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  1. And they're all among the worst transfers Altman has ever landed.
  2. Starting center is out for Oregon and two other starting OL are game time decisions. This is going to be a 49-3 type of game. Oregon's season is over.
  3. That's ridiculous, no offense. Oregon is now the worst team in the conference. They're going to lose out without Bo. Hutson confirmed today that Bo is "down".
  4. “Ty is a good player — a great quarterback. Very smart. I can’t wait to see him out there ready to go.” Sophomore receiver Dont’e Thornton offered a similar sentiment when asked about Thompson and Butterfield. “I’m 100% confident in both of those quarterbacks,” Thornton said. “Last year, Ty threw me my first touchdown. From that moment on, I’ve always been confident in Ty. I’ve had confidence in Jay since I’ve been here.” BLOODBATH
  5. He's a head up his ass Alabama fan.
  6. People in La Grande love them some PSU basketball!
  7. dtd

    UW @ Oregon

    UW can win the game. Oregon's defense is trash. The Ducks will probably win but the doom and gloom in Seattle is sandbagging.
  8. Not directed at you, but it's pretty disingenuous to site the Auburn affiliate and pass it off as if it's from SI.
  9. dtd

    Week 10

    omg dtr, I thought he was going to go for a second hurdle.
  10. dtd

    OS v. UW

    One of the worst games I've ever seen. Sorry @Orange y'all should have won that one. Just gross.
  11. George Kliavkoff furiously googling Gonzaga.
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