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  1. End of season awards are being released. Nix and Latu win player of the year
  2. Ken Wilson is rumored to be the candidate for the UCLA DC. Feels like that won't move the needle and save Chip after next year
  3. They should play the guy who will actually br the future there
  4. Aidan Chiles to the portal, likely following Smith
  5. This FSU snub is just their way of trying to keep this last shred of college football normalcy togetherh. They know that if the SEC is out, then the next thing is them looking for a way out of the whole structure. They are not afraid of the ACC's power, because they have none. Nor should they be, but it is just funny that within the space of a couple of years it went in both football and basketball from rewarding a team for a body of work to trying to keep the P5 happy. I don't think it's about rewarding the best teams, it's about money. They did a fair job of keeping up the facade for a long time, but the emperor has no clothes.
  6. MrBug708

    MLB 2023

    Gave him away for free
  7. Florida State should just what half the SEC did to get credit in the B&W TV era, just claim a bunch of titles from obscure polls
  8. I can see why the NCAA didn't recognize national champions for so long
  9. He didn't recruit, but again, mainly a Chip Kelly issue. Hard to separate the two right now.
  10. I don't blame him for leaving. UCLA's D is losing a top 10 pick from the DL. I was cautious to see how he was going to do with losing all of that talent. His star is white hot though. 2 million a year for 3 years plus a housing allowance.
  11. I think this was addition by subtraction for UCLA. But he could be better away from Chip
  12. He seems pretty married to Jedd. Like Caleb-Riley devotion
  13. Moore is a one read QB. That's his flaw. He has good arm strength, accuracy, and understands the angles to throw from. But if his first read isn't there, he panicks. When you see rent a running threat, you force it, so he will likely throw a lot of INTs. He has a long ways to go. His problem is he will probably go and chase money in another bad situation. He really should stop down a tier to get the playing time reps.
  14. Dante was basically handed the staring job and it wasn't pretty. But there is a lot of talk that the boosters pulled his NIL funding because of his performance
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