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  1. I saw a tweet over on the MWBoard from an accounting firm that showed PAC tv revenue and other revenues with and without SDSU. TV revenue would only increase 100k to 200k per season over the life of the contract. O believe they used ten years. Total revenues without SDSU decrease 24,% after the departure of U$CLA. With SDSU, only 19%. Currently, SDSU broadcasts get ~1million eyeballs when numbers are disclosed. Like the Utes, those eyeballs can easily double with inclusion to the PAC. I know it's not a Home Run and we know chicks dig the long ball, but it is a single in the bottom of the 9th.
  2. Those Oly Sports rarely bring eyeballs or tv revenue. Football drives the bus. Period. Right now, SDSU may not be the sexiest bus, but the PAC needs it.
  3. It's also clear the members of this Board have an elitist attitude towards a Cal State joining their ranks. Why ? Adding SDSU may not be the home run that adding an OUT, but it will fill a part of the black hole in the valuable SoCal market that U$CLA has created.
  4. I never understood Schools building IPF's when they play their games outdoors. In the elements the IPF protects them from.
  5. If it's anything like what happened in the MW, it will be cluster phuck. SDSU is not in a scheduling pod with Fresno and Sparty, their long time historic Cal State rivals. They have been guaranteed a pod with Hawaii and the UTags. Based on the last ten years of Pac history, they will screw the Pooch on this.
  6. Some of these Conferences migjt be better off listening to what fans want. I've seen some WVU posters on other Boards saying they are glad to be in the so called P5, but with no natural or regional rivals, the excitement of playing a TCU doesn't compare to their lost rivalries with Pitt, Maryland, etc
  7. ESPN/Fox only care about Schools with large fanba$e$.
  8. In the hunt for CCG: Utah, U$C, Oregon Dark Horses: Ucla, OSU, UW Awaiting a call up to the New12: ASU, Arizona, Colorado
  9. With the NIL, thay shouldn't be an issue. I have no doubt the B1G Boys have donors who cover the parents expenses and tix for every game. If I was 5* kid, I would demand it.
  10. U$C wanted no part of NikeU in the move to the B1G. It wasn't just the money for their exit. It was also about Oregon. Don't know what it is about, but saw a tweet the other day in the MW Board. $C would be more than happy to see Standordt join Notre Dame. Ucla is going to be Maryland with no natural rivals and a subpar FB program. They came for the check.
  11. If the B1G brings in OUW, the remaining members will have to take a pay cut. Bringing in U$CLA provided the existing members with a pay raise. Same with Notre Dame. Personally, I see no reason for the B1G to want them. It is the PAC members desire to hold at ten, but the Four Corners Schools may bolt anyway. OUW seemingly are tied to their Sister Schools so can't move without them. We may see a PNW PAC. Maybe then Cal/Stan will get over their Elitism and feel enough pressure to bring in some MW Squads. Maybe.
  12. Ucla has been doing just that for several years. Cal/Stanford has been doing the same for the Stanford/ND tilt.
  13. Won't happen. The Aztecs will once again beat you and your qb down. See you in September.
  14. No, the PAC presidents killed the PAC. Utah and CU were not int the PAC when OUT and their sister Universities decided not to join. It was the Pac Presidents who rejected ESPNs offer and their desire to take over the PacNetwork. It was the PAC Presidents who listened to the B1G and rejected the 12 team playoff. It was the PAC Presidents who rejected the Baylor/Okie State overtures They and they alone bear responsibilty That's why U$C/Ucla left the fold
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