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  1. UCLA is 25th in QBR D, Oregon is 116th. Down the line it's like that. YPA 18/109 Comp % 65/129 Total 53/125 Overall YPP 14/108 3rd down: 62/128 RZ score % 102/117 RZ TD % 63/130 TFL 52/83 Sacks 24/80 Total D 20/79 And the rankings don't really tell the story. The difference between Oregon and UCLA on most of those is the same as UCLA and if there were 50 more teams ranked ahead of the Bruins. The only reason the total D isn't worse is because the offense has done a decent job controlling the clock. Imagine how bad the D would be if the Ducks didn't have a good offense. Oregon's D is Don Pellum garbo.
  2. Conference has picked up some 4 star DL now, but still zero 4 star OL among any of the 12 teams. this_is_fine.jpeg
  3. They have a legitimately good passing game. Oregon has the worst pass defense in the conference. Shout out to Arizona.
  4. This probably should be looked into, not an OSU issue, but afaik the rule is that you can't play music/noise through the PA when/after teams have huddled, but nobody huddles anymore.
  5. lolol, I checked all the other teams but those. Actually I did BYU but I didn't count Oregon as a top 15, haha.
  6. I get it, I just don't think beating 13-1 Louisiana or 10-4 Iowa should be the same as beating 1-11 Arizona. /shrug
  7. Which is crazy considering half the seats are gone atm.
  8. I find FCS/midmajor opponent ranked 16-25 (AP) and unranked FCS opponent to not make sense. FBS and FCS teams aren't ranked in the same poll. There will never be an FCS team that is ranked. Also, I find treating the 16th ranked team in the nation the same as the worst P5 team in the nation for win credit to be off-putting. Oregon gets 1.5 points for beating #19 BYU and UCLA gets 1.5 points for beating the worst P5 team in the nation in CU? I know it's a simple ranking but we're talking about something that could literally have two team separated by 100 ranks if we did 1-130 having the same value. Oregon's total should be (0-.5+.75+1.5+1.5)/4 = .8125.
  9. Easier if you grab them by their jersey as they run by you first so you can tackle them from behind.
  10. How is Nick Aliotti a television personality?
  11. Oregon's OL has been great but the team gives up an insane amount of TFL.
  12. Smith could be the best coach in the conference, or at least the best fit with his program. There, now the Beavs are doomed.
  13. Riley outsmarting himself on offense right now, just run the damn ball. Go Beavs.
  14. I'm not sure I've ever seen a team get away with more OPI on screen passes than WSU. I know they can block if the throw is behind the LOS, but yikes. They had corners and safeties locked up 10 yards down field before the ball even left Ward's hand half a dozen times.
  15. I'd be upset too if I spent 60k a year to watch UCLA football. That's a lot of hot dogs.
  16. They're probably intelligent and well adjusted, not having been brainwashed by a cult as a 2 year old.
  17. Bummer, another chance to find an actual coach for the comatose giant.
  18. dtd

    PAC12 v SEC

    The problem here is that you're either an idiot, or playing dumb. I can excuse just being stupid, but ignoring reality or being willfully ignorant is shameful behavior. You probably think Lincoln was a modern day republican because those were the letters used to spell the name of the political party he belonged to.
  19. Penix might be the best player in the conference.
  20. So glad the beavs won and I never have to listen to that crew again!
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