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  1. Quack 12

    Week 10

    They also fired Donovan, the OC. Oregon broke UW. As Robbie Ashford said, sweeping his hand across Husky Stadium, “This is our shit!”
  2. Quack 12

    Week 10

    No, it's Utah.
  3. Quack 12

    Week 9

    I'm torn on the Beavs and Bruins. I have a feeling one of them will win and the other will lose, but I don't know which way it will go.
  4. I threw down, though not at HLB Club level. Thanks for keeping this board alive, Mugtang.
  5. Quack 12

    Week 8

    Uh, O.K. These take the Beavers' dirty laundry whites to a new level.
  6. Wow. I doubt he's associated with it, since 50K isn't near enough for this litigation.
  7. Quack 12


    I don't know who Adam H. Johnson is, but that's a ridiculous take. I get that he's indicting the health care system, and rightfully so, but this kid (whose mom actually conducted the pumpkin sale) is hardly the victim of child labor.
  8. Quack 12

    NFL 2021

    Certainly not in the biblical sense! 🤣 Just flickin' you shit. I will agree though, that most white males of my generation (and older) are perverts, especially when it comes to women. Except, perhaps, the ones who are gay, and therefore labeled as perverts.
  9. Quack 12

    Week 8

    Don, union guy.
  10. Quack 12

    Week 8

    Don, union guy.
  11. Same here, and for several months. I figured it was user error. EDIT: Actually, lots of stuff is messed up. I can't click between pages, and the reactions aren't working either.
  12. Ha! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I had the same number of wins as Mugtang, but I was 10-15 points behind, so I decided to employ a more drastic strategy. Plus, I thought all of last week's games were tough to choose.
  13. Good plan, Don. Do we really have to deal with this shit for three more years? BTW, this is from an email meant to look like a tweet, since he can't tweet anymore.
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