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  1. Unlike football, UCLA’s NIL for basketball seems healthy.
  2. Oof, Jay Toia enters to he portal. UCLA is definitely light on talent. Thanks Chip!
  3. Some of us are on our third version posting together so I suspect we are cool with whatever we end up doing. We were posting on the ESPN message boards in 2000 and here we all are still, all be it just in small quantities
  4. Someone already offered more
  5. Point Loma alum! No idea past that!
  6. Betts is better than Reese but we kept jacking up shots
  7. Would be nice but our coach is ****** Lavin
  8. Would be a major upgrade for USC.
  9. Plus we have this call which I still can’t believe was called an offensive foul last year but it was Tony Padilla haha
  10. I should amend my statement slightly. Their average stays the same, it’s the opponents numbers who deviate more so. This year opponents shot 19 FTs in their own arena while in McKale, they shot an average of just 12.7. The difference for Utah? About 1 and change. UCLA? Less than one in home/road splits. Last year was about the only year it wasn’t a difference of at least four. There is something to be said about a deserved home court advantage, but once the tournament comes that advantage is gone. IMO that plays a part of their struggles. https://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-basketball/stat/opponent-free-throws-attempted-per-game
  11. Arizona's issues have always been centered around the officials. They've managed to feast on the officials in conference and get to the lines easily enough but come the tournament, that advantage is taken away and they struggle. The conference allowing them to do that and getting away with it in McKale for so long has been, IMO, a disservice to their tournament hopes. They've never been able to adapt as well.
  12. He’s got some red flags but if you are transferring to Mick on your third school, both parties should know what they are getting themselves into. 7th school in 7 years
  13. Sounds like ucla will land much traveled Skyy Clark.
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