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  1. NY Times article on the UC Board of Regents meeting yesterday. The Board has postponed any action to another meeting on December 14. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/17/sports/california-regents-meeting-ucla-big-ten.html Of note, it sounds like Kliavkoff has made attempts to lure UCLA back to the Pac12 with the promise of a "a little more" of the tv revenue if they stay: "But last month, the Pac-12 provided to several regents a glimpse of what its deal, which it has been negotiating for months, might look like if U.C.L.A. decided to remain: a range between $42 million and $47 million per school, with U.C.L.A. getting a little more than the remaining 10 schools in the Pac-12 once Southern California leaves for the Big Ten in 2024, according to two people familiar with the discussions who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss them. The holdovers in turn would be getting a little more than San Diego State if it left the Mountain West to become the conference’s 12th team. Then the Big 12 announced its deal with Fox and ESPN, which will be worth $31.7 million per school. That number was far enough below expectations that the Pac-12 lowered its estimates for the regents by about 10 percent. ... The Pac-12’s willingness to sweeten the offer for U.C.L.A. also included a willingness to pay the buyout the Los Angeles school would have to fork over to break the Big Ten agreement. That buyout is $15 million, according to three people who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to reveal terms of the deal."
  2. row Z

    UW @ Oregon

    Found another road win that might be ahead of this one: 2002 Apple Cup, unranked UW beats No. 3 Cougs in Pullman in triple overtime. That game was a full on circus, complete with Coug fans bombing the field with bottles after the game. 😂
  3. row Z

    UW @ Oregon

    Yes, the Whammy in Miami was also one UW's top road wins, and very comparable to this game: UW snapped Miami's home win streak (58 games), Miami was ranked #6 and UW #17, and UW had something of a rivalry with Miami based on split national title in '91. Let's call it a tie for 2d best road win, IMO. Very glad there was no video review of the McMillan catch. Could have gone either way, although i don't believe the ball ever touched the ground. Any word on Nix's injury? What happened there, by the way? Helmet to knee? Just saw this on reddit, and i think it sums up the UW mood: "An upset on the road against a top-10 Oregon team with their playoff hopes on the line snapping their home winning streak preventing them from breaking their all-time home win streak record? COOK THIS SHIT IN A SPOON AND INJECT IT INTO MY EYEBALLS."
  4. row Z

    UW @ Oregon

    What a game. Six lead changes in the second half, I believe. Two very high level quarterback performances. Two very different, but highly effective offenses. I could not have asked for more from UW in this game. The players laid it all out there, and the coaches delivered as well. DeBoer's post-game comments were pretty calm ... he planned for this, and was not shocked they won. I feel like the ball finally bounced the dawgs' way in this game. If we get a few more close games like this, it might start to live up to the hype around the rivalry. I will be savoring this one in any event. It is probably the best win against Oregon, one of the best QB performances from a husky, and up there with the best husky road wins (i put it behind the win at Nebraska in 1991). These games just don't come around that often.
  5. row Z

    UW @ Oregon

    I am hoping the huskies can make it competitive, at least for a while. Would be fun to see a QB duel. The -13.5 points seems low to me. Oregon looks like a steamroller on offense. At the very least, I can't imagine that DeBoer will punt on 4th and 10 down 8 with 1:59 left like Jimmy Lake did last year ... causing a weird mix of confusion and disgust for husky fans.
  6. row Z

    OS v. UW

    That game almost gave me an aneurysm.
  7. row Z

    OS v. UW

    so stupid i had to share. I do like beavers though. Cool animal.
  8. row Z

    OS v. UW

    Not to my knowledge. If anything, i think the new upper deck on the south side allows more wind through. Wilner and Canzano are both picking the Beavers to win. Canzano says 27-24 Beavs. Wilner says 23-16 Beavs.
  9. row Z

    OS v. UW

    The weather will likely be a factor: 90% chance of rain, and wind gusting up to 40 mph. The Beavs are mostly a running offense, so that might be the advantage they need. Very watchable game in any event.
  10. I would guess Autzen will match the Utah crowd for the UCLA game, and possibly for UW and Utah if Oregon keeps winning.
  11. I would like to formally tip my cap to the Utah program for an amazing win last night. Rising had me out of my seat yelling at the tv. The atmosphere in the stadium was 💯.
  12. very good summary of that tweet.
  13. I feel you. Memorial Stadium could be converted to a community vegetable garden, with solar panels around the perimeter.
  14. totally. Just plug in this bad boy at the office of the home team, visiting team can view by zoom, Pac12 official is present to administer the rules. Can we have a deal with Amazon now?
  15. You mean Kliavkoff? Isn't he just pointing out that the UC system has a stated objective of reversing climate change? I think that is fair for him to point out, and a laudable objective for the UC system.
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