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  1. Cant imagine Deion taking that job
  2. So flat and uninspired. Back to back losses took the wind out of the sails and now they are going through the motions for the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl invite
  3. Apparently this is Mothershed's last game as a referee. He is retiring.
  4. Feels like Cal is so broke they borrowed SJSU's jerseys
  5. Great move. I think DeBoer is elite quality
  6. UCLA's DC, Bill McGovern, is unlikely to return due to health concerns. Clancy Pendergast has been the DC since the Stanford game. But because he's an analyst, he's unable to coach at practice, which makes everything even more shittier on D.
  7. The fans know the scrimmage is being held. Nobody is allowed to watch, hence they are super secret. Sometimes they release the information, usually a staffer to a member of the media. It's not the KFC recipe where nobody knows the ingredients. For your viewing pleasure: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2022-10-23/san-diego-state-sdsu-aztecs-basketball-ucla-bruins-scrimmage https://247sports.com/college/ucla/Article/UCLA-Basketball-UCLA-Beats-San-Diego-State-in-Secret-Scrimmage-174329263/
  8. Just getting reception again. Sounds like it would have drove me crazy. Good game
  9. Looking more at this, the PAC-12 is obnoxious. But, win your games. Except against the in good teams. Fuck George.
  10. Cal really should be treated like Colorado
  11. I'm assuming Oregon losing to Utah and UCLA beating USC and they all winning the other games?
  12. Cal fired OC Bill Musgrave and OL coach ANgus McClure. Probably just rearranging deck chairs at this point.
  13. Yup. These tiebreaker rules are...strange.
  14. Colorado being completely awful complicates things for a couple of teams hoping for a miracle.
  15. Threeway tie between UCLA, USC, and Utah, UCLA gets the nod, correct. UW being the team to beat Oregon, throws a wrench in things. UW losing to ASU, UCLA losing to Arizona certainly made it harder for those two teams, which is their own fault. The head to head tiebreak in the conference only applies if all tied teams have played each other. Since Utah and USC never played Udub, the tiebreak doesn’t count. In case you’re wondering, yea, that carve out is unique to the Pac12. Other conferences simply use overall head to head record. So if you play 2 teams and another plays 3, lucky you. If you had divisons this year, you get a completely different set of scenarios for who plays in the title game.
  16. Clearly did not understand since you brought it up in a conference tiebreaker scenario thread. Like you were going to throw down like an ace of spades card haha
  17. TIL that someone believes OOC plays into conference standings.
  18. Because we went away from divisions, it of course dicks UCLA over more than it should. But they only have themselves to blame for yesterday. But here we go. It would be Oregon vs. Utah if the following happens: Oregon wins out, UCLA wins out, Washington wins out, Utah loses to Oregon and beats Colorado. That would result in four way tie between UCLA, USC, Washington and Utah. UCLA and Washington would get knocked out first having lost to Arizona and Arizona State as common opponents among all 4 teams involved in the tie, respectively. Now with two teams left, USC and Utah, Utah would win the head-to-head against USC. Now if WSU beats Washington, we have a three way tie with UCLA, USC and Utah. Between these three teams were looking at the traditional Pac-12 South as common opponents. Now, I'm not sure if common opponent includes the teams within the tie or all the teams outside of it (ASU, Arizona and Colorado). If it's all the team's not within the tie then UCLA will be the first out having lost to Arizona. If the tie includes the win percentage against the teams within the tie then USC would be eliminated first having lost to UCLA and Utah. We would then move to a head-to-head decision and UCLA would advance having beaten Utah. TL;DR - UCLA only goes if Oregon and UCLA win out, UW loses a game. I think UW is screwed ether way.
  19. I'll be on a cruise in the middle of nowhere for the game, so I wish you good luck and hope we PAC-12 it up in the game.
  20. Choke. UCLA is Tesla stock and Chip Kelly is Elon Musk.
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