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  1. As I recall, it was an OSU economics professor who told the league they were worth $50M per year, per team. It's time for OSU and WSU to admit their culpability. They supported Scott and GK for far too long.
  2. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, whom I'm sure you idolize: "There he goes again."
  3. Hang in there my friend. I think it'll come back to normal-ish in a few years. I was watching Iowa/Nebraska yesterday and thinking, "This is Oregon's future?" It's fuckin' ugly.
  4. Well thanks, Ute. I'm really not this pedantic; everyone makes typos. But the dude came here telling us that he's an experienced "sportswriter," working on his book (apparently about how lame the Pac-12 is/was,) but he can barely string two cogent sentences together, so I'm going to hammer him anytime I get the chance. 🤣 By the way, if you don't think SEC bias is real, please explain why the hell Tennessee is still ranked? "Quality losses?"
  5. The way Michigan hammered TCU? The Pac-12 does any team that can beat the elites. Didn't Oregon win in the Horseshoe 26 months ago? Why do you continue to beat this dead horse? We all understand that your only purpose here is to proclaim the weakness of the Pac-12, and we don't fucking care about your opinion (or your predictions.) Weather doesn't "yield" scoring, Edward R. Murrow. Actually that's an insult to Mr. Murrow. You're closer to Franklin W. Dixon.
  6. I have no clue. A soap impression of his wife which he ate and donated to the national trust?
  7. First of all, who do you think actually cares about your "I'm superior" prediction posts. I'm really unclear about why you feel compelled to come to this nearly deceased forum to make mostly low-take predictions and denigrate the Pac-12, which is, unfortunately, effectively dead. How's that book coming along? Need an editor? I'm available. On to your picks: Arizona over Colorado: So I guess the Buffs aren't going undefeated and winning the Pac-12? Your courage is remarkable with this prediction. I'll take the Buffs in Deion's redemption game. Utah over Washington: This is your worst pick of the week. Washington fans love a day game (as most of us do). It's probably gonna rain. Utah simply doesn't have the offensive firepower without Cam. I'll take the Fuskies. Cal over Washington State: Way to go out on a limb. The Coogs are in freefall, but there are few places to regain one's stride than Bay Area schools. Give me Wazzu. Stanford over Oregon State: Again, you display your ignorance of Pac-12 football. OSU recently erected a billboard in Eugene that said "DAMFAM," brought to you by DamnationCollective.com. I've recommended for years that they should nickname Reser Stadium "The Valley Of The Dammed." It will happen eventually. The Tree is doomed. I'll take the Beavs. UCLA over ASU, 38-19 (UCLA is a better team than ASU): Incredibly astute observation here. Yes, UCLA has a better roster than ASU, but no one in LA cares. The Bruins (and Trojans) are nearly irrelevant. The Rose Bowl will be a tomb. My money's on the Scum Devils. USC over Oregon 48-45 (USC as flirted with wins over Utah and Washington. This week I think they get over the hump and pull out a win over Oregon): I'm going to go ahead and agree with you on this one, not only because I don't want to jinx my team, but also because I wanted to quote your entire grammatically flawed statement. Sco Toejams! I figure I'll at least go 3-3. By the way, do you need an editor?
  8. Yeah, I don't see it. UW is a great job, Full stop. And who would really yearn to return to the Midwest? The only scenario I can imagine is that the Lincoln Riley Experiment fails, and SC comes calling with a container ship full of cash. BTW, I've seen quite a few Husky fans predicting that Dan Lanning will be gone to the SEC in a few years. We've certainly seen our share of defections (though they were both to the ACC), but I don't see that either. I think the B1G is clearly going to be the king of the conferences - for now - even with the Sooners and Longhorns joining the SEC. It certainly will be in terms of potential audience.
  9. They're basking in the afterglow of a three-point OT victory against powerhouse K-State, at home. 🤥 And their loss to Oklahoma looks worse.
  10. With all due respect, that's a very fine hair to split. How many opponents are we talking? Two? Three? Does Boise State count?
  11. HLB, go back to page 12 of this thread, You posted that claim on September 10. At least three of us quoted you. Also, you include FSU among the "elite" teams that will easily dispatch Washington or Oregon? Perhaps you don't recall the last (and only) time Oregon played the Seminoles, who at the time were undefeated defending national champions with a Heisman winner at quarterback? I don't think FSU is a lock to beat Louisville, if/when that game happens. I'd also pick Washington or Oregon over Texas in a heartbeat.
  12. Fuck you Don! 😀 Iirc, the ASU game two weeks after the Wazzu debacle was similar. I still have a copy of this cursed issue.
  13. So therefore the Pac-12 has tough no teams, even though it had the best OOC record? None? For example: WSU played OSU and UCLA UCLA played Utah Stanford played USC and Oregon Arizona played Washington and USC Colorado played Oregon and USC (I'm sure I missed some.) How it is that "no one team in this conference has faced a tough opponent'? Do you care to elaborate on what your research indicated that led you to your UW pick?
  14. Essentially, everywhere is truck country anymore. I was commenting on the size of American trucks these days, rather than on the practicality of having AWD in Utah. I wonder, if a scholarship player gets dismissed from the team, does some walk-on get his truck along with his scholarship?
  15. I know I'd be thrilled to have another 85 stupidly oversized trucks on my local roads. 🙄
  16. Fair enough, but this exactly what I'm referring to.
  17. Coach Prime, Coach Prime, Coach Prime, Coach Prime, Coach Prime, Coach Prime, Coach Prime. Do they ever call him Deion, or Coach Sanders, or Coach Neon? Why is it Coach Prime, every fucking time? On another note, I loved Jonathan Smith's impromptu "Milk the Clock" signal.
  18. I wrote that Stanford "consistently gives Oregon fits," not that they do it every time. But yeah, I was being cautiously optimistic. You whiffed on Utah, you whiffed on USC (actually I think they were gassed, not asleep.) and you whiffed on UW. It did, but not the way you predicted.
  19. You know very little about the Pac-12, even in its final iteration. Utah is going to have a hard time winning in Corvallis on a Friday night, with or without Rising. USC will beat Colorado, but I seriously doubt they're going to win by 41 points. The line is SC -21.5, but the Trojans' defense is looking worse than last year, and kickoff is at 9 a.m. PDT. I think the Buffs might cover. Cal is -12 versus ASU. I think the Bears win. Stanford might be the worst team in the league, but they consistently give Oregon fits, even when they're bad. I think the Cardinal cover the 27-point spread. The Dawgs do not like playing in the desert. I expect they'll win, but not by 36 points.
  20. If you picked the Buffs to win at Autzen, go ahead and guzzle an ice cold mug of shut the fuck up.
  21. "Do we need 47 photos of 'Fun dinner at Pams?'" Yes I meant the realignment/portal DP Commercial.
  22. I hate the new clock rules. As many are saying, they don't shorten the games, they just increase the number of commercial breaks. If I'm not invested in a game, I probably won't watch it, it's just too much. I will admit that the new Fansville Dr. Pepper commercial is pretty funny.
  23. Fuck Oral Roberts. That is all.
  24. What are the odds he ever returns to this forum? “[N]ot every injustice or transgression amounts to a criminal offense,” he wrote.
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