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  1. Lol, fair enough. At least it’s not cheating now.
  2. Sports are certainly unique. Ideally there are rules in place to promote some sense of a level playing field. At the moment ncaa football is the Wild West.
  3. That just seems gross to me for some reason.
  4. Blackmon is apparently visiting the Utes. He’s a good get if he commits to Utah.
  5. I have mixed emotions. I think that’s the only way it gets done, and there should be some reward for winning the conference. That said, it’s in the realm of possibility a conf champ is not even top 10. Would they really deserve a spot?
  6. I’d love to see 8. At some point it gets too watered down.
  7. This was an eyebrow raiser. Was this at all expected?
  8. You were right on. Even though expansion is popular, cfb continues to move at a glacial pace. It’s ridiculous.
  9. Man, talking about throwing away opportunities.
  10. I still, even with everything going on, would say that’s a bit early. CU has much deeper problems. It’s hard to succeed here unfortunately.
  11. To an extent. It’s not like they will be running the wishbone. I would be more concerned over the lack of qb development, but that may get better with a new staff. Almost literally can’t get worse.
  12. A few soon to be former buffs out there that can play sadly. Rice is expected to decide in the next day or two. Not sure on Blackmon.
  13. CRBuff

    Week 5

    A&M was wildly overrated……again. That said, the cu offense is a real mess and not getting a lot better. I know SC is not having a great year, but Id honestly be shocked if cu won. It’s a get right game for sc.
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