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  1. Yeah, he probably has a fleet of snow plows on the ready for his call 24/7. 😉
  2. That's great. I'll have to check it out when you open up. Lifetime is located in the depot if I recall correctly so you're going to be pretty close to them on 12th I imagine.
  3. Not when she has a Mr Bug to go out and shovel it. Problem solved. I don't have a problem with people that seek out a better situation for themselves. Just don't California my Utah. That's all I ask.
  4. No kidding? What a small world. I live very close to Ogden. I have always found you to be one of the better posters as a lurker on here for years. I don't know what you sell, but if it is something I need then I'll be sure to stop by your business and buy it.
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