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  1. And they apparently don’t want any part of oregon. It’s….bizarre.
  2. Another “source” too. Every other person on twitter seems to have an inside source.
  3. If true (who knows, lots of “sources”) this seems like a really big deal. Seems like the only option is a merger with b12? Also be pretty surprised to see the ducks and huskies not eventually in the big, makes too much sense.
  4. What’s up guys? Anything going on?
  5. Lol, fair enough. At least it’s not cheating now.
  6. Sports are certainly unique. Ideally there are rules in place to promote some sense of a level playing field. At the moment ncaa football is the Wild West.
  7. That just seems gross to me for some reason.
  8. I’m in sc. thanks for running this.
  9. Essentially nothing is being done…..again. I wanted to be optimistic but am getting to your side.
  10. I’ve not seen the budget, 6b is staggering. I know plenty are for things that are sunk costs (pension, salary, etc) but wow.
  11. Good luck with that with adams. He appears to not be terribly progressive….and that is maybe kind.
  12. This is just terrifying. The fact that people remotely buy into this nonsense. Everything is a conspiracy unless it’s something they like. You have to work really hard to get to that type of thought.
  13. Why don’t you just get them all right? Then you don’t have to worry about points. you are welcome.
  14. Well I better capitalize before next weeks 0fer.
  15. For $89.99 per month I am willing to give you my triple hammer fire locks of the week!
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