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  1. We're still almost 2 hours away from the Apple Cup kickoff! PAC-12 After everyone else goes to bed.
  2. USC gets their rematch with a Washington win.
  3. https://pac-12.com/article/2022/11/24/how-oregon-utah-or-washington-can-clinch-date-usc-2022-pac-12-football Oregon needs... A win over Oregon State OR a loss by Washington to secure its spot in the FCG. Should Oregon beat OSU, it would be the home team against USC. Washington needs... A win over Washington State AND an Oregon State win AND a Cal win over UCLA OR both a UCLA win over Cal AND a Colorado win over Utah. Utah needs... A win over Colorado AND an Oregon State win over Oregon AND a Washington win over Washington State (to create a 3-way tie at 7-2) AND a UCLA win over Cal to give the Utes the tiebreaker over Oregon and Washington. Utah would win the three-team tiebreaker due to its strength of conference record. A Cal win over UCLA on Friday would eliminate the Utes before they take the field Saturday vs. the Buffaloes.
  4. Washington Needs Colorado to beat Utah along with an Oregon loss. I think Utah needs Washington and Oregon St to win. along with beating Colorado.
  5. I think we bring back something in the neighborhood of 18-19 starters.
  6. The semi's in Maui is a preview of the sweet 16.
  7. All idiots are boring.
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