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  1. But isn't the narrative that USC is this big bad meanie that is preventing the other schools from joining?
  2. I think I did some weird math where I separated out the team's NY6 bowl games from the total bowl games.
  3. Teams that formerly had off-campus stadiums are moving to find ways to put them on campus. UCLA's recent opponent South Alabama used to play in a stadium 9 miles from campus. Their new stadium opened in 2020. Although Snapdragon Stadium sits on the old site of Qualcomm, the university was smart to include future university growth with the Mission Valley site. Colorado State played in a stadium 4 miles from campus and just opened a new on-campus stadium in 2017. Tulane played 10 minutes away in the Superdome for 40 years. They built an on-campus stadium in 2014. FAU played 16 miles away in a stadium mostly used for soccer. They opened their on-campus stadium in 2011. Akron played 6 miles off-campus in the Rubber Bowl for 68 years, before moving to on-campus in 2009. UCF played 16 miles away in the Camping World Stadium until they opened the Bounce House in 2007.
  4. If we had any real clout our games would start at 3:00PM and never be in the P12N.
  5. When is the last time USC even went to Corvallis or Eugene for a late November game? 2010? 2011? I honestly mostly remember the October games.
  6. Not a bad seat in the house IMO. Nice places to tailgate. I just hate the rain games. I've never been more drenched and miserable at a football game than going to Palo Alto. We have a family friend that loves going to the ND/Stanford game every year so we tagged along back in 2019 and I have still have no idea how every layer of clothing got soaked.
  7. Which this sucks a little more for Oregon State because after this weekend they could be ranked going into the USC game. If they lose then their next two games are Utah and Stanford on the road which I could also see being losses. So their best chance at being ranked vs. another ranked team is USC and it's on the P12N. I get that we're contracted to 3 games on the P12N but this just seems like a lot of people dropping the ball within the conference for not trying to push the game to be on a national network. Call me a homer but that game seems more compelling over Oregon/WSU (FOX), Stanford/Washington (FS1), and Utah/ASU (ESPN2).
  8. Most people confuse Colorado State for CU, but I guess both teams have been bad for so long they must be interchangeable now. But I'll play, even though I'm terrible at predictions. Fortunately I'm not a gambler. South Alabama @ UCLA: 20 - 40 California @ ND: 24 - 28 BYU @ Oregon: 35 - 30 Colorado @ Minnesota: 12 - 37 Colorado State @ Washington State: 14 - 35 <--- This one probably haunts Coug fans from the 2013 New Mexico Bowl. Michigan State @ Washington: 37 - 40 Montana State @ Oregon State: 28 - 34 San Diego State @ Utah: 27 - 42 Fresno State @ USC: 35 - 50 North Dakota State @ Arizona: 37 - 20 Eastern Michigan @ Arizona State: 23 - 43
  9. I'm bored sitting at work so I decided to look all the stats up. I just went back to 2011 since that's when Utah and CU joined the conference. Oregon: 103-38 overall 73.05%, 67-28 conference 70.53%, 6 seasons with 10+ wins, 7 division titles, 4 conference champs, 10 bowl games, 5 NY6 bowls with 1 semi-final win, and 1 CFP NCG appearance. Stanford: 93-45 overall 67.39%, 64-29 conference 68.82%, 5 seasons with 10+ wins, 5 division titles, and 3 conference championships. 8 bowl games, 4 NY6 bowl games. USC: 87-49 overall 63.97%, 64-31 conference 67.37%, 4 seasons with 10+ wins, 4 division titles*, 1 conference championship. 7 bowl games*, 2 NY6 bowl games. Utah: 86-50 overall 63.24%, 53-42 conference 55.79%, 5 seasons with 10+ wins, 3 division titles, 1 conference championship. 8 bowl games, 1 NY6 bowl Washington: 85-51 overall 62.5%, 55-39 conference 58.51%, 3 seasons with 10+ wins, 4 division titles**, 2 conference championships. 9 bowl games**, 3 NY6 bowls, 1 semi-final appearance ASU: 77-57 overall 57.46%, 52-37 conference 58.43%, 2 seasons with 10+ wins, 1 division title, 9 bowl games, 0 NY6 bowls UCLA: 71-64 overall 52.59%, 50-47 conference 51.55%, 2 seasons with 10+ wins, 2 division titles*, 7 bowl games, 0 NY6 bowls WSU: 67-64 overall 51.15%, 45-49 conference 47.87%, 1 season with 10+ wins, 1 division title, 7 bowl games, 0 NY6 Cal: 55-73 overall 42.97%, 31-63 conference 32.98%, 0 seasons with 10+ wins, 0 division titles, 4 bowl games, 0 NY6 Arizona: 53-74 overall 41.73%, 33-62 conference 34.74%, 1 season with 10+ wins, 1 division title, 5 bowl games, 1 NY6 bowl game Oregon State: 47-83 overall 31.154%, 30-67 conference 30.93%, 0 seasons with 10+ wins, 0 division titles, 3 bowl games, 0 NY6 47-83 overall 36.154%, 26-68 conference 27.66%, 1 season with 10+ wins, 1 division title, 2 bowl games, 0 NY6 *2011 USC could not participate in the postseason so UCLA participated in CCG. 2020 USC sat out bowl season. **2020 Washington won the division but COVID protocol prevented them from participating in the CCG and they sat out bowl season. I don't think it can be stated enough what Utah has done in the 11 years since they joined the conference is awesome. CU is still struggling and was struggling even before they joined and they were in the Big-12. When Arizona and ASU joined from the WAC they too struggled for a time. I think it took 9 years before ASU finally won the conference and 15 years for Arizona. By year 4 for Utah, they were winning 9+ games, and by year 5 competing for conference championships. Finally culminating in a conference title and Rose Bowl berth. It's exciting to think about what new heights they could climb. But as a USC fan/homer would I say I'm jealous of what Utah has accomplished in the last decade? Not really. If I could have had their head coach or someone similar leading a tough-minded, and a consistent team I would have been ecstatic and we probably would not have had arguably the worst era in USC football history. Even still, despite that, USC still ranked 3rd in overall and conference win percentage and had more division and conference titles than over half the league.
  10. At some point it’s got to be considered intentional negligence. 🤷‍♂️
  11. New 3rd Party Collective is making waves at USC. Also the old Collective Blvd that initially claimed wasn’t a collective but is starting to act like one is rolling out some nice Mercedes Benz S500’s for a few players Student Body Right BLVD Mercedes Benz
  12. The ones I found interesting as well were how many P5 teams that Mississippi State and Ole Miss have left to play with 24 and 26 respectively. Some of them being other southern ACC teams.
  13. Yea, the old deal was being as reported to be $1B a year. Now I've seen projections ranging anywhere from $1.3-$1.8B a year. Apparently Apple even wanted to get involved after the LA schools were added. https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/SB-Blogs/SBJ-Unpacks/2022/06/30.aspx
  14. show us the money 🤑 USC & UCLA Full Payout
  15. The way things are headed we're gonna see 2 super leagues and maybe everyone else. We'll have an expanded playoff and the current NY6 games will get rolled into some format involving the playoff. It's a moot point if the PAC ends up breaking up in the end.
  16. It’s definitely a complex issue that I think has slowly become addressed over the last few decades. But with every solution to a problem a new one is created. Overall, there are fewer people attending college than before the pandemic. But the largest population affected is men. It’s not a bad thing for physics, math, engineering, etc to hold steady at retaining men, while simultaneously convincing women that they are just as capable at doing the work and getting into the field. But we also need male teachers just as much as female teachers, we need male therapists just as much as female therapists, and male physicians too. It creates diversity in their respective fields and I believe, keeps the wages competitive. Most areas of psychology are seeing a decline in wages and some attribute it to the decline in men pursuing the degree. Not that women are hurting the field, but that there is a lack of competition and thus little reason to increase wages. Although as an 18-year-old I had a lot of fun in my undergrad psych classes.
  17. That is slowly shifting with the exception of math and physics. But the other life sciences are seeing greater percentages of women than men at some universities. There is definitely a shift overall in the perception men have when it comes to thinking about going to college. Whether it’s student loans, wanting to work after high school (high school dropouts are increasing among male students too), or simply the way men are treated in todays society and on university campuses in general. They are slowly seeing the value in doing something else to make a living.
  18. More women are applying to college, and are now graduating at higher rates than men. Some schools are reporting a 60% female population, I believe a few are nearing 70%. Some schools are now lowering admission standards for men specifically to convince them to apply. We'll see what will happen over the next few decades.
  19. Was that with just SDSU or another team as well? I can't see the PAC sitting at 11 teams as it would create weird schedules.
  20. To be fair there would most likely be a bump in the tv audience if they moved up to the PAC-12. Similar to what happened with Utah, TCU, and Louisville. But in terms of recruiting there aren't nearly a large number of recruits out of SD compared to LA. I think the 2022 recruiting class only had 12 recruits with D1 offers and only 7 with P5 offers. But does SDSU suddenly become worth $30M+ simply by joining the PAC-12? I would have my doubts. But it's an interesting point that I'm sure the people at the top are looking into.
  21. I think it's pretty apparent to everyone that this is about football. @Aztecgolferand I were just discussing the impact the move to the B1G will have on Oly sports and whether some will be dropped or not.
  22. I doubt it, but I guess we'll see. Just a quick look at both schools schedules the last few years tells me that their schedule in the B1G won't change other than traveling to the conference championship sites. The MPSF does sponsor men's and women's indoor T&F, I doubt the B1G will mind letting them park their teams there if it came down to it. Like you said, if the Big West is overloaded with 11 schools then why would the B1G want to add 2 more for 16? The MPSF only has 6 men's indoor teams. I doubt they'll mind as they already compete against the LA schools, plus Stanford and Cal in a bunch of other sports. The Triple A vs Yankees reference makes no sense based on the MPSF sports sponsored, you don't really see them complaining about always losing to the bigger funded schools. They sure do like bragging about the hundreds of NCAA titles that the big 4 California schools have from those sports alone.
  23. Both schools already have sports in the MPSF. The Big West and WCC would gladly take any other Oly sports if it really came down to it, heck even the MWC would make exceptions for them like they do for Hawaii in football and Colorado College in soccer. Having athletes compete in sports against two of the most tradition rich schools in the country? The chance to compete against Olympians on a regular basis? No conference other than the PAC-12 to save face would really turn them down, but I guarantee they'll keep scheduling them non-conference because of the Olympic talent that comes out of SoCal for a lot of sports. Personally though outside of basketball, volleyball, and maybe soccer, and lacrosse the travel issue is a bit overblown. Even with basketball it's only 10 road games, 9 really if they keep USC/UCLA as a home & home series. I don't see them increasing the number of conference games as that would just kill RPI/NET down the stretch. All they have to do is load up on Big West, WCC and MWC for non-conference games and then they don't have to leave the state except for a few national games and tournaments until conference play starts. Other Olympic sports like golf, track & field, cross country and swimming & diving are just weird. Some don't even compete against each other until their conference tournaments startup. So the LA schools will have minimal travel in most sports already since they will just compete against local competition as usual. Softball/baseball is 24 conference games total, broken into 3 game series so 4 home and 4 away series. They'll both play each other in baseball at least once, and only UCLA plays softball. Both schools typically already play a lot of in-state competition for non-conference. I doubt the PAC will stop playing them as they recruit SoCal heavily. Men's Tennis only plays 9 soon to possibly be 11 matches and women's tennis plays 11 soon to possibly be 13 matches. So 4 or 5 away men's matches and 5 or 6 in women's really isn't terrible. Again, just load up on in-state teams and play more non-conference tournaments closer to home. Women's soccer currently plays 10 matches possibly soon to be 12 and the B1G already cuts down on travel by having some teams play each other twice so they can just do that for the LA schools and they would only have to travel east 5 times. Only UCLA plays men's soccer which the B1G currently plays 8 matches possibly soon to be either 9 since they play each other once. 4 or 5 times going east again isn't terrible if you just play your non-conference at home. But I can definitely see these sports struggling a bit too. Only USC plays women's lacrosse and the B1G plays 6 possibly soon to be 7 games. I can see USC struggling in this sport heavily as it is new and like its male counterpart is popular on the east coast. I wouldn't be surprised if USC dropped this into another conference or dropped it altogether and finally figuring out a way to field a softball team. Volleyball plays 20 conference matches in a season, so 10 home/away and only 9 would be truly on the road if they keep home & homes for the LA schools. But the B1G is typically the #1 volleyball conference with the PAC-12 a close second and has now solidified itself as the #1 conference for years to come. Expect the conference to figure out some way to create an accommodating schedule for this sport and basketball.
  24. It would look terrible on tv as they only average 35K fans a game. I'm sure they'll sell out a lot now. Better to wait for the invite and then expand. Maybe even have a promise in place to do so as a stipulation for joining the league.
  25. I think it goes a little deeper than some might think. Keep in mind that it's university presidents & chancellors that ultimately make these types of decisions on who to associate with in a conference. Stanford/Iowa Research football as a status system in u.s. higher education.pdf
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