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  1. Does UO have a coach not game planning for the Utes again, because he is busy leaving?
  2. Since no one has pointed it out yet, I’d like to remind everyone who voted down Texas and Oklahoma joining the Pac 10. Yep, Utah and CU killed the Pac.
  3. https://twitter.com/CFBONFOX/status/1470531089336717317?s=20&t=Y4Lmyvtvd4FQ-wEbYPlm6w
  4. I just don’t see Nebraska leaving for the big 12. At this point that is like Utah going back to the MWC.
  5. I hope that doesn’t happen. If it does, that will basically kill any sport that doesn’t make money. Not many schools are interested in employees who lose money. Title 9 will be wiped out.
  6. The ACC will more than likely take 10 years to fall apart. The members have to pay a ton to get out of their contract. And since Fox and ESPN are driving this super conference, I don’t see ESPN pushing for the sec to take any ACC teams until the ACC contract is up with ESPN.
  7. Once ND decides what they are doing, UO and UW will be out also. Any remaining teams will have a hard time convincing anyone the Pac or Big 12 is a power 5 conference. I’m assuming it will be a power 3 when the dust settles. https://twitter.com/TimBrando/status/1542983449245585409?s=20&t=U5ooqrvxdvZd-A-fnfCh2g
  8. Once again you prove you know shit about shit. He was coming up simmering most of the game plans while at UO. Every coach said he was by far the smartest coach they had been around. Now go fuck yourself.
  9. It’s weird how every coach at UCLA, seems to not be able to coach. Azz was our best coach on D, then he goes to UCLA and everyone hates him.
  10. Sounds like current CU DB coach, Demetrice Martin could be headed to UO.
  11. What was dirty in 2013, is legal now with the new deals schools can help players get. I know Chip is to busy to worrying about such things, but some schools and coaches are actually trying to help their players get paid. I heard that one school down south has set up a deal that the pancake house is giving each OL $50K.
  12. DeBoer must have liked what he saw from Brown. Because Penix is the left handed version of Anthony.
  13. Listened to Joey on twitterlive tonight, and basically he wants Oregon to go back to being Oregon St, and hire his buddy Wilcox. Joey has lost a lot of respect amount UO faithful with this leaking of the letter, just as a new coach gets hired.
  14. Most UO fans and living in Seattle most UW fans didn’t want him either. Lots of emails got sent last week to the AD not wanting him or Chip. He is what he is, and 6-8 win guy at best. Wilcox was a low risk low reward hire, that fans would have wanted fired in 3 years. Glad he didn’t get the job, and even happier Chip isn’t back.
  15. No one wanted Wilcox at Oregon or his terrible OC Musgrave.
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