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  1. No, that's exactly my point. And this isn't how most apply whataboutism. This isn't a logical fallacy. People are fucking fake, pouring out their condolences to make themselves feel like they've done something. "thoughts and prayers", fuck off(not you, you're awesome). I don't understand why I'm misunderstood here. Yes, it's a CFB forum, which is my point. Nobody would care otherwise because there's no single mothers with lymphoma board. When did keeping it real become anathema? He came from a relatively well to do white family in america, and was a big strong athlete, and that's why people care. That's fucked up, we should care about the people who are the exact opposite.
  2. Our priorities are wrong. Off the top of your head, name a single person killed in the last mass shooting in this country. You can't. Wait, name the last mass shooting! This here is only a thing because football. He's getting a memorial that will be watched by thousands on youtube, and a helmet sticker, he'll be mentioned all year long during broadcasts. Some single parent just died of cancer. Where's her fucking helmet sticker? I said it was sad, I expressed my condolences to, you know, his actual loved ones. He didn't get killed sitting at his desk in Texas learning fractions, he didn't get rear-ended by Henry Ruggs, he was fucking CLIFF DIVING, and the only reason anyone here pretends to care is because sportsball. Y'all fake as hell.
  3. Exactly. You only care about the people you hear about.
  4. lol what? John still baiting for clicks.
  5. A thoughtful and thought provoking point.
  6. 200k people die every day but we pretend this one is more important for reasons. Condolences to his loved ones, it's a shame, and very sad, but if he hadn't been the #1 ranked TE in Cali 4 years ago nobody would care.
  7. How do research dollars win football games? The whole sentiment that it's about academics has always been a lie. If Oregon hadn't had OHSU stolen from them, and had been allowed to create an engineering program, they'd be UW academically. Also, the difference between 80th and 120th is next to nothing. One has 27.7 students per faculty and another has 28.1 GTFO. If you're a top 120 U in the nation you're a very good school. Also, we just lump every major together while ignoring what actual candidates want: their chosen m├ętier. IDGAF about USC film school if I want to learn about mining technology or animal husbandry. Stanford has a 12 billion dollar endowment built from the slave labor of immigrants so they could win President's Cups with 47 sports nobody else has. FFS.
  8. None. Utter desperation. They want people to think they're doing something and that we aren't now completely helpless.
  9. This is stupid. It's an athletic association. Tying WSU and OS to UW and UO could sink any chance UW and UO have of remaining one of the big boys. It's a lose lose.
  10. Yeah, let's throw away even more revenue generated by games with the socal teams. That makes perfect sense, losing even more money will make the remaining teams stronger! FFS people are stupid.
  11. Meanwhile, the world burns.
  12. This is so stupid. Enjoy 9am games in New Jersey.
  13. Total disaster for the conference.
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