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  1. Oregon, USC, and Utah had good recruiting classes. @OrangeI see that #56 Oregon State picked up a lot of 3-stars and one 4-star. I also see that they poached California for four 3-star players and 1-four star player. Is that what you meant by saying that the Beavers continually snag California talent?
  2. The B1G's TV contracts are already secured and the amount of money they earn from television has no bearing on what games will be scheduled, when. Their payment is already secured with the flat rate contract(s) with networks. The only organization(s) that may profit from scheduling games for TV are the TV networks who will look to earn back the money they've paid to the B1G for TV rights (and more), through advertisement sales (which is based on viewership). That why so many game times of game that are televised are determined by the networks, and are adjusted as the season goes along, to ensure the more compelling game times what they view as the best peak times to attract viewers.
  3. So are you trying to "cover" your words by saying all of your statements are sarcasm? Is this sarcasm? Is this sarcasm? Is this sarcasm? You and @Orangeare the perfect examples of why the mothers of some animals eat their young.
  4. I don't know who you are, @Aztecgolferbut I'm glad you have and I have style, as opposed to being like @Orangewho has no style and doesn't know how to do anything by try and boost his low self-esteem by expressing his insecurities by trying to belittle anyone that doesn't agree with him in every possible way.
  5. Looks like Urban Meyer agrees with me. Urban Meyer Names 1 Team He's Watching Closely In 2023 (msn.com)
  6. Show me where I've made these exact statements. Just another liberal embellishment of facts.
  7. You know you enjoy me being here. Without me, who else would you get to make your childish, profanity-laced rants at?
  8. Never said I had several high-level degrees. Never said I had high-level degrees in psychology. Never said I was an expert on mental health. Never said doctors come to me for advice. Never said a book was being published or coming out soon (comprehend that writing a book and having a book published are two different things). ALL of these statements are examples of someone who is insecure and fabricating false claims in order to make themselves feel superior over someone else. (You don't have to have a high-level degree in psychology to comprehend one of the most basic and fundamental aspects of insecurity of an individual). It's fairly basic psychology that insecurity is tearing others down for the purpose of building one's own self-worth. If you tear everyone else down, who is left standing? You are–and it makes you feel superior to everyone else. FROM: It’s Not You: How To Deal With Insecure People | BetterHelp "Insecurity can manifest as things like jealousy, clinginess, approval-seeking behaviors, avoidance, bragging, competitiveness, guilt-tripping, bullying, and aggression towards others." Everything in that definition fits @Orange who is bent on seeking the approval of others, by bragging, demonstrating competitiveness, bullying and showing aggression towards others. He exhibits these behaviors daily. He can't help himself. Case in point, whenever I post, respond or write something on these threads, I can always count on two people to respond: @Orangeand @utenation. You can't help yourselves. Your behaviors exhibit insecurities where you aim to bully and belittle. You can't refrain from responding to the things I write. You have to have the last word, call me names and embellish (just as you did in this response). Your behaviors also hint at jealousy. You can't stand me, and yet you don't even know me. I'm actually quite popular, well liked, and considered a very nice person. But your insecurities won't allow you to see that. I don't consider either one of you as "adults" on these threads. And there are several on these threads who I do think of as being an adult.
  9. According to this (The Best and Worst States for Education 2022 - Intelligent) January 2022 story, all three of those states rank higher than Oregon.
  10. Not at all. I haven't torn teams and/or players down. In fact, I've talked honestly about teams and players. I've complemented players, coaches and teams (including your Beavers). The biggest condescending name caller on these threads is you (as everyone on here can acknowledge). I have spoken truthfully and honestly about players, teams and the PAC12 - both good and bad.
  11. Your insecurities are showing. People who are insecure aim to tear others down in order to feel better about themselves. If fabricating childish claims makes you feel better about yourself, then I would suggest counseling for you. It must be frustrating to know that there is no one in the PAC12 - especially Arizona - that can break this trend.
  12. Your insecurities are showing. People who are insecure aim to tear others down in order to feel better about themselves. If fabricating childish, baseless claims makes you feel better about yourself, then I would suggest counseling.
  13. Sixteen of the last seventeen CFB National Champions have come from within the red circle, in the attached picture. Will that change anytime soon?
  14. Last four seasons, Shaw was 4-8, 4-2, 3-9 and 3-9. Not sure how much further "down" Stanford can possibly go, after those four seasons. And they would have probably gone down even further, had Shaw not done them a favor, by resigning. Stanford doesn't want new blood (they didn't fire Shaw). They just want a new HC (because Shaw forced them to need a new HC, when he resigned). What they want is a HC who they believe can win football games.
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