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  1. Looks like Portland is clearing cap space to get young?. I was never a big fan of McCollum as a guy to help get Portland to the next level. Volume shooter. I think Portland tried to secure their post play but could never keep their big guys healthy. Unless you are a big, popular market, rebuilding is always a crapshoot. A ton of luck is needed in the free agent market or catch lightening in a bottle in the draft. Dame is ultra loyal, which is good and bad.. His window is closing.
  2. TCU has all those rich oil barons to help.. You just need to remind her who is boss.😲
  3. Looks like Utah is getting a new IPF, if approved. We have one now that was built in 2004 but it lacks a few things. Two endzones, big enough sidelines for safety, you can't punt full power without hitting the ceiling, no climate control other than heat and massive ceiling fans. The biggest issue is, scheduling time. With all other sports using the current one, sometimes it get's too crowded and overlaps a lot. The current one has a nice trophy room but I don't think it has proper sports med rooms or storage space. The new one will cover all the needs and also include video boards. Before Meyer came to town in 2003 and demanded facility upgrades, athletes used to practice in the cold season in a make shift, shitty plastic bubble. In the last 20 years, we've came a long ways in facilities. P5 money and needs has driven a lot of that. High roller boosters like @Chile_Ute will probably just write a check to pay for the whole thing on this new joint. https://go.boarddocs.com/ut/uutah/Board.nsf/files/CB7MX45B4BD6/$file/Football Indoor_02-01-22.pdf
  4. Including, full on bat shit crazy in Apocalypse Now..
  5. You'd should find an assistant coach like Shooter.
  6. Dude. Have fun. Teach them the basics and remember, you being their coach means you are helping kids play organized sports, learn teamwork and not spend that time on video games or snap chat etc. Even if they suck, if they have fun, they will come back for more.
  7. Maybe you should have a team movie day and watch Hoosiers. lol
  8. The Boylen touch was just for shock value. Boylen was an embarrassing goon with his antics.. Craig is a positive guy. I just don't know if he can coach Utah. We have some talent with Carlson and Gach and yes Branden has missed more than a few games with injuries/surgery along with a few others but every team has injuries at this point. I haven't checked every game but I see a whole bunch of dudes getting 15 min or so a game, which speaks to the rotation issue. A good coach finds a way to make average guys better and I don't think it's unrealistic to think we can be better than last place in the PAC given Smith's record at USU. Like I said, I'm not giving up on Craig but he better get his shit together next year. I'll even take average to small progress but we've seen too much good basketball at our school to accept failure. Sadly, you have to be kinda old like us to remember big Rick's era. Larry had a few good years and even Giac rode Bogut to a S16 run but pretty lean these days.. Rant over.🤢
  9. Well my friend, we broke a record tonight. And not the good kind. Prior to this season, our longest losing streak in school history was 8, two times. 2011-2012 and 1942-1943.. 114 seasons of basketball and Smith broke his first significant Utah record tonight with our 9th straight loss and got rolled by about 20 points. The kids play hard and have decent defense but really, it's a hodge podge of a team put together with duct tape. We have no set, consistent lineup and a bunch of confusion. We give away leads, if we can ever get one. Zero player leadership and closers. Smith was 79-24(76%) in three seasons at Utah State. His first year there, he went 28-7 with other coach's kids, went to the Dance 2 of his 3 years there, with one year of no Dance in 2019-2020 due to Covid. That year, they won the MWC tourney. The PAC is a step up in play but there's obviously a bigger disconnect. Way too early to give up on Craig but these numbers are pathetic. Smells like Jim Boylen in the Huntsman Center. Even Jim went 18-15 his first season. Have a whiskey shot tonight for our sorrows. Cheers.
  10. No worries. I'd bet $100 he doesn't know which conference all 3 teams are in and what cities they call home without looking it up. I'm pretty sure he's never been out West. Crossing state lines without approval from the courts and parole officers in his case probably can't happen anyways. He just reads box scores and ESPN articles for his info to post on this board.
  11. I'll see your 8 and raise to 10. Road trip to the Washington schools after. Both are better teams and we already lost to both in SLC. I really don't see any games we should win the rest of the year with the exception of maybe ASU at home and OSU on the road. I'm sure we might pull out a few but this season was over Dec 30th.
  12. I'm not up to speed on your roster. But with an elite 8 run last year, was that just lightening in a bottle for one season or where is the huge drop off this year? OSU made a massive late season push as a mid level P12 team and kicked some ass when it mattered but you'd think some momentum would be there. Yard sale on talent moving on?
  13. Nah.. Just a tiny mess to clean up.... Nothing to see here..😲
  14. utenation

    Rose Bowl

    Obviously, just another simple oversight. Or typo again.. P10, Sugar Bowl and or Fiesta Bowl ties.. You know, simple mistakes.
  15. utenation

    Rose Bowl

    Here's some other food for thought about the Rose Bowl festivities. The Rose Parade was broadcasted on both ABC and NBC and other channels. I think the average in person attendance most years is anywhere from 600K to 800K and they average around 40 Million viewers on TV.. Give or take. Until I looked it up, I wasn't aware that some of the other NY6 Bowls also have New Year's Eve parades. I don't think any these were on national TV and I couldn't really find any attendance numbers. But they aren't even in the same universe as the Rose Parade. I feel safe saying that. In this thread, we've established that The Rose Bowl Game is very consistently top of the charts in TV ratings for non playoff games and this year, was tied for second on tv ratings for all games watched this year including the playoff semis. I guess I'm just confused. @HLB has told everyone here that the Rose Bowl is basically extinct and nobody outside of P12 country cares. Based on all the numbers posted here, I guess the opinion of a river rock with an IQ of 80 means more.. Stats don't matter. Him being a National Sport's Writer is the only thing that should matter.
  16. I was reading an article last week. Smith said umm, yeah, maybe we need to pick some guys and stick with a rotation. The team is mostly transfers, so play the best guys and be done with it. We are 16 games deep. You should know a rotation by now. I don't think we've lost to WSU in SLC in like 50 years. Smith is making the wrong records in the record book.
  17. .500 might have been too optimistic, sad to say. I figured with a healthy Carlson and the return of Gach, we could at least make things respectable. We looked like raw sewage against the last 3 bottom half P12 teams. Yikes. Smith looks lost in conference play.. Sure there's an adjustment going to a P5 league but we might have just taken some lipstick off a pig.. I'll give it some time and a few recruiting classes but as of today, we are holding down the bottom of the conference. Not impressed.
  18. utenation

    Rose Bowl

    Curious, do you have any numbers or stats to back this up? How on earth did the Rose Bowl last week get a 16.6 rating with nobody outside of the P12 footprint interested? You also said it lost it's "edge" in general. This game was the second most watched game all year behind UGA/Michigan. Didn't the Sugar Bowl have it's own time slot and have only about half the viewers as the Rose at 9.8? All those rabid fans in the SEC and B12? How can this be? Highly ranked matchup too. Here's a hint dumbass. B10 country also views the Rose Bowl as a big deal as well as the rest of the country. The year by year numbers already posted here prove it as well. It just takes a few numbers to prove your bullshit wrong every time.
  19. Last time sports got shut down as a whole, lot's of extra depression. Sports for many is a nice distraction. Especially in the winter in cold areas. With the current trends, I don't think we will be able to avoid another mass shutdown.
  20. FBS has 10 conferences right? Fighting for 4 playoff spots. My scenario might not be fair to the two best teams in CFB but even in that situation the cream will still rise to the top. The obvious answer is expansion but we both know diamonds form faster than they make these changes.
  21. As slow as changes come for the playoff system, they should at least create a rule now that if you have two teams from the same conference in, they must play each other in the semi. Even though Cincy or Michigan would have got smashed in the final, at least we could see new faces rather than the fucking SEC title game again. The 95 year old decision makers for the playoff structure spend too much time in the smoking room sipping brandy, smoking cigars and deciding who will suck the SEC's cock next rather than being progressive now on smart decisions.
  22. My guess is simple oversights again. Everyone makes these mistakes.
  23. Right on cue. We were saying the other day, you would stay in hiding until the SEC won some bowl games and the P12 looked bad. Btw, as far as any Utah comments, you might want to address the folks who said that. I certainly didn't say that. With all the bowl games going on, it's surprising that you aren't at the games since you are a top shelf sports writer.. Yet, here you are on a P12 message board with 15 fans educating us. You'd think you'd be all over the SEC boards with recent success.
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