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  1. i will be watching this one. 🍿
  2. row Z

    NFL 2022

    well said. 👏
  3. row Z

    NFL 2022

    I don't. 🤷‍♂️
  4. row Z

    NFL 2022

    AFC west is going to be a bloodbath. I am not betting on the Raiders with Carr. It will be Chargers or Chiefs, and i like the Chargers' momentum.
  5. row Z

    NFL 2021

    It was time to blow it up. The seahawks have been sinking slowly for years. It was not going to come together again with Russ' giant contract. He was the best QB we have ever had, but I wish him well and hope he has success with the Broncos. I am looking forward to the rebuild. Personally, i would have shit--canned Pete and Schneider as well, making me a sort of seahawk anarchist i suppose. Bring the chaos and then rebuild. Besides, we have Jacob Eason, so everybody relax.
  6. row Z

    NFL 2021

    3 huskies were on this Rams team: Greg Gaines, Taylor Rapp, and OL Coleman Shelton. I believe Gaines and Rapp started and played a significant number of snaps.
  7. I wonder if Jones and Dye were aware that they were landing at the same program.
  8. Seems like a very good pickup for AZ. De Laura was my favorite Pac12 QB this past season. He looked really good shredding the huskies.
  9. row Z

    NFL 2021

    Charger defense kind of sucks. And, i think their play calling leaves something to be desired.
  10. row Z

    NFL 2021

    I dunno. I want to like Huntley, but he looks like a major project. By the way, Herbert balled out again tonight. How many 4th downs did he convert in the 4th quarter? Amazing. Would have liked to see him in the playoffs.
  11. Joey Harrington on the identity of Oregon football ...
  12. If all of the other teams have "coffee cups," is Tosh still a stand out recruiter? I guess we'll find out.
  13. https://www.oregonlive.com/sports/john_canzano/2021/12/canzano-ex-oregon-ducks-greats-wrote-letter-to-ad-rob-mullens-worried-about-programs-lost-identity.html Pretty interesting article about the letter 14 prominent former duck players wrote to Mullens advocating for a hire "within the Oregon family," in part because of concern about the program losing its identity.
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