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  1. At CU he wouldn’t have the blueblood pressure to win right away. And if he them around he might have the pick of the litter on a high profile job. Prime Time will eventually want to be at a blueblood because that’s him. But this might be a safe way to get there. If CU can raise their profile at all it’s a win-win.
  2. Yeah. I’m done with his drama. Good luck to Thomas and I hope he gets his shit figured out in life. He didn’t do himself any favors this year for his NFL stock mentally and on the field. He has all the physical tools but tailbacks in the NFL are a dime a dozen in free agency.
  3. @azgreg Not sure what you have coming back next year but I’d say this year was a win overall for AZ football. Fisch seems like he gets it. Your schedule the last half of the season was brutal.
  4. I didn’t even respond to him nor was l speaking to him. Yet he still posts 15 times at me. I live in his head rent free.
  5. Classic narcissist. He gets really upset when people don’t acknowledge his correct weekly picks on this board. He’ll send everyone reminders until he gets a response. He will answer sarcastic questions with literal answers. I’m pretty sure he is unaware that he’s 5 beers short of a six pack. It would go a million miles if he just admitted how stupid he is. Then people could approach him with honest kid gloves.
  6. Pretty weird that an SEC fan spends so much time on a P12 board trying to prove the SEC is a better conference. He’s probably the only SEC fan on the planet that does this. The rest of them let the numbers do the talking.
  7. The Rose Bowl last year tied one Semi Final playoff game in TV ratings. It blew the other non playoff NY6 bowls out of the water as well. But like HL-Saggy Britches said, it was all because of Ohio State. Even though Utah brought about 55-60K fans to the Rose Bowl. But he’s right. Nobody cares about the Rose Bowl. The reported 800K + folks that attend the festivities including the parade is just Fake News according to a fan that has never been outside of his trailer in Little Rock Arkansas.
  8. No offense taken. I just don’t get into the ass kicking prediction business. I have a ton of respect for Oregon, especially in Eugene. I’ll take a win however we can get it but watching both teams close to full power would be a hell of a game I think.
  9. Whiittingham believes our defense is peaking. We haven’t played the best offenses lately but he’s seeing less mental errors and better tackling. Oregon still worries me no matter the QB. https://www.deseret.com/2022/11/16/23459008/utah-utes-kyle-whittingham-confident-in-defense-heading-into-matchup-with-oregon-ducks
  10. This coming from the guy that said the Rose Bowl isn’t a big deal, nobody cares and the TV Ratings are terrible. Where exactly do you get your data and info from?
  11. I’ve been digging around Oregon media trying to find injury updates. In Monday’s Presser, Lanning said he felt much better about Nix than he did on Saturday after the game. A few hours ago, Lanning is smartly paying poker with the media. Saying nothing really other than there are 3 starters on offense that are questionable for Saturday and the back up QB will be ready to go if needed. I guess we will see who plays at game time.
  12. His post is just another clear example of him not understanding how TV contracts work. Specifically, the 2011 P12 contract and what the driving force was to get much more revenue over the previous contract. And the Pac 12 network has distribution issues? Wow. Who knew? Even common fans knew there were issues around 2013. But again, he has provided the board with more breaking news. Google can be your friend, even for dumb people. Imagine the info he could find on demographics, population density and distribution, other entertainment options, time zone details relative to TV ratings and basic business concepts like supply and demand.
  13. Seriously, just quit replying to my posts. You offer nothing of substance. You don’t even have a clue of what city USC plays in. My offer of paying you to go away still stands.
  14. We are already using our 3rd different center this year. Pretty sure the other 2 are injured. We seem to be holding up pretty well on OL. Alex is a stud btw.
  15. @glduckor @dtd, What's the status of Nix?
  16. Line is -2.5 Ducks. Pretty tight line. I think the Ducks edge us out. Kincaid should be more productive this game after an injury. Thomas finally got out of the doghouse and had a career night against Stanford. If we can keep him rolling, we have a good chance. Cam is not as accurate after his injury but I would never count this guy out of a huge game. He’s shaking off a rusty knee.
  17. LMAO at 8 home games. Couldn’t even handle a 3-6 AZ team at home. Lol.
  18. So UCLA isn’t getting dicked over this year? I’m confused now.
  19. I addressed conference play as well. Again, tell me how UCLA is getting dicked over this year other than you being a little whiny bitch? Btw, how big are those blue tarps they put in your stands to cover up apathy? They must cover 1/2 of that stadium.
  20. And just how has UCLA been dicked over this year? They played a cupcake OOC, they play 8 home games overall, only 4 road conference games against CU, ASU, Oregon and Cal. Give me a fucking break.
  21. utenation

    AP Poll

    The last few years, we haven’t earned a lot of respect in the polls. We will likely be the victims of parity for the CFP once again but it’s nice to see 6 teams in the AP. Hopefully the CFP rankings show the same on Tuesday. https://apnews.com/hub/ap-top-25-college-football-poll
  22. For football, I think Riley will always be good at creating the entertainment sizzle while at USC but as we've seen by some OU teams, you still need a defense to win in the playoffs. The man knows how to build an offense for sure.
  23. I'm curious to see how your fans like and adjust to a B10 culture and politics. Obviously, smart money decisions for your two schools but I wonder about fans. You'll have to let me know what you think after a few years into it.
  24. Wasn’t that the red tape of our last contract in 2011? Selling our souls for more money to play late games? Because playing a night game against Stanford mid Nov at 8:30PM in SLC when it will be about 30 degrees is a great gameday experience for fans. Lol
  25. utenation

    OS v. UW

    You guys need to get Martinez lathered up and give him the ball many times.
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