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  1. I hope the Pac stays together as well. By the way, if the conference does fold, my version of the history book will place a huge portion of the blame on UCLA. They held the key to keeping things together. They were more aligned with the other public universities in the conference in terms of mission than USC was. They held the key to keeping rivalries with other Calfornia schools intact. They did not need to sell their souls for the money. As I understand it from the NYT article several months ago, the Pac was going to offer them a disproportionate share to stay. UCLA could have sent the message that conference realignment for TV money only is not the best path, and could have let USC choke on the long distance travel as the solo member of the B1G. UCLA knows this too, because Chancelor Block sent a letter to UW President Cauce apologizing: "I wanted to send you a personal note to express my sincere apologies that I was unable to share information with you before the public announcement. I am truly sorry about this. This was an extremely difficult decision for UCLA — and personally anguishing. I and many others in our Bruin community greatly enjoy the traditions and friendly rivalries that exist within our conference. I want to express the deep respect that I have for you, our other Pac-12 colleagues, and for the conference leadership.” UCLA blew it. They had a chance to lead here, and they just fell in line with big brother and went for the money. I did not expect more from USC, but I did expect more from UCLA. Lame.
  2. This article from KSL Sports in Salt Lake City says that Pac12 media negotiations should land a deal in the range of what the Big12 got, and that demise of the conference is not imminent. https://kslsports.com/499432/opinion-making-sense-of-the-latest-pac-12-media-rights-rumors/
  3. Thanks AZGreg, I posted the wrong link.
  4. does this mean something? i have no idea.
  5. What are your sources saying about which teams are leaving?
  6. It is indeed mostly gloom and doom. I was going to try to summarize the main points, but I am not sure it is worth it. The most recent Wilner / Canzano podcast was more positive. The last 10 minutes are so are about media rights negotiation status.
  7. New article from Chris Vannini at the Athletic: https://theathletic.com/4239583/2023/02/22/college-football-streaming-tv-deals/?source=pulsenewsletter&campaign=6190251
  8. The replies to that tweet are pretty negative, but wouldn't Apple be a comparable streaming platform to Amazon? If the compensation is good, I think Apple could be fine.
  9. This Forbes article has a more positive view of the Pac12 mediation negotiations: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zengernews/2023/02/09/how-the-new-pac-12-media-deal-gets-done---three-things-leaders-need-to-know/amp/
  10. Interesting that UCLA still has those B1G games on their schedule.
  11. yeah, possibly a mistake by the AD. Certainly need to try to negotiate a larger buyout for games with B1G teams going forward. UW had Wisconsin cancel a series a while back as well. Michigan also moved back their visit to Seattle several years ... I wonder if a cancellation is coming there as well.
  12. Ohio State cancels home and home series with UW for 2024-25. Thanks for nothing, arrogant bastards. https://komonews.com/sports/nikos-sports-zone/washington-sports-seattle-football-big-10-pac-12-west-coast-california-usc-ucla-power-5-why-is-ohio-state-canceling-series-of-games-with-washington-huskies
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