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  1. CRBuff

    Week 5

    A&M was wildly overrated……again. That said, the cu offense is a real mess and not getting a lot better. I know SC is not having a great year, but Id honestly be shocked if cu won. It’s a get right game for sc.
  2. CRBuff

    Week 5

    I’m not sure which cu team you are seeing. They couldn’t score in a whore house with a fistful of dollars. We have a young qb struggling behind an oline that has a new 5 every game. Take sc and give the points all day.
  3. CRBuff

    Week 3

    Not if we have anything to say about it!
  4. I like stoops, and of course am partial to EB.
  5. Once they kept him this year I am surprised he got the hook after two games. Boosters must have finally put their foot down.
  6. I’d be shocked if Meyer leaves Jacksonville already (even though they may be a mess). SC will be just fine, I’m envious of the resources.
  7. https://twitter.com/brianhowell33/status/1437525944692994066?s=21
  8. I’d like to donate to keep him for a few years.
  9. CRBuff

    Week 2

    Not sure on if they win or not. That A&M d is really, really good. I am not sure Noyer wouldn’t have won the job, however he had two quarterbacks to compete with. Unfortunately JT Shrout (transfer from Tenn) blew his knee out in practice. Our osding offense is anemic, I just am not sure if it is the OC or Lewis. You just have to throw the ball downfield once in a while….especially when the D is playing well. I am ok with the 12th year senior moving on, however would like to see the freshman push the ball.
  10. CRBuff

    Week 2

    Agreed (although can’t comment on the cousin part). There is plenty to do down there. CFB just matters more down there, it’s ingrained deep in the culture. It’s just not important out here.
  11. CRBuff

    Week 1

    Colorado was mediocre at best last night. To be fair, there was zero creativity or aggressiveness. Almost no blitzing or downfield throws. The first is clearly game plan. The second we will see. Lewis seemed to hold the ball forever. Against unc that’s ok, against a&m it will get him killed. Trying not to overreact too much to a 28 point win, but the eyes good a different story.
  12. Like CU! The ducks may hang 100 on the buffs.
  13. I’m in sc. thanks for running this.
  14. 6-6. The buffs are getting deeper, but a young qb will make things tough. Line play should be just ok, but skill positions are fairly deep. Oh, and the schedule is pretty tough. Not the year for that. The pessimist in me says 5-7, but I’m going with 6-6.
  15. Essentially nothing is being done…..again. I wanted to be optimistic but am getting to your side.
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