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  1. The fuck is wrong with you?
  2. Totally false. You're getting your news from memes again. According to detention records from the U.S. Army, al-Baghdadi, who was detained in Iraq under the name Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badry, was held for about 10 months in U.S. custody. The records show he was captured on Feb. 4, 2004, and released on Dec. 8, 2004, which was during the presidency of George W. Bush.
  3. Lol, I guess I struck a chord! "Includes wheels and door jambs." By the way, I think you had to tape it yourself, didn't you? Then they'd run it through basically a spray-paint car wash.
  4. I vaguely remember 'em. Seems' like they were $199.00 in the early 70s.
  5. I'm fading like an Earl Scheib paint job.
  6. She is NOT Hispanic. Her son Brandon was half-Hispanic, because his father, Raymond Mendoza, from whom she has been divorced for years, is Hispanic.
  7. So, which travesty, exactly, would you describe as "hindering enforcement." That's just conjectural attorney-speak. But what-evs, I wish Hillary would go just go and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.
  8. Wait, are we talking about the same Hilary? lol I'll give you incompetence, but corruption?
  9. Why do you always do this? Why must anyone who considers themselves liberal or anti-Trump defend every action taken by others on the extreme end? Are you willing to defend David Duke? You don't make any sense at all.
  10. I continue to doubt ASU, to my detriment.
  11. Again you mention your belief system. Who cares? You also insinuate that every liberal on this board is "far left," yet you distinguish yourself from "far right"? It seems to me that you are totally on the fringe.
  12. https://christiananswers.net/spotlight/movies/2019/joker2019.html
  13. Nice job of masking her identity.
  14. 4:40 to 5:12 I gotta give Schiff credit. He took a page right out of Trump's playbook.
  15. Is it just me, or is this an incredibly hard week to predict? Not only do I not know which teams to pick, I don't know where to rank 'em either.
  16. Despite the powerful drunken babble of this statement, it is false. The Mueller investigation cost $20-$25 million, but it brought in fines and forfeitures worth $32-$35 million.
  17. It's good to a see a pervert like this finally get caught. Men have long abused their power/position to commit despicable crimes. It's definitely an issue our nation should address across all sociological and political boundaries.
  18. Got to give a shout-out to Hardcore Husky forums here:
  19. Damn, I was too busy last week, and totally forgot. Are we resetting for the conference schedule?
  20. Is papa actually referring to Marianne Williamson here?
  21. Honestly I lean toward No. 2 regarding PapaG, with Bruin70 in the No. 3 category. To his credit, PapaG works hard to find semi-defensible support for his inane arguments (even though he probably knows they're inane) whereas Bruin70 just chums the waters.
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