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  1. dtd

    Week 4

    Go Beavs!
  2. dtd

    Week 4

    Oregon fucking suuuuucks. Why is it no matter the talent and no matter the coaching our defense is always a disaster? The offense you can somewhat blame on youth and a TE playing QB, but yikes, every year it's the same with the D.
  3. These are facts: The SEC is a better conference. Historically, the SEC plays more home games than any other conference. The Pac-12 plays more road games than any other conference. The 9 game conference schedule guarantees another 6 losses for the conference. You can't make this shit up. Alabama has played 4 road games NINE times in the last 10 years. 41 road games in 10 years. Oregon has played FIFTY. You think that shit doesn't add up? You think it doesn't impact preseason rankings? You think it doesn't impact the entire perception of both conferences? And while Oregon is at Utah in late November, Alabama is hosting New Mexico State. Wouldn't we all love a 2nd bye in November? Say the SEC does a better job or this or that, or has better fans, or whatever, but fucking keep it real. They have it on EZ MODE. Here's Alabama's 3rd week in November game the last few years: NMSU Chatanooga x2 Western Carolina x3 Citadel Mercer Charleston Georgia Southern x2 The same weekend, every year, while the Pac-12 is going 6-6 in conference.
  4. dtd

    Week 3

    @Orange You want to take this one?
  5. dtd

    PAC12 CFP Hopes

    Also, the Pac has two ranked non conference wins. Basically your post is wrong in every facet. Why do we even bother with this troll?
  6. dtd

    Week 3

    What in the world was with that 2nd timeout? Also UA lost? JFC!
  7. dtd

    Week 3

    How is that a catch?
  8. dtd

    Week 3

    I really hate DTR.
  9. dtd

    Week 3

    Dart's a baller, love it.
  10. dtd

    Week 3

    The worst thing that can happen to a team is to lose the starting QB during a game. Even if it happens the day before you have SOME time to throw shit together. See: TAMU last week. See: Oregon/TCU Alamo bowl, etc, etc.
  11. dtd

    Week 3

    UW has a historically bad offense. Colorado: Hold muh beer.
  12. dtd

    Week 2

    Hell, Stanford might be the best team in the conference.
  13. dtd

    Week 2

    Most yards CU has gained in one play in 2 games.
  14. dtd

    Week 2

    Buffs suuuuuck.
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