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  1. You'd think his book deal would bring in some coin.
  2. HLB has been getting names and number of conference members wrong for a few years. All he knows is what's in a box score or an ESPN article. And he just got burned on the SEC having tickets at Costco. Him coming over here to claim he's a top shelf college football insider and a renowned CFB author of many publications and books was his big mistake. He's been trying to cover up his mistakes since day 1.
  3. Factual numbers don't lie. Whittingham for most of his HC career has been a 70+% winner in all games prior to the P12. The fact that you see 63% and 55% in conference shows how tough it has been to transition here. The last 5 years or so, those %'s have and will continue to go up for probably as long he sticks around. Better recruiting and figuring out how things work in this conference. Kyle is a grinder, not an instant lightening bolt like a Meyer, Saban and other top college coaches. We love Kyle. The University even has a golden parachute job waiting for him as an advisor when he hangs up the whistle. I'm pretty sure something involving our stadium will get named after him eventually. 17 years as HC and 28 on staff.
  4. First off, there is nothing about Oregon that the Utes own. We've basically had 3 great wins against them since 2011. Last year, Utah was dominant but maybe people forget that game in 2019? Utah had everything on the table to make a CFB run with just 1 loss. What did we do? Got our asses kicked in the trenches against Oregon. Deflating as a Ute fan. Oregon has more wins in SLC than I'd like to see too. I don't think Utah rolls into Eugene this year with an easy win either. At this point, I'd say a 50/50 chance. Oregon still has plenty of talent. Next, I'm not a fan of these "look at me" neener, neener threads. You don't see USC fans starting threads about how many more football national championships they have than anyone else. Or UCLA fans bragging about national titles. Sure, if someone wants to challenge history, game on. Nor do you see Oregon Fans bragging about their success. They've had plenty in both football and basketball. Utah is a solid football program that is super competitive and can beat anyone here and lose to anyone. We should act like we've been there and let the numbers do the talking. It took us a few years to get to this level but we have no room to claim dominance over anything in the P12. We have very little hardware in the trophy case to boot. You'll never see Mano, myself or Chile start threads like this. Just Sayin'.
  5. Just stop. It was well established last year that you couldn’t pass a basic geography test. You were called out on so much bullshit in reference to our teams, cities and fans. Now you are claiming to be an expert in Western entertainment? Dude. Everyone knows you’ve never been out here and to our cities. Just stop running your mouth. Utah has lack of entertainment options? Besides packed houses at pretty much every football stadium including high school, Jazz games, MLS or as you say "MSL" and BYU Basketball, we have things called mountains and lakes. World class cities like Park City and 5 national parks. Probably one of the biggest reasons people move to our state besides the economy, is our beauty. You can be to 4 world class ski resorts in 20 minutes summer or winter. Our canyons are loaded with people year round. Stick with what you know, which is nothing.
  6. Nah. He was Mormon bashing. Simply because he referenced “since you were 2 years old”. Logic says Trump wasn’t in office when most of us were 2 years old. The “cult” is a very popular term referencing LDS folks. I get it. I’m just saying not everyone here is part of it. Many in SL county aren’t. Not a big deal. Just not a fan of broad brush generalizations.
  7. Orange is often misunderstood I think. Sure, he’s brash and can make a sailor blush with his foul mouth but there’s good material in his posts if you read correctly. I’ve always liked him. But to each their own.
  8. Hey brother. Not all Utah residents grew up in or are a part of the local cult.
  9. Yikes. The HLB clown is back? And he’s running the weekly picks threads? He’s like a fresh turd left on the carpet on Christmas morning.
  10. I’ll take the high road. I see 10 wins but after that, it’s going to have to be extra special. We have the horses but need to prove it.
  11. I think you live in SLC right? If so,you should know the answer. Cold, shitty weather and for excessive heat in August. If you are trying to button up your playbook or polish your gameplan for a bowl game in say late Dec or early January, a IPF is a must in SLC. All college football kids want to be treated like rock stars with bells and whistles and creature comforts. Top level recruits from warm weather areas in Texas, Florida, AZ and SoCal aren't going to come if your pitch is, F-you we practice outside all the time you little shit. If you have a problem with it, go watch the movie Rudy. BTW, Utah only uses their IPF for extreme conditions, most practices are outside.
  12. Looks like Portland is clearing cap space to get young?. I was never a big fan of McCollum as a guy to help get Portland to the next level. Volume shooter. I think Portland tried to secure their post play but could never keep their big guys healthy. Unless you are a big, popular market, rebuilding is always a crapshoot. A ton of luck is needed in the free agent market or catch lightening in a bottle in the draft. Dame is ultra loyal, which is good and bad.. His window is closing.
  13. TCU has all those rich oil barons to help.. You just need to remind her who is boss.😲
  14. Looks like Utah is getting a new IPF, if approved. We have one now that was built in 2004 but it lacks a few things. Two endzones, big enough sidelines for safety, you can't punt full power without hitting the ceiling, no climate control other than heat and massive ceiling fans. The biggest issue is, scheduling time. With all other sports using the current one, sometimes it get's too crowded and overlaps a lot. The current one has a nice trophy room but I don't think it has proper sports med rooms or storage space. The new one will cover all the needs and also include video boards. Before Meyer came to town in 2003 and demanded facility upgrades, athletes used to practice in the cold season in a make shift, shitty plastic bubble. In the last 20 years, we've came a long ways in facilities. P5 money and needs has driven a lot of that. High roller boosters like @Chile_Ute will probably just write a check to pay for the whole thing on this new joint. https://go.boarddocs.com/ut/uutah/Board.nsf/files/CB7MX45B4BD6/$file/Football Indoor_02-01-22.pdf
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