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  1. Damn, Adrian Klemm was poached away before his recruits could destroy Oregon's OL
  2. When it changed hands, I lost the ability to remove/ban, just hide. I got some mod powers back, so I should be able to stop it once it happens. Not sure if we need another layer of authenticity to keep spammers from registering.
  3. Former 5* QB, Sam Huard, is transferring to Cal Poly SLO
  4. That twitter handle is good at scrubbing through comments it finds elsewhere on twitter and presenting it as inside information. UCLA-Nebraska has long been rumored to be one of the fixed rivalry games. I'm most teams would like to trip out here for games in November.
  5. Assuming they schedule a 13th game with Hawaii. I dont recall if they were keeping the E/W setup in the standings, but going to pods. UCLA was rumored to get Nebraska and either NW/Purdue/Illinois as their usual matchup. Everything else will be cycled through. Travel to Penn State is a pain in the ass, so I'd rather avoid that road trip as much as possible.
  6. https://theathletic.com/4111757/2023/01/20/pac-12-fires-executives-distribution-partner-overpayments/ So...less money in the next contract and the PAC-12 is going to have to ask for money back from each school?
  7. I would be surprised to see UCLA/USC ever get hit with back to back road games unless it's centered around the UCLA-USC rivalry game.
  8. I dont expect UCLA to have more than two "late season" road games. The cold and good teams are a bad recipe. The cold and bad teams...ehhh
  9. ....Adrian Klemm interviewed for the OC position at...the New England Patriots?
  10. Michigan will likely be once every few years, but the matchup will be cool. I didnt think Minnesota had the same raucous crowd that Utah had.
  11. Im just grateful we aren't getting an early November road game in Utah, for once. I feel like because I've gone to the last two UCLA games at Utah, I have earned the right to bitch
  12. The leaked schedule out there is pretty awful for USC, the second half of the schedule at least.
  13. Willie Taggert to Colorado?
  14. He should have gone to Oregon State. Oh well, DJU to Chiles for the next 4 years
  15. Aidan Chiles is going to be really good for Oregon State
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