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  1. Yes. People point to his postseason record, not his lack of a perfect game. Which sucks because he has very good moments and has two world series appearances where the Dodgers played a team that we later realized were cheating. I always thought 1 ring would be enough to change the narrative, but I guess it will be multiple rings. So playing in October is more important than finishing a perfect game in April.
  2. UCLA swept Oregon in both baseball and softball this weekend.
  3. Completely winnable bracket and UCLA crapped the bed. Disappointing, but things just happen in the tournament.
  4. At this point, it's win and move on. UCLA looked UGLY yesterday.
  5. Been brutal trying to get anything going.
  6. Ken Norton back to UCLA, replacing Don Pellum's corpse.
  7. Chip Kelly just gave a 61 year old journeyman position coach, the DC position. He of course coached for Chip in Philly.
  8. Could be worse and be a Kings fan right about now.
  9. Dame for Westbrook. Make it so!
  10. UCLA had an injured player go Roberto Alomar on the student section.
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