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    He has all the mental agility of a small soap dish.
  2. azgreg

    MLB 2023

    Damn, free agent pitchers are expensive.
  3. By the way, Arizona is the only team in the country with both football and basketball in the top 15.
  4. Oklahoma's QB in the portal and Arizona moves to a 3.5 point favorite.
  5. 10-0 Michigan. That should be enough.
  6. Look at you posting on the interwebs with that extra chromosome. You go girl!
  7. Glad I deleted the betting apps from my phone.
  8. As long as Fisch and his Servite buddies are at Arizona he ain't going anywhere.
  9. if I were mayor I'd never bid for the Olympics. The Olympics fuck over every city they inhabit.
  10. Interesting side note on the Territorial Cup. With the win Arizona finished with a 23-22-1 record over ASU in the PAC-10/12 era. However, they will always have the Rose Bowl over us. Oh well.
  11. pretty busy in the cousin fucking world I take it.
  12. I thought you sold that to Jeff?
  13. This is so weird watching a game hours after ours has ended.
  14. What about a Big XII board?
  15. I don't care how banged up Utah is, beating Utah is a big deal for Arizona.
  16. That's a way to start a game.
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