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  1. I think my record on my picks, over the years, shows that I know more about the PAC12 than you are giving me credit for. That being said, my focus is on all of CFB, and because I'm not emotionally attached to the PAC12, I can see things better than those who are emotionally attached. Utah is the better team - with or without Rising. Only because of Rising's absence did I predict a Utah win of only 7 points. Oregon's betting line was lower last week, than USC's betting line this week. And how did that work out? Betting lines are only there to entice people to bet .... Colorado has talent at the skill positions, but not enough talent all the way around. And Colorado's defense is pretty porous, as we saw last week against Oregon. ASU is awful. Cal should easily win. Stanford might be the worst team in CFB. They lost at home to Sacramento State. And you expect them to give Oregon fits? The Dawgs are looking like the best team in the PAC12. They will win big over AZ.
  2. Utah over Oregon State, 27-20 USC over Colorado, 51-10 Cal over ASU, 23-13 Oregon over Stanford, 56-9 Washington over Arizona, 53-17
  3. Based on your logic, take out USC, Oregon, and UW who are all B1G Bound; and Utah who is B12 bound, and you only have one ranked PAC12 team. And Kansas is also a ranked B12 team.
  4. It's an opinion poll that has no bearing on the CFP selections. The rankings that matter are still 5 weeks away. I think UCLA and CU will finish in the Top 25, but not higher than 20. As for UW, USC, Oregon and Utah .... They have losses coming their way. It will be interesting to see where they are in November.
  5. Sounds a little racist. Doubt it. Whittingham is one of the best in CFB. If he were at an elite program, he probably would have played for a few NCs, and probably won one.
  6. Outside of the conference, no one in the PAC12 has played anyone. The only ranked opponents have been in conference games, from an "opinion poll". We're a long way from seeing who's actually good.
  7. Picked Utah by 6 and they won by 7. HIT! Pick Colorado because of what I wanted to see happen and ignoring the obvious cost me. MISSED! I expected more out of OSU. WSU dominated this game from the onset. OSU will finish 7-5 as I had earlier predicted. MISSED! Arizona squeaks on out. Didn't see the game, but I expected more out of AZ, because Stanford isn't very good. HIT! USC did what everyone knew they would do, against a bad ASU team. HIT! Washington also did what everyone knew they would do. HIT!
  8. We were both wrong. The Ducks showed everyone that Colorado isn't ready for big game football. Look for USC to give the Buffs the same treatment, this coming week.
  9. @utenation .... I guess that ESPN is "clinging" to that Dan Lanning pre-season comment, too .... Oregon Coach Dan Lanning Makes Things Personal With Colorado And Deion Sanders (msn.com)
  10. Utah over UCLA, 36-30 Colorado over Oregon, 31-30 Oregon State over Washinton State, 37-20 Arizona over Stanford, 34-13 USC over Arizona State, 56-10 Washington over California, 48-13
  11. I didn't quote you. I quoted PAC MAN, from your reply.
  12. Speaking to your comments: Oregon almost got beat by a team that's not much better than Colorado State. As for holding on to comments from pre-season: Fans from all schools do exactly that. Those comments tend to resurface during game week. Even ESPN website had a recent article about Lanning's comments regarding Colorado. Are you going to ask them if they are being serious? I think Oregon will win. But I won't be surprised if Colorado pulls of the upset.
  13. PAC MAN did, and I responded to that comment of his.
  14. The PAC is 28-6 in OOC play. Looking at who they've beaten: 7 FCS teams, 14 G5 opponents, and 7 P5 opponents. Looking at the P5 opponents: Florida is better now, than week one, but still a marginal bowl qualifier. TCU looks to be better than average. Baylor will struggle to become bowl eligible. TXTech will lose at least 5. Wisconsin is terrible and won't reach bowl eligibility Nebraska is a below average team that won't reach bowl eligigility MS State might not reach bowl eligibility Auburn will barely become bowl eligible OK State is terrible and just lost badly to a G5 opponent. Michigan State won't reach bowl eligibility. In short, no ranked opponents in the 34 OOC games played. And just when I thought the streak of at least one PAC12 team losing to an FCS opponent, Stanford kept the tradition alive, for the PAC's last season. And man .... ASU is horrible. Two games against ND, down the road, and I think both will be loses (for USC and Stanford). Yet, 28-6 in OOC play (against no ranked opponents and a lot of bad teams) is still good.
  15. He's right. Win or lose to Oregon, Buff fans are going to be rabid for USC, and the stadium will be jumping. They should lose, but the atmosphere will be electric.
  16. Thank you Captain Obvious.
  17. Wisconsin sucks; Nebraska is not very good and faced a CU team that might go undefeated and win the PAC12; UCLA beat up on a G5 opponent (as a P5 team should - not sure why that's impressive), and OSU crushed a FCS team (why is that impressive?) If any of those wins were "impressive" then Auburn's win over Cal was impressive; OK State's win over ASU was impressive; and MS State's win over AZ was impressive .... Here's reality: None of those three wins were impressive. Overall, Utah was lucky to escape defeat against a bad Baylor team, and Oregon was fortunate to pull out a win at TXTech. Those two games make me believe that Colorado could defeat both Utah and Oregon, and ultimately win the PAC12, because Baylor and TXTech are not strong teams.
  18. Mississippi State is not a "top half" SEC team, but a great effort and comeback by AZ.
  19. Going down the list .... Auburn is terrible. Florida is terrible. Mississippi State is not very good. Vanderbilt is Vanderbilt - nothing new to share on how bad they are (again). Missouri is below average and not very good. South Carolina is below average and not very good. TXA&M - not sure why everyone keeps trying to make TXA&M a contender. I told people last summer that they wouldn't beat Miami, and they will lose 5 or 6 games. Jimbo hired his replacement when he hired Petrino as his OC. Not as good as their roster would suggest. Simply not a good team. And if they lose to Auburn in 2 weeks, Fisher will be out. Tennessee is above average, and could beat Georgia, but lose to Alabama and Kentucky. Kentucky is average, but not much more. Ole Miss is good, but not great. Arkansas is good, but not great. LSU is good but was soundly defeated by a playoff contending team. BAMA is good but was uncharacteristically manhandled a better team that should make the playoffs Georgia best team that the SEC has, but not as good as the past two seasons. Other than Georgia, I don't see anyone else in the SEC with the potential to make the playoffs (at this point). This might be the first year where the SEC doesn't have a team in the playoffs (unless you want to count Texas).
  20. Yes it was. SDSU is worse than I thought, and UCLA is better than I expected. Wisconsin is just a bad team right now. Utah and Oregon were very fortunate to get wins. And I was pretty close on several scores.
  21. I don't think anyone wants me to join the pool tracker. But I will, if I can. And to answer your question, "No". My picks don't warrant a weekly thread. But does anyone's thoughts on anything topic warrant a thread? There are a lot of thoughts about a lot of things on these forums that people express every week, that could be characterized as "why do you think anyone wants to know what you think about that?". The point of the message board is for individuals to express whatever they want. Nothing here has to be "warranted" by anyone. All that being said, it's all in fun. People make picks every week. Why can't I make picks? You're taking it too seriously.
  22. No, but apparently you seem to think that beating Portland State, 81-7, is as impressive as Colorado beating TCU, on the road, so I thought I needed to share with you that Portland State is an FCS team, and not a ranked P5 opponent, like TCU.
  23. WINNERS: Utah over a weak Baylor team (37-13) Colorado over a weak Nebraska team (56-10) Washington over Tulsa (48-17) Oregon over TXTECH (42-30) Oregon State over UC Davis (63-9) USC over Stanford (48-13) WHINERS: Wisconsin over Washington State (31-27) Mississippi State over Arizona (27-20) SDSU over UCLA (29-27) *UPSET of the Week Auburn over Cal (34-19) OK State over AZ State (41-17)
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