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  1. I quoted you. You wrote, "Speaking for the 80% ... " And yes, inventory is important, and it equates to money. So Mike Bellotti has "an impending sense of doom" and is "teetering on the brink." He also once infamously said following a CW loss: "We didn't lose, we just ran out of time." In case you weren't aware, not all college football games are "marquee match ups." Does a Mississippi State @ Vandy game have more appeal than Oregon State @ SDSU? I think most fans of college football who watch games in which they don't have an emotional investment just want to see an exciting game, I know I don't really care who the participants are.
  2. I'm not sure you can legitimately speak for 80% of the nation, but everyone knows SDSU and SMU don't have the cachet of the LA schools. It's not a secret. What they do bring is inventory, which is important to media companies. SMU is less popular in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex than UT, A&M, OU or TCU, but in the PAC they won't often have to compete directly with those schools for regional viewers, and a 9 p.m. start in Dallas is a solid timeslot. I think they can move the needle - eventually.
  3. About 50K on race day, not too bad for NASCAR in LA.
  4. Strange that you have USC going 13-0 and winning the conference title, but you have no other team in the conference playing in the title game.
  5. The Umpire was the MVP on that play. If he hadn't ducked in time, Nix's pass would have drilled him in the face. But hey, Duck, duck, DOINK worked out!
  6. I find it interesting that you copy/pasted this from Wikipedia, but deliberately left out the following sentence: "Although Musk claims he earned the degrees in 1995, UPenn maintains it awarded them in 1997." This is odd, because Musk claims he was accepted into a PhD program at Stanford in 1995, but decided to go into business instead. The timeline doesn't work. Why would Penn lie?
  7. It's because the other teams in the Pac-12 suck balls, and SEC teams tower above us.
  8. Congrats to the Beavs. Back in the Tebow days, I used to dream of playing those guys, hated them. It was nice to live vicariously through Oregon State's success.
  9. He did answer eventually, but quoted another poster so I didn't see it for awhile. Something about more talent around him and he wasn't that great anyway. In other words, he just dodged it.
  10. In the SEC? Aren't you torpedoing your own argument with that statement.
  11. I was more than a little drunk when I posted that,, but yeah, I guess I was off put by the sort of "little guy" attitude. My apologies. I'll try to avoid posting in a stupor going forward. 😬
  12. I mean no offense, but I'm sick and tired of this "little guy" Utah persona. It's bullshit. You're not WSU or OSU. You have a very strong Pacific Islander connection - mostly thanks to Mormon missionaries - which makes your OLs and DLs incredible. You're in the Pac-12 for a reason, because you're well-funded and well-positioned to compete. Utah should be competing at the highest level of this conference, and they are. Knock off the "We're doing more with less" crap. That's not who the Utes are.
  13. Good question. I haven't seen anything about the injury since the season ended, but the fact that he's playing in the bowl game is a good sign. He tweeted something about "Running into bowl week. Who's ready?" last week. Presumably he's going to be close to 100%.
  14. Just because I've had a lot of family at the house and little time to post, here are a few thoughts on the past month: 1) Kugrdon, I hope you're recovering. While I rarely have seen eye-to-eye with you, particularly with regard to politics, I've always respected your opinion. Be well, sir. 2) Congratulations to the Beavers (and Orange) for the win in the Platty. I could rant about terrible play calls and defensive collapse, You dominated on the ground, and ground Oregon to a pulp. I think you'll pummel Florida, just don't pass the ball - at all. 3) Fuck Washington. The Ducks coulda-shoulda-woulda, but to be honest, I don't know how in the hell we beat Utah between those two disastrous losses. Please lose to Texas so that if we can get past the Tarheels, we'll be ranked ahead of you. 4) College football is dead. Let's just admit it's an NFL farm league, and make the NFL pay its fair share to develop players. The free ride for the NFL should be done - forever. 5) Happy holidays to each of you, including HLB.
  15. Also wishing you the best kugrdon.
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