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  1. That second list is hilarious. Oxford is a "metro"?????? It has 10,000 fewer people than Pullman. Laramie? Ames? I don't believe that Stanford number in the first list. Maybe it's based on ticket sales, as opposed to actual butts in seats.
  2. I'm not sure I'd anoint that Miami team the best ever (didn't they dominate the Big LEast and have Ken Dorsey at QB?), but I agree that they probably would have beaten Oregon. I long ago gave up, "We should've played instead of Nebraska" in favor of "The wrist is down!"
  3. Whereas the critical defecations of anti-marijuana moralists are at very least equally unreliable.
  4. Seriously, what's the point of this Don, other than your admitted trolling? You're obviously spending a respectable amount of time digging up all these links and articles asserting the deleterious effects of marijuana, but to what end?
  5. With zero fatalities. I have an old friend (I'll call him John, since that's his name) who is a complete redneck, and is totally anti-pot. He also suffers from lung cancer and has been going through chemo. One of his kids has been trying to get him to try marijuana to reduce his nausea and improve his appetite, but he has always refused. Recently my wife and I were out to dinner with his wife, and she receives a panicked phone call from John, who tells her "Something is wrong, I don't know but something really is wrong." So she leaves dinner and rushes home to him. Turns out his kid left a plate of marijuana chocolate chip cookies on the kitchen counter, and John ate three of 'em. She said he ate more and slept better that night than he had in weeks; but he still refuses to knowingly ingest marijuana, simply because of his far-right politics. Sometimes (Bruin 70 being a prime example) you can't save a fool from himself.
  6. That's total horseshit and you know it. Seven paragraphs in, the detail that she smoked marijuana before taking a nap for "2 or 3 hours" is revealed, yet it's the headline of your post. The police made very little of that connection, yet you're suggesting that she killed her children because she smoked weed. What if she'd eaten a turkey sandwich or drank a beer?
  7. Classic "Donesty" post.
  8. I remember a story from about 30 years ago, in which a farmer in Puyallup planted acres of hemp to replenish the soil, which had been depleted of nutrients by years of alfalfa crops. He was arrested and the crop was destroyed, but he made a real point. Growing hemp is far superior as a method for restoring soils than simply letting them lie fallow. I have a friend who is a total right winger. She has one of those embarrassing Facebook pages with all sorts of Bruin-esque false memes, but she's done a complete 180 on marijuana in recent years, mostly because because her husband has been in chemotherapy and found great relief from pot. The change is coming, albeit slowly.
  9. I actually completely agree with you, Jalapeno. The industrial capabilities of hemp are enormous. Basically, anything you can make from oil, you can make from hemp, including fuel and plastics. I'm sure petrochemical companies had a lot to do with making hemp illegal, but William Randolph Hearst also gets a big chunk of credit. He crusaded against "reefer madness" in the 30s through his many newspapers, which were of course supplied with paper from forests and mills that Hearst also owned. Personally, I like to end my day with a dab sandwiched between layers of leaf. A few tokes, turn on the PS4, and the stress melts away.
  10. Jane Sanders Stadium is on track to be ready for Oregon softball's home opener, March 24 vs. Stanford
  11. I probably shouldn't admit it, but one particularly inebriated evening I crawled under the plywood box that covered the pole vault pad and slept there. I crawled out at about 7 a.m., and a bunch of track athletes were already out there practicing. It was pretty embarrassing escaping Hayward that morning.
  12. So therefore, you consider half of the Pac-12 to be "not Pac-12 worthy," since there are five smaller stadiums in the league. BTW, Oregon averaged 57,940 last season (SRO), good enough for fourth in the Pac-12, and just ahead of ASU at 56,835. No wonder they pulled 4,000 seats out of SDS.
  13. I remember the 2012 "Blackout the Ducks" game at SDS. Oregon fumbled on their second play from scrimmage, handing ASU a 7-0 lead. The ASU student section was very possibly the loudest in the west at that moment. Then the Ducks ran off 43 straight points, and the place was empty by halftime. Waddya mean, maybe?
  14. You have to appreciate the realism of that rendering. Those Buffalo players look totally confused, and they're moving in four different directions.
  15. It's looking like UO is going all-in on track & field. Eugene lost its bid to host the 2019 world T&F championships to Doha, Qatar by just three votes, even though it was considered by many a long shot to Doha and Barcelona. Apparently the deciding factor was that Hayward Field seats 10,500, and seating for 30,000 was a requirement. Interestingly, the world championships have never been held in U.S., and only once in North America (Edmonton). Rumor is that Hayward will be renovated and expanded in the next few years, and UO will add a national-level indoor T&F facility adjacent to Hayward. There currently is no permanent indoor facility on the west coast.
  16. Ith's the Lou Holth thpelling. The Oregon softball team is getting a new stadium, to be built on-campus where Howe Field now stands. Circa 1939:
  17. The North side of Autzen was landscaped and spruced up last summer. The work includes these odd "pyramids" featuring images of past Ducks. Some have speculated that maybe they're actually hiding the pilings on which the north addition will stand. Regardless, I don't think they'll expand Autzen until they've paid down the B-Ball arena bond at least somewhat.
  18. In terms of return, they're probably one of the better investments a public institution can make. Lecture halls and science labs are nice, but weight rooms pay the bills.
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