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  1. One of my Husky friends mentioned the "Whammy in Miami," so he was clearly stoked. As I read somewhere. I think Lanning got hung up on Washington's first drive, and believed his defense couldn't slow down Penix, which was obviously true. Still, I'm not convinced that the onsides kick attempt or the late 4th and 1 were prudent decisions. Also regarding Lanning, Washington was smart getting another play run after that disputed catch (2nd quarter?). I think the Ducks should have called a time out and let replay have a look at it. I thought it looked incomplete. Regardless, it was a fun but frustrating game to watch. Congratulations to UW!
  2. All I've read is that his ankle would be "evaluated" on Sunday. Apparently Alex Forsyth, their already dinged-up center, suffered another injury on the final drive, and so did his backup. It's looking pretty grim.
  3. I agree. They can put UCLA-esque drives together against Oregon, and the weather - probably the only thing that can slow down their passing game - doesn't look too bad. I don't think they can slow down the Ducks' running game though, so if Bo is Bo, Oregon should pull it out.
  4. Quack 12

    Week 10

    Just as Bo Nix "proves" that SEC defensive lines are far superior to those in the PAC-12, Jayden Daniels "proves" they really aren't.
  5. That's hilarious. Ellipses are used to indicate missing or unspoken words, and there are always three of them, not four. EXAMPLES: "Oh, say can you see ..." or "HLB is a complete ..." Nice try, though,
  6. So which teams are the 15th and 16th? Even when you troll you're wrong.
  7. Yeah, their kicker was the MVP against ASU. 🙄
  8. What's the complaint? Initially, I thought the kicker touched it before it traveled 10 yards, but Fox showed an angle from the endzone and it was pretty obvious that he didn't. I'm not sure what DTD is referring to; I tried to look it up but the rules are incredibly convoluted so I couldn't straighten it out. As far as I can tell the kicking team making contact is fine unless the ball is in the air and a receiving team member is attempting to catch it - then it's interference.
  9. Thank you for that. I'd like to visit here more (pissed that I missed this year's pick 'em) but retirement has resulted in a lot more manual labor and a lot less sitting at a desk. To your second point, the Georgia loss is an albatross Oregon will carry all season, especially if the Dawgs lose along the way. I can whine about first-time coach/staff in first game, new QB, defending champs, de facto home game, etc., but it doesn't matter, it's still forty-fuckin-nine to three! They can't overcome it. Every pundit mentions it every time they mention Oregon. It's like Hunter Biden and his laptop.
  10. So if Bo Nix's season is a "barometer" of the elevated competition in the SEC, what does Jayden Daniels' performance this year at LSU tell your "barometer?" Sorry, but you can't use individual players to extrapolate relative conference strengths. That's stupid. The funny thing is that no one here is arguing that the Pac-12 is stronger than the SEC, but you make illustrating the almighty domination of the SEC your one and only premise. That's stupid too.
  11. I don't follow baseball much, but yesterday's win over the Jays was the most incredible thing I've ever seen on a baseball diamond. Anymore, I only have room in my heart for the agony and ecstasy of following one football team. I support the Seahawks because my wife loves them, but I don't consider myself a "fan" per se. I mostly just follow former Ducks in the NFL, so the Chargers and the Falcons currently have my interest.
  12. You're obviously not familiar with Oregon's history in the desert.
  13. Do you realize that you quoted a quote?
  14. Once again, you're full of shit. Here's one example: https://www.outkick.com/south-carolina-using-costco-to-sell-football-tickets/
  15. Trojan209 showed how wrong the first part of this statement is, and Utah has dominated Oregon three times, once in 2015 and twice in 2021. That's hardly a definitive sample of establishing dominance. I might argue that that the Ducks played Utah twice in the space of thirteen days at the end of last season, and Cristobal had already checked out. In any case, the Utes were simply a better team last year. Oregon is 5-4 against Utah (including 2021's "now dominance") since they joined the Pac-12. They are definitely a tough out for Oregon, but they aren't dominant just yet.
  16. The fact that you included Eugene with the examples of Los Angeles and Seattle totally invalidates your post. Oregon is 27th in population; Utah is 30th.
  17. Ha! Actually, it's a French reference to rapids that used to run along that stretch of the Columbia, but the dams took care of those. And I would take small issue with Orange. While the Washington side does have some great trails, it isn't nearly as spectacular as the Oregon side. Be sure you take Columbia River Scenic Highway if you're traveling from Hood River to Portland. It's longer and slower than I-84, but there are a ton of waysides and waterfalls to visit, most with short trails. When it was built during the WWI era, it was touted as the "eighth wonder of the world," which wasn't all hyperbole. While some portions of the highway were destroyed when I-84 was built, good stretches of it remain, and it's pretty amazing. Crown Point, which my dad used to call "The Million Dollar Shithouse," is one highlight.
  18. For upscale lodging in the gorge, the Columbia Gorge Hotel is nice, and they say it's haunted. Also, Skamania Lodge on the Washington side is worth checking out.
  19. My wife bought me this very shirt on her last trip to NOLA. It's from some Bourbon Street joint. USC is replicating the Rams. 🤥
  20. I got a text message today from Donald Trump's "new" social media platform, probably because of my mostly red zip code. I won't name or link it here because I don't want to give it any publicity, but it asked me "Will you Join"? (text STOP to remove) To which I responded, "Fuck no! STOP." The kickback was "Thank you for your response." I'm genuinely worried about a potential Trump coup in '24, and as others have pointed out, his lackeys are positioning him for it. I apologize for bringing politics on to the sports forum with HLB, but that guy is a clear example of how Trump can return, People actually believe his bullshit. We're at the proverbial watershed moment, folks.
  21. Agreed. I never felt that any reunion or alumni hire would be a good idea. If Oregon is going to play with the big boys, they can't be afraid of poaching; it will happen. I did read that Bellotti volunteered to coach the Alamo Bowl, which I think would have been fun as a one off.
  22. I read some tweet saying the Dan Lanning era at UO was shorter than Mike Price at Alabama.
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