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  1. USC has given up nearly 600 yards of offense and 41 points to one of the worst offensive lines in the country.
  2. I think both Washington and Oregon knock off USC this year. SC’s defense is still terrible.
  3. Welcome to the P12 coach “Prime”.
  4. We’ve been injured before the season started. I think 8-9 starters didn’t play in our 1st game. Mash unit. It’s either piss poor strength and conditioning and physical contact management in fall camp or just really shitty luck.
  5. Nah. We don’t have a QB. Barnes is hot garbage. Johnson isn’t ready for this level of football and I don’t think he will be. He kills worms throwing to the dirt every other pass. You can’t beat a high school team when you only complete 31% of your passes. A few drops but Nate was absolutely terrible last night. This might be one of the worst offensive performances by Utah I’ve ever seen. Defense won us 4 games but Utah’s offense is embarrassing. We have a kid named Brandon Rose that looked excellent in spring ball that would have been the starter. Got hurt in fall camp. He has a shot to be the man next year. Otherwise, time to hit the transfer portal. Congrats on the win my friend.
  6. We are coming for your castles, women and land tonight.
  7. I heard that. All red? Your stadium holds just over 50k? Is Jayden playing this week?
  8. I think CU fans should be able to rush the field if their team keeps USC from winning by more than 30. It’s now tradition. They rushed the field after wins over powerhouses 1-2 CSU and 2-2 Nebraska.
  9. I would love if Utah and the Oregon schools as well as the LA schools can work out some OOC games in the future. But something that makes sense because these are 4 good football programs. We will still recruit LA but nothing like before. Plan to shift to more Texas recruiting is already in the works.
  10. Dame comes back to Utah to support Weber State every year in some fashion. That’s pretty cool. He’s not a player I follow on a regular basis but he has definitely put in the work to win a title. He gave Portland 100% while there.
  11. I just listened to a live interview with Cam Rising. The vibe I got was “I’m getting better and better” not, I’m ready to go. I think you guys see Nate Johnson tomorrow. And I’ll stick to OSU by 3.
  12. Yeah, that was my point with this year. The P12 revenue infusion from Sanders is a ship that has sailed. I think the P12 Championship is the only moving revenue target that could change and I don't think CU has a prayer of making that game. TV money is already set in the B12 as well. So again, only CU will likely get a revenue boost from their hype, unless they suddenly become a bowl giant with extra pooled revenue for the conference. So while some fans on this board and nationally have drank too much "Prime" Kool Aid and think he's god's gift to football, CU is helping CU. The way some fans speak, you'd think King Midas himself was coaching in Boulder and everything he touches turns to gold. If said opponents are lucky enough to grace the same field with Sanders. People also seem to forget the negative impact of all the Prime Hype. His sons wanting to fight coaches, death threats from fans. etc.
  13. Utah is currently 3rd in the nation in rush defense. Giving up only 51 rush yards per game. I don't think that stat holds up for the rest of the year. But I think it will be fun to watch this part of the matchup. Our front 7 is very stout even with injuries.
  14. Utah vs Oregon State. In Kyle's weekly press conference, it was nothing but respect for Jonathan Smith and OSU. He said there are so many similarities with both programs. Culture, toughness, mind set etc. Oregon State has established themselves as a top P12 program IMO. We are supposed to have 8-10 starters back this week but I've been bitten by this now for 4 games, so I'm reluctant to have hope. I've also been saying all year, the current make up for Utah offensively will not cut the mustard against the better teams of the P12. Our luck just may have run out this game. Right now, I think OSU wins by the spread of 3. I'd like to think with a fullish team of starters, we can snag this win but that will be tough. Good news is, we have a bye after this game.
  15. Utah gained some land in So Cal and the Carolinas. I have a bad feeling Oregon State takes our castles this week.
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