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  1. I don’t completely disagree. He has been dragged and deservedly so. I just don’t think, outside of the exposure, this is unique to CU.
  2. That’s the point. For good and bad cu shows everything. There is access to so much. I don’t love all of it, but I’m also trying to not be hyperbolic about it all.
  3. I’m curious what you think happens at Utah? No trash talk? Or do they suspend kids who trash talk. Or do Utes never trash talk? I’m afraid there may more than one blind man here.
  4. This is the bad of everything being available via social media. Players talk shit. When you get your ass kicked everyone sees it and writes/posts about it. I am not sure what the rest of the point is.
  5. While the hype will die down, I hope the fans stay. The product is so much better than the nfl (imo anyway), there isn’t any reason the sport shouldn’t grow. They may jump off of the cu wagon, heck I bet a handful became duck fans this weekend.
  6. Finally you get it! Jokes aside, I get why cfb fans are annoyed with some of the coverage. That said, you can’t deny the impact. 10mm watched that train wreck of a game? More than osu/nd? New fans are coming to the sport.
  7. All of it is greasy. It was always about the money.
  8. Possibly. And this was over well before that money. The pac had months to put something together and didn’t. in truth, it ended when the la schools left. It sucks, but that’s the truth.
  9. I’m with you. It’s all so sad. Tv wins and everyone else loses
  10. Lol, well I’m. It speaking for all cu fans. SC is going to win big, and I’m still happy with the progress. People are dunking on cu fans because they aren’t going to win the pac. No shit, we are a mid tier team, which in and of itself is moving in the right direction.
  11. They are 3-1. And I’m not sure sanders said anything about Oregon.
  12. Lol, those shoes were awful. But I’m old, so what do I know? And of course Lanning overstated it, but coaches do that. Did you catch days act? You’d think they really had been disrespected.
  13. Your dislike of the buffs is noted! will be fun in the big 12 (which is a mess at the moment). Again, there is more to culture than a few clips. Weaver said something wildly overstated. But if we stopping the presses every time that happens it’s going to be a long season. There was a little truth to it, more people likely watched that Oregon game than any game this year. (Good or bad). The kids generally seem like good kids and behave well. It will not be perfect, and cu makes everything available, for better or worse
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