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  1. I miss the days when Utah was a national power, with Rick Majerus at the helm. They were fun to watch.
  2. That "very pedestrian Boise State team" - DID - beat Utah State and BYU, two teams you are thumping your chest over.
  3. Just addressing someone's comment about the SEC in bowl games. How did the PAC12 do? Same as last year? More painful is that they did as well as they're going to do next year. We're officially just under 9 months before the 2022 CFB season kicks off, and the PAC-12 is already 16-20 in OOC play, and on the outside looking in for a chance in the CFP.
  4. The only thing necessary to keep SEC teams out of the playoffs, is to beat those teams during the regular season. Don't blame the committee because other teams can't beat certain teams, during the regular season.
  5. You're clueless. Two completely different sports, and in no way can be compared as the same. How many #13, 14, 15 or 16 seeds have ever made it to the Final Four, let alone won the entire tournament? Zero. Which means their existence in the tournament is nothing more than a money grab for games by teams that are not going to win the NC. In football, teams 7-16 (in the format you suggest) are not threats to win the NC and are not going to generate whatever it is you think they will generate. And teams 5 and 6 would have a very low percentage of winning a NC - if ever at all.
  6. Ohio State and Oregon was the "first-ever" playoff game. Without a doubt it was going to produce a high number. But here's the question: Were they tuning in to see Ohio State, or Oregon? My guess is Ohio State (who has a huge nationwide following). Add to it the fact that BAMA was not in the NCG, people were thrilled to not have an SEC team in the NC game, and more people tuned in to watch someone other than an SEC team play in the game. That being said, if you want to take that "one game" and use that single litmus test as the basis for proving that people tune into PAC12 games, with regularity, then I suggest that you look at viewership on every Saturday, for the entire season, and tell me what the numbers show. And I never said that people don't watch PAC-8/10/12 games. I said they are less inclined to tune into their games in the middle of the day, or on a Friday night, as opposed to Saturday evening. Where is the quote where I made the statement to which you are referring?
  7. You consistently demonstrate that you are a little man.
  8. Define "livable minimum wage". You say you represent 80-plus business owners. How do they feel about your idea of a higher minimum wage? If you raise minimum wages, operation cost goes up, product cost goes up, and the cost to the consumer goes up - all of which will make the higher minimum wage you recommend, as "not enough". The cost of living will go up all the way around. Rather than raise the minimum wage, to what you describe as a "livable" minimum wage, how about teaching people a trade, craft, or providing education assistance so that they can go to college and obtain a skill that will enable them to command a higher wage. You do understand about supply and demand, don't you?
  9. Allow me to enlighten you. I came into this forum and discussed games, without any prejudice. And I was met with hostility and name calling. And when it was learned that I lived in SEC country, then the attacks became even more. The only thing I've done since, was to attack back. If you don't want that to take place, then address your comments to @Orangewho is the biggest instigator and a-hole of anyone and everyone on these threads. Don't blame me for fighting back against those who attacked me, first.
  10. Correct. And that statement is a political jab, in an attempt to attack the use of power girds, what was decided on by politicians. So - yes, you started the political commentary and attacks.
  11. You have no clue about the heart of Alabama. Be more specific and name a city/town in Alabama that compares to Medford and provide me with the evidence that supports you claim. Furthermore, "as someone who is as blue as they come", you should know that Medford has turned blue in its leadership, which allowed Medford to become the garbage town you describe. It never ceases to amaze me that people who are "blue" fail to see the connection that the worst towns and cities in our country, are led by blue governments. Furthermore, I don't know that I would call Nashville the best, or top 3 at worst, city in the South. It's a great city, with a lot to enjoy. Entertainment is everywhere and the scene from Vanderbilt (midtown) to the Honky Tonks on lower Broadway (downtown) is crazy. a real hot spot for tourist. But with cities like Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte .... it's hard to say which city is best, and to compile a definitive Top-10.
  12. I've spent 52 of my 60 years on this earth in the South (Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee). I've never seen rampant methamphetamine problems, as you just described. But according to my friend who moved to Nashville, from Medford, last June, the drug problem and homelessness is out of control in Oregon, because drug are allowed.
  13. Really? The Mayor of Nashville is a Democrat? I only live here. You think I don't know that. Metropolitan Nashville has always been blue. But the surrounding municipalities that make up the greater Nashville population are red. I'm in Belle Meade, which is not blue. It is those surrounding municipalities (Belle Meade, Green Hills, Brentwood, Mt. Juliet, Smyrna, Franklin, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, etc.) that are conservative. Since my last post, I met a woman at the grocery store, who moved here from California. She has been here for roughly 6 months. She talked about how nice it is; how much more home they were able to get for their money; the lower gas prices; the lower taxes; the better infrastructures; the lower degree of homelessness .... She couldn't say enough great things about Nashville, in comparison to California. She talked of how glad they were to be out of California. THEN she said this: "But I can't get over how many conservatives and Republicans there are here." I said, "That's why all of those things you just mentioned in Nashville are better than what you had in California." She seemed dumbfounded.
  14. The 25 best cities in the US for people under the age of 35 (cnbc.com) .... Nashville, TN is the one of the top-five fastest growing cities, for people under 35. I live here. And I'm met many people that have moved her from the West Coast states. The population as almost doubled in the last 10 years. Here in Nashville, the economy is strong, and there are $1M homes and above, all over. My home was bought in 2007 for $269K. Today, it's valued at $1.25M. We aren't paying $5-plus per gallon like people in Oregon., no do we pay as much in taxes. As for crime rate in Tennessee .... Memphis is the hotbed for crime in Tennessee. Look at the demographics and leadership in Memphis. It's a "blue" city. In fact, the top 14 cities with the highest crime rate, across America, are all "blue" cities, with Democrat leadership. I never said attorneys are only used for litigation. I'm 60 years old, and I've been around attorneys all my life. I know a lot of attorneys, who serve in numerous areas of law. And not one of them - regardless of what area of law they practice - spend the amount of time on chat boards or message boards like you do. I feel sorry for the 80-plus business owners you represent. And if they are using you for their legal counsel, they probably are morons. You have no clue about the South. I'm more than happy to host you on a visit. Just let me know when you want to quit hiding behind a keyboard, quit hitting people with your purse, and come down.
  15. You're clueless. Never known an attorney? The majority of my adult life was involved in two professions: Building and remodeling homes (30 years), and writing sports (23 years). And when you have a business, you have an attorney, deal with attorneys, and at times, have to sue someone. Furthermore, my father-in-law was a highly regarded attorney in the southeast. My neighbor is an attorney. Multiple people I went to school with, are attorneys. As for the state of Tennessee .... Tennessee is the fastest growing state in the union. And no one here wants the political landscape of Oregon, which is trending towards higher taxes, higher homeless rates and a worse economy. The "good social drug" policies that you are referring to, is a large reason why there are so many homeless people lining the streets of Oregon. The murders, rapes and deaths you refer to are crimes that are so often linked to drugs - which is the number one cause of violent crimes. There's a reason why people are fleeing the west coast and moving to places like Tennessee. You're just too blind and ignorant to see it. I encourage you to take a trip to the South/Southeast. I will be your guest and/or host, if you would like. Just let me know.
  16. HLB

    Rose Bowl

    First off, the numbers you presented showed that the Rose Bowl wasn't always the most viewed. Secondly, I never said that it doesn't have any appeal. I said that it isn't revered as the pinnacle of bowl games. If you went East, you would find that people don't look at the Rose Bowl as being any different than the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and etc. It's no longer looked at as the greatest of all bowl games. I would also add that the Rose Bowl is typically played at a time slot when no other bowl games are being played, which only heightens viewership. It's typically played when no other bowl games are ongoing, and everyone who has a taste to watch CFB is going to tune it. Put it in a time slot when other bowl games are being played at the same time, and then see what the viewership numbers look like. At the end of the day, people outside of the PAC12 footprint no longer think of the Rose Bowl as being any different than any other major bowl. Is it a major bowl? Yes. Does it have appeal to CFB fans? Yes. Are people going to watch it (particularly when it's the only game being played at the time)? Yes. But it's no longer viewed as being any different than the other major bowls, as it once was. People used to think of it as the "Grandaddy of Them All", but they don't anymore. And that's my point.
  17. Wow. You've obviously never been to Alabama. Another west coast idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about when talking about the Southeastern U.S. He didn't have to come to Nashville, to get out of Medford. He chose to come to Nashville to get away from the entire West Coast. He grew up blue, but converted to red, when he got older and became more aware. He can't say enough bad things about the blue on the west coast. If you're as blue as they come, come on down to Nashville. You find everything to be so much better - taxes, cost of living, gas, capitalism, entertainment, financial growth, better air, and the list goes on. Then you'll realize that these things exist, because of red leadership.
  18. He only delved into politics because he was prompted by @Orange
  19. It looks that way to you, too. @Orange claims to be an attorney. I've never known an attorney to have so much time to devote to social media/message boards as he does. Anyone who actually works for a living cannot possibly spend as much time on these message boards. And I guarantee you, he's never been to Texas, the Southeast, or Eastern U.S., and he doesn't know anything about what he speaks. Additionally, I'm in Nashville. Over the holidays, I ran into a woman who moved her from California, two years ago. She raved about how little taxes they had to pay, how much cleaner and nicer it is, the people, etc., etc., etc. She said they couldn't wait to leave California. I have a 40-year-old co-worker who moved here from California, in October. He couldn't say enough bad things about California. He said he made more money in California, but because of taxes, his actual take home pay is higher with his current job in Nashville. I also have a 39-year-old neighbor, who moved here in June. He spent his whole life in Oregon and says he couldn't wait to get out of there. He, too, raved about the life he now has in Tennessee. He said he and his wife did not want to raise their kids on the West Coast, because of how bad it is.
  20. I have a new neighbor who moved to Nashville from Medford, Oregon, where he was born and raised. He has lived there his whole life, other than his time at Oregon State. He moved here in June. He has talked about the better economy in Nashville, how much cheaper gas is, how much better taxes are, how much more home he got for his money, and how much nicer it is, given that Oregon basically has no laws regarding drugs. While he acknowledges that Oregon is a beautiful state, he can't say enough about how bad the drug scene is in Oregon, and of how crappy it is to live there. He said he doesn't miss any part of Oregon, other than some friends.
  21. Well let's look at the SEC .... Missouri: Their talented QB and their start RB (one of three nominees for the nation's best RB) both opted out. Had they played, Missouri would have undoubtedly won. Not a big deal that they lost. Florda: This program is completely out of control. No discipline and no direction. It was a trainwreck performance by a team that is a trainwreck. Mississippi State: Most around the SEC see Mike Leach as a bad hire. And he showed why in the bowl game. He's all about offense and lives and dies on the idea of a high-powered offense. In the bowl game he died. This is a coach who has never won a division championship, let alone a conference championship, and who's teams win between 6-8 games, annually. Bottom line, bad coaching led to this horrible performance. Tennessee: A team that showed a lot of improvement this year, and who lost because of bad tackling and poor decisions in the final minute of regulation. That being said, they were also robbed of a game-winning TD in OT. All in all, not a big deal that they came up short. Auburn: Hired a coach that still thinks he's playing in the MWC. Bad coaching decisions left points on the field, that would have given them the win. They also don't have a QB. Why they didn't play the highly rated freshman QB (for at least one series) is baffling. All that being said, Houston was the better team going in, so no surprise at this loss. In the remaining seven bowls - the Big Boy Bowls - the SEC won all but the Sugar Bowl, when Ole Miss' best player went down, late in the 1st qtr. Had QB Matt Coral not been injured, Ole Miss would have won that game, too. But - it is what it is. Injuries happen.
  22. I agree. But I don't call it an "overwhelming" job. That being said, his teams have improved a little more, each year. If that continues, and they can become a PAC12 championship team, then the entire body of his work is what I would call an overwhelming job performance.
  23. HLB

    Rose Bowl

    Great game. I was pulling for Utah, even though I thought tOSU would win comfortably. Great effort by Utah. A tough game to lose. And Cam Rising needs to be on the 2022 Heisman watch list. I don't know what players Utah will lose, but they should clearly be the favorite to win the PAC12, in 2022, and might go undefeated (and make the playoffs). Look for them to beat a reorganizing Florida program, in 2022.
  24. HLB

    Rose Bowl

    Like it or not, Utah was representing the PAC12, just as Ohio State was representing the B1G. And as an outsider who doesn't pull for either conference, Utah gave Ohio State all they wanted, and more. The fact that this game came down to the last possession is something that very few across the country would have expected. In the end, Utah represented the PAC12, better than Ohio State represented the B1G. Granted Ohio State got the win, but on paper, Ohio State should have dominated, and this game should have never been close. But they didn't dominate, and it was close - thanks to the hard-fought effort by Utah.
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