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  1. Do you realize that you quoted a quote?
  2. Once again, you're full of shit. Here's one example: https://www.outkick.com/south-carolina-using-costco-to-sell-football-tickets/
  3. Trojan209 showed how wrong the first part of this statement is, and Utah has dominated Oregon three times, once in 2015 and twice in 2021. That's hardly a definitive sample of establishing dominance. I might argue that that the Ducks played Utah twice in the space of thirteen days at the end of last season, and Cristobal had already checked out. In any case, the Utes were simply a better team last year. Oregon is 5-4 against Utah (including 2021's "now dominance") since they joined the Pac-12. They are definitely a tough out for Oregon, but they aren't dominant just yet.
  4. The fact that you included Eugene with the examples of Los Angeles and Seattle totally invalidates your post. Oregon is 27th in population; Utah is 30th.
  5. Ha! Actually, it's a French reference to rapids that used to run along that stretch of the Columbia, but the dams took care of those. And I would take small issue with Orange. While the Washington side does have some great trails, it isn't nearly as spectacular as the Oregon side. Be sure you take Columbia River Scenic Highway if you're traveling from Hood River to Portland. It's longer and slower than I-84, but there are a ton of waysides and waterfalls to visit, most with short trails. When it was built during the WWI era, it was touted as the "eighth wonder of the world," which wasn't all hyperbole. While some portions of the highway were destroyed when I-84 was built, good stretches of it remain, and it's pretty amazing. Crown Point, which my dad used to call "The Million Dollar Shithouse," is one highlight.
  6. For upscale lodging in the gorge, the Columbia Gorge Hotel is nice, and they say it's haunted. Also, Skamania Lodge on the Washington side is worth checking out.
  7. My wife bought me this very shirt on her last trip to NOLA. It's from some Bourbon Street joint. USC is replicating the Rams. 🤥
  8. Quack 12

    Rose Bowl

    As long as they keep playing it, it will always be this. BTW, "Granddaddy" has 4 "Ds."
  9. Quack 12

    Rose Bowl

    The Utes have Wittingham. (caught myself) That's their primary advantage.
  10. Quack 12

    Rose Bowl

    Lol! I always do that!
  11. Quack 12

    Rose Bowl

    Ohio State typically travels very well. I doubt they'll bring out 60K, but it will be tough to tell who's a fan of whom anyway. 😄 Perhaps I'm only justifying the collapse of my alma mater, which HLB was kind enough to review, but I think Utah is on - for lack of less Mormon term - a mission. I'm not sure tOSU has any idea what they're up against from an emotional/motivational perspective. As @utenation pointed out, Willingham has done it before, more than once,
  12. I got a text message today from Donald Trump's "new" social media platform, probably because of my mostly red zip code. I won't name or link it here because I don't want to give it any publicity, but it asked me "Will you Join"? (text STOP to remove) To which I responded, "Fuck no! STOP." The kickback was "Thank you for your response." I'm genuinely worried about a potential Trump coup in '24, and as others have pointed out, his lackeys are positioning him for it. I apologize for bringing politics on to the sports forum with HLB, but that guy is a clear example of how Trump can return, People actually believe his bullshit. We're at the proverbial watershed moment, folks.
  13. Agreed. I never felt that any reunion or alumni hire would be a good idea. If Oregon is going to play with the big boys, they can't be afraid of poaching; it will happen. I did read that Bellotti volunteered to coach the Alamo Bowl, which I think would have been fun as a one off.
  14. I read some tweet saying the Dan Lanning era at UO was shorter than Mike Price at Alabama.
  15. So spelling and grammar don't matter (to a so-called journalist), but being right about a prediction does? (Trump in a landslide!) Kudos to you Jimmy Olsen - cub reporter. Congratulations to Utah, the first of the "new" members to make the Rose Bowl, and way ahead of Arizona!
  16. Sorry, I retired two weeks ago and I hope to never have to proofread anything other than my wife's text messages from here on out. If Utah wins on Friday, they'll certainly play Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. If Oregon somehow pulls it out, I think the Rose Bowl may choose Michigan State instead of the Buckeyes. I get that tOSU has the better conference record and won head-to-head against MSU, but Oregon already won head-to-head against Ohio State, the Rose Bowl committee doesn't care about conference records, and Sparty has been to the Rose Bowl only once (2014) since 1988.
  17. Dude, the Pac-12 champion will play in the Rose Bowl. Period. End of story. Wake the hell up.
  18. It's gotta be tough going through life as a fan like this. Yes, they beat a tOSU team they probably shouldn't have, which elevated them to a ranking they shouldn't have had. Yes, they struggled past many opponents all season, and choked away a game against the Tree. And yes, they got boat raced by Utah, particularly in the second quarter. But at 9-2, they clearly don't "suck." Only a totally entitled fan would think such a thing. All that said, I think they're too beat up to win on Friday, which is just as well: a rematch with tOSU is not appealing to me.
  19. Quack 12

    Week 10

    They also fired Donovan, the OC. Oregon broke UW. As Robbie Ashford said, sweeping his hand across Husky Stadium, “This is our shit!”
  20. Quack 12

    Week 9

    I'm torn on the Beavs and Bruins. I have a feeling one of them will win and the other will lose, but I don't know which way it will go.
  21. I threw down, though not at HLB Club level. Thanks for keeping this board alive, Mugtang.
  22. Quack 12

    Week 8

    Uh, O.K. These take the Beavers' dirty laundry whites to a new level.
  23. Wow. I doubt he's associated with it, since 50K isn't near enough for this litigation.
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