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  1. I would not take Baylor over Utah. A very pedestrian Boise team "Beat" Oklahoma State (the game winning TD was called back, officials apologized). Every computer had the MWC above the AAC this year, so no I would not take Houston over USU either.
  2. That is all. Utah, BYU and USU, no state has 3 teams that caliber this year in football. Utah high school athletics are per capita just fucking crazy good, too. One of the nations most beautiful states, is also maybe the nations most kick ass state. Utah kids are tough. Shove your Mormon jokes up yer butts.
  3. I totally get your point, but the MWC is not the MAC or Sun Belt. They don't have programs with all the things going for them that Boise, SDSU and Fresno have. They just do not. The AAC has had similar dialogue with the ACC before, because outside Clemson the two conferences have been fairly similar on the field.
  4. He got beat by people, mostly democrats, who are smarter than him. MWCboard is a different beast, I usually recommend people hang and lurk for a bit before jumping into OT
  5. Computers disagree. We know USU is better than WSU. We know Fresno is better than UCLA. We know SDSU is better than Utah and Arizona State. And Oregon is Boise's bitch so we can probably assume they would lose to Boise. In fact, the Massey composite shows the Pac 12 is closer to the MWC than they are any of the Power 4 conferences (ACC being closest).
  6. I said top (not top half) and middle, and in a separate post top half. MWC, prior to yesterday of course, had every single one of it's top half teams in the top 50. Pac has proven on the field they are better than the worst teams in the MWC. The MWC has proven on the field they are better than the best teams in the Pac. And of course home games were not equally distributed.
  7. No regular here but wasn't it established HLB is an OOC troll from back East? Catch me up if I am wrong. I am your MWC troll (who deep down wants to be friends but it's hard making friends with ghosts, and this place is full of em. Wake up!!!)
  8. Too new to their respective jobs. WSU raided Wyoming's defensive coaches 2 years back and struck gold it seems. I expect to see 4-5 MWC coaches head on to bigger gigs in the next 3-4 years.
  9. Pac 12 is far and away my second favorite conference. Utah, Oregon State, WSU and Stanford are my 4 favorite non MWC teams. Just trying to have some fun. P12 clearly has better athletes across the board, I think MWC has better coaching. Hence why the top half of each conference is similar in computer metrics slight edge to MWC, with the P12 being far superior at the bottom half.
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