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  1. I have come all the way around to believing that Cam Ward is a clear upgrade over De Laura, after initially thinking the Cougs downgraded at QB.
  2. I think this is going to be a sneaky good game. Arizona is a tough place to play, especially when the crowd is in to it. Going to miss these games v. AZ. Hope we get a good one.
  3. Well, if Boise was super close to Pullman (like Moscow ID for instance), I think the Cougs might be concerned that it could draw neutral fans away from their games (from Spokane for instance). But that is a non-issue with where Boise is.
  4. Would the Cougs want BSU, given that they are so close geographically? Edit: actually, aftering consulting a map, they are not really that close. Probably not a big deal at all.
  5. Yeah, totally wrong. 😆 I am a shit gambler. Probably should have mentioned that.
  6. I would run away from that line. UW is not good on grass fields: lost both games last year (UCLA and ASU), and has a losing record over the last 6 years or more. They don't have a grass practice field (which needs to change asap). Also, this is the longest road trip to date for a DeBoer coached husky team. Also, MSU will be very emotional and looking for pay back for last year. I think UW wins, but i think it will be a lot closer than 17.
  7. It's absolutely ridiculous ... but we might as well go out with a bang and create maximum chaos.
  8. David Woods from Podcast of Champions predicted the Utes to crush Florida and lose to Baylor.
  9. Are the Utes going to take care of business tonight? I really hope so. We need to kick off the Pac12 farewell tour with a bang.
  10. In my view, the significance of Chris Hill's remarks are not in relation to switching conferences for football, but in relation to preserving reasonable geographic conferences for the non revenue sports. The reason i shared the article was that there appears to be something of a groundswell (Chip Kelly, Chris Hill, Chris Petersen, Podcast of Champions, UCLA AD Martin Jarmond, Gabey Lucas at uwdawgpound.com, pretty much every college sports fan i talk to) for trying to contain the crazy realignment stuff within football. That is where the money is, that is what the networks care about, so we have to live with it. But, I would argue that it is in pretty much everyone's interest to carve out the non-revenue sports from the realignment. I think even Fox might go along with it. edit: just read this from an interview with Chris Petersen: "Among the upcoming challenges, Petersen said, will be what he views as the inevitable separation of football from NCAA oversight, “whether it’s in two years, five years, whatever. And they should, because it’s apples and oranges to everything else. The Pac-12 should still be in existence, even if football went and did something different. It makes too much sense, right? But who’s in charge? Who’s going to get that done?”
  11. What about the Pac12 non-revenue / Olympic sports? I think it is pretty clear that the experience for all of those athletes is not going to improve with the dissolution of the Pac12. Canzano wrote a decent column about it, which includes good quotes from Chip Kelly and Chris Hill. Maybe we should write to our respective university presidents and demand that the conference stay intact for the non-revenue sports. https://www.johncanzano.com/p/canzano-god-bless-chip-kelly-but
  12. a case can be made ...
  13. As I believe i posted before, i thought Kliavkoff was right to try this. Seems like a deal could have been negotiated that started with UCLA at $52, UW and Oregon at $40, maybe $30 for the remainder of the conference. I feel like we all would be in a better spot than we are now.
  14. I agree, Mano. It is a sad day. I wish we could have kept conference together, or created a west coast pod within the B1G. For what its worth, Utah added a ton to the Pac12 in my opinion, in terms of football performance, excellent fan base and stadium, and integrating well with the conference. I hope Utah finds a good landing spot. I will be rooting for the Utes regardless.
  15. Totally. It was my first reaction on the day the USC/UCLA news dropped.
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