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  1. We also havent played anyone. But then again, you have coach Meat, so there is some merit to what you are saying.
  2. UCLA is bad at pass defense as well. We like 10 yard cushions with not turning back to watch the ball
  3. Between Vegas and this algorithm, it seems like this game is almost a toss up. I expect the over
  4. I think he might be. UCLA is not the team to pry him away from OSU in the realignment wars, but if I could steal one coach from another program, he would be my choice. Grew up in the San Gabriel Valley too.
  5. Mothershed is looking particularly bad in his appearance as ref today. Almost as if the P12 and UCLA have beef over something of late.
  6. UCLA has a bottom 3 defense in the PAC-12. We have no depth.
  7. 1 - 3 could fall. 4, maybe? 5 is like you said, the insane era numbers. 511 wins is insane, but Cy Young's losses are even more untouchable. The ironman streak also because organizations see players as assets to help them make money, not turn and burn.
  8. Is Colorado the team that gets the highest value pick each week?
  9. Letting UCLA play in the B10 and shutting down Cal athletics would achieve these goals.
  10. I like how it becomes paramount to a guy who has never done a damn thing to fight climate change.
  11. https://www.si.com/college/2022/09/21/former-ucla-basketball-player-jalen-hill-22-reportedly-dies-college
  12. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34631895/pac-12-commissioner-says-expect-more-teams-leaving-big-ten-big-12 So 70 million is going to flights? We already fly to every conference game but USC. We have to pay coaches whether we go to the B10 or stay in the P11. I can see why he doesn't release numbers, but holy crap is he in job saving desperate talking point mode. I feel sorry for people like Wilner, who have to rely on trying to spin this bullshit to save their job.
  13. Strange timing for this interview. And UCLA as the target? Does he not care about USC staying? They have the same costs associated with their leaving the conference. It's almost as if there is a regents meeting on the 22nd. But where does UCLA make up nearly 70 million dollars annually in revenue from? A guy who is about to lose job if UCLA leaves the P12, went on the podcast hosted by two guys who will lose their relevance if UCLA leaves the P12 and said that UCLA leaving the P12 is financially a bad idea, but provided no proof, and it was picked up by a news outlet that will be cut out of the LA market if UCLA leaves the P12.
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