasons. USC would smash Utah and be a playoff team the last two years. Oregon and UW had no chance to make the playoffs. Nix and Penix had zero shot to make it to NY for the Heisman ceremony. Keep flapping your lips dummy. Lol.
  11. Like I said on my last post. I had to step away from watching this team. Not only can they not win on the road, they are getting smashed by average teams. Embarrassing. Utah has become unwatchable.
  12. If it were about performance on the field and court, CU would be a MWC school by now.
  13. This year is shaping up to be like last year. Injuries followed by excuses and losses. It’s amazing players sit out a month for twisted ankles. I’m done watching this marshmallow soft team for awhile. I started believing in Craig Smith this year but I’m pulling back a bit. I can’t stand lack of effort and softness. We got killed on the boards, offensive rebounds and second chance points. That’s all effort. Smith shouldn't be surprised that The Huntsman Center is almost a ghost town. Ute basketball fans aren't stupid and know good basketball when they see it. There's just too many other entertainment options going on in SLC to waste money on basketball tickets for an average at best product. Whittingham has a packed house each and every week. He earned it.
  14. Well, here we are Utah. Game week on the road. Utah likely still down 2 starters in Worster and Lovering. Lovering is the biggest loss as he is our best paint protector. Keita is a great defender with amazing hops but he struggles against much taller players like Dante. He's always in foul trouble and has some silly unneeded ones each games it seems. Keita is only 6'8". Worster leads the conference in assist/turnover ratio. Good leader and a big guard. But Deivon Smith has been a nice surprise. He's been averaging near a triple double as the starter. Only 6 foot, he has amazing hops and speed. 46' vertical and loves to rebound and dunk. A nice change of pace and offensive tempo. I'm hoping for 1-1 on this trip but wouldn't be shocked at 0-2. Vegas has finally figured out that we are road cupcakes. We are simply a better team than WSU but they are favored by 1.5.
  15. Yeah, as a Niner fan, I’ve seen this movie and it got horrible reviews. Some dudes just aren’t meant for the NFL. Chip was nearly fired last year. Maybe he should focus on cleaning his own house first before he goes and shits on another carpet. Seattle would be the dumbest team on the planet with this move. Dan Quinn’s stock isn’t exactly hot sauce either these days,
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