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  1. I feel you. Memorial Stadium could be converted to a community vegetable garden, with solar panels around the perimeter.
  2. totally. Just plug in this bad boy at the office of the home team, visiting team can view by zoom, Pac12 official is present to administer the rules. Can we have a deal with Amazon now?
  3. You mean Kliavkoff? Isn't he just pointing out that the UC system has a stated objective of reversing climate change? I think that is fair for him to point out, and a laudable objective for the UC system.
  4. Canzano and Wilner interviewed Kliavkoff on episode 8 of their new podcast. Most interesting points: 1) Kliavkoff thinks UCLA will lose money on a move to the B1G due to the increase in travel costs; 2) he doesn't think any other teams are leaving; and 3) he has not given up on UCLA changing their minds and staying in the Pac.
  5. Man, can anyone watch that game? Even UCLA fans?
  6. I think these are all pretty watchable games, actually. But, if both OSU and USC are undefeated going in to that game, i would put it at number 1, with Oregon/WSU number 2, then Stanford/UW, and Utah/ASU last.
  7. Same thing is happening to the Salton Sea, south of Palm Springs. The lake is drying up, and the lake bed has toxic elements in the dust, that blows all over Imperial County. It can actually blow all the way to San Diego on some occasions. No easy solution, not a good deal. Same with Owens Lake as well. Have a nice evening!
  8. row Z

    Week One

    He moved to the top of my draft list for the Seahawks.
  9. don't do that, Beavs. I want a reason to believe in Smith's rebuild.
  10. I can b I can believe that. So lame if true.
  11. Wonder if Oregon's win over the buckeyes last year played a roll in their vote against expansion.
  12. Personally, i would really prefer an outcome where Utah was in the same conference with UW. I have enjoyed what the Utes have added. Good football and good fan culture in an interesting state.
  13. Oregon has initiated preliminary discussions with the Big Ten in Chicago to determine if the Ducks are compatible in the conference, sources told Action Network. Outgoing University of Oregon President Michael Shill, Oregon AD Rob Mullens and Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren were not involved in the discussions in Chicago, another source said. https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/oregon-big-ten-preliminary-expansion-discussions?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=BrettMcMurphy
  14. Thanks for the link, Sc. Here are another couple of intriguing sentences from the article: Last month, Action Network reported the Big Ten would expand beyond 16 schools and was targeting Notre Dame, along with Oregon, Washington, Stanford and Cal from the Pac-12. Those plans have not changed, sources said this week. Regardless of whether Notre Dame joins the Big Ten or remains independent, the league still wants to add more Pac-12 schools to help reduce potential travel concerns for USC and UCLA, sources said.
  15. Do you know what it says? Any clues about who/what/when expansion would occur?
  16. Fair point. Also, while Newsom could win some points with Washington and Oregon voters if he agitated for UW/OR/Cal/Stan membership in the B1G, those states are already solidly blue anyway, so probably not much upside to doing that.
  17. I would swap the percentages for scenarios 2 and 3 ... 35% chance of UCLA leaving but required to share some of the payout to Cal, and 20% (or less) chance of an invitation to Cal. Newsom would have to throw his weight around with Fox Sports and the B1G to get Cal an invitation, which is certainly possible but does not seem likely to me.
  18. I thought this article was a good summary of the regents meeting yesterday, and analysis of possible outcomes. https://writeforcalifornia.com/p/uc-regents-ucla-cal-big-ten-meeting
  19. Number 4 ... very nice. That is some legitimate respect. I don't know your team in detail, but my initial reaction is that ranking has been earned based on what Whittingham has built steadily over his tenure more than this particular roster. But, i think they belong in the top 10 for sure, and might very well be good enough to be number 4. This creates more buzz for the opener against Florida in any event.
  20. Man, if you believe half of MHver3's twitter feed, there are some wild negotiations going on right now that are not in the press. I actually stopped following him, thinking it was mostly bs. I have no clue though.
  21. Personally, i would extend an offer to SDSU and feel good about it.
  22. I get it. He's as stunned as the rest of us, and UCLA leaving will effect the entire UC system, including Cal's ability to pay off its stadium renovation. It will be really interesting to see how this plays out. Newsom is not afraid of bold action.
  23. Fair enough. I can't vouch for @MHver3, and he may well be a troll, but the rumors he is trafficking in seem to line up with some other smoke about ND preferring Stanford as their partner.
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