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  1. My apologies regarding Colgate. I was thinking of Cornell. That being said, like the Ivy League, the Patriot League is an FCS level program, and the point remains the same. Secondly, your "I hate BAMA slip" is showing. You are speculating that BAMA would have lost if Ewers had not gotten injured. You don't know that for fact. I can point to factors that would suggest that BAMA should have and could have won by 3 TDs. But woulda, coulda and shoulda mean nothing. In the end, they won. Third, Oklahoma lost to K-State, and imo, will lose again. Conference games are where most upsets take place. It's not easy to go undefeated in conference play. And Tulane has losses coming their way, too. Third, Ohio State struggled with Notre Dame, who lost to Marshall (who just lost to Troy), and who has not performed very well, overall. I don't think Ohio State has faced a difficult opponent and will lose twice before season is over. Clemson won in OT against a decent team, in their conference. Again, conference games tend to be more difficult to win and is where upsets are more likely to occur. In the end, Clemson won. "Kentucky only won by one score vs. NIU". UK was up by two scores with 3 minutes left. NIU played well, but UK set the pace throughout, and there was never a real threat of them losing. At the end of the day, UK won. My primary point is that the PAC12 - in most years - does not perform well in OOC play. This year, each "signature win" (Wisconsin and Michigan State) came against teams that are proving to not be good. Oregon's win over Ohio State (2021) was and exception, and good, but in the end, Ohio State couldn't win their conference. Georgia is the cream. BAMA is very good (don't let the Texas game mislead you), but I think UGA is better. Ohio State is good, but very beatable when facing a quality opponent - which they have not faced this year. My Final Four CFP prediction is Georgia, BAMA, Clemson or Michigan, and USC. I think UGA drills USC, and BAMA beats Clemson or Michigan, setting up a third UGA-BAMA NCG, with UGA repeating.
  2. Agreed that there are more good teams at the top of the conference, but I'm hesitant to call them "very good" teams. Utah did lose to Florida, who has lost to Kentucky and Tennessee, with games against LSU, Georgia, TXA&M and FSU remaining. As a barometer of the PAC12's "very good teams", Utah lost to a Florida team that will lose at least five games on the season. Washington State beat a Wisconsin team that was just drilled by Ohio State, in a 30-point loss that could have easily been 50. Wisconsin doesn't have a daunting schedule and will lose at least three more. Oregon was destroyed by Georgia, who could have easily put up 70-plus points, had Georgia not pulled the starters midway through the 3rd quarter. Washington comfortably thumped Michigan State, who was easily defeated at home, by Minnesota, and who might struggle to become bowl eligible. Cal lost to a ND team that looks to be fairly average. Undefeated UCLA didn't play a P5 OOC opponent. I expect USC to beat ND, although ND doesn't appear to be overly strong. Oregon State didn't play a P5 OOC opponent. Arizona lost to Mississippi State in OOC play. ASU lost to OK State and EMU, in OOC play. Colorado has lost to everyone, including three bad defeats against P5 OOC opponents. And Stanford's only win is against an IVY league school, with P5 OOC losses to ND and BYU, yet to come. Play within the conference is tighter, and at least 6 of the PAC12 teams are good, and present some entertaining and close games. However, I think the OOC results show that the conference - while improved - has yet to show that they have a team that would fall into the "very good" category, who can compete with the top teams of CFB. I believe USC has a chance to reach that level, with Lincoln Riley - a coach that knows what it takes to be at the level of today's upper crust - as their HC. That being said, any matchup between Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, USC and Utah will be some hard fought, exciting and enjoyable games to watch. I'm not sold on UCLA, nor Cal, as being among this group. It's going to be fun, to see how things are going to fall out between the six teams I mentioned. I'm impressed with Oregon State (given their history to not perform well, but to now perform well) and I really like the play of Washington, and their QB. Oregon fans will experience "Good Bo" and "Bad Bo", understand the frustrations that Auburn fans had with him, and why they wanted him to move on. I think UW, USC and Utah will vie for the conference title. Because of Lincoln Riley, I think USC will prevail and represent the PAC12 in the CFP .... Just my opinion.
  3. Never been to South Carolina for a game, where they are one of the few teams, from the conferences I mentioned, that has struggled to sell out with any regularity. Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Missouri come to mind as other SEC programs that have a history not regularly selling out the majority of their games. But you don't see that as a problem at an overwhelming majority of teams in the conferences I mentioned. For one of a P5 conference's cornerstone teams, like UCLA, to have to resort to garnering assistance from a grocery store, gas station or department store, to sell tickets, is an indictment of how far the program has fallen, and as to how far the conference has fallen, where most PAC12 teams fail to fill their stadiums with any regularity.
  4. I don't see UCLA beating UW. Washington is a much better team.
  5. My Bad. I meant the Huskies. I fixed it.
  6. Some interesting matchups in Week Five, as teams are beginning to become more identifiable, and the Top-to-Bottom hierarchy is taking shape. Projected winners are listed in bold. Washington @ UCLA - Biggest test of the year for the Huskies, and they will easily pass. (42-30) Oregon State @ Utah - PAC12 Game of the Week (imo). In the end, the Utes will overcome a valiant effort from the Beavers. (23-20) Stanford @ Oregon - Look for the Ducks, and Bo Nix, to stand tall among the trees. (41-23) Colorado @ Arizona - The Wildcats will officially hand over the baton as the worst team in the PAC12, when they take down the Buffalos. (34-17) California @ Washington State - Wazzu bounces back from a tough loss and won't let this win get away. (44-27) AZ State @ USC - USC didn't play to Lincoln Riley's expectations last weekend, and you can be sure that the Trojans will encounter a week of practice that will be more spirited and physical. This isn't good for the Sun Devils. (62-20) Enjoy the games!
  7. Last Sunday I asked if Herm Edwards would be around in 2 more weeks. Turns out he wasn't going to be around for a two more hours. It was the right move. Looking at my predictions .... UCLA @ Colorado .... (41-13) .... (45-17, UCLA) HIT! In fact, almost a direct hit. UCLA would have had to miss the plane in order to lose this game. Oregon @ Wazzu .... (38-33) .... (44-41, Oregon) HIT! A game that Oregon desperately tried to give away, and that Wazzu gave back in the final four minutes. Arizona @ California .... (27-20) .... (49-31, Cal) HIT! The surprise in this game was that Arizona was able to score 31 points. S-L-O-W-L-Y Arizona is improving from where they were a year ago. USC @ Oregon State .... (52-38) .... (17-14, USC) HIT! I was impressed with Oregon State. A much-improved team from recent years. What I didn't expect was a defensive struggle. I expected much more offense, particularly from USC. Credit OSU for slowing USC's offense down, and almost leading OSU to a win. Utah @ AZ State .... (41-17) .... (34-14, Utah) HIT! ASU put up a decent fight, given the circumstances. Edwards needed to be let go a year ago. Hopefully the alleged recruiting violations won't set them back any further, and they can start to improve. Stanford @ Washington .... (48-24) .... (40-22, Washington) HIT! Stanford is average, and UDubb is well above average. The Cougars won't be tested until the month of November.
  8. I think Oregon wins a close one. And Arkansas will beat TXA&M. Upset of the Week: James Madison over Appalachian State.
  9. Noted you don't deny being the carpet that is eating the turd
  10. A large portion of talent, from the state of California, is going to schools in the East, not to schools in the West. Oregon is the least of USC's recruiting concerns.
  11. "... and it a perfectionist when it comes to writing ...."
  12. It's just symbolic of the fact that people in L.A. could care less about college football and seem to prefer other forms of entertainment. I hope that the jump to the B1G re-ignites the fan base.
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