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  1. Ex-Duck star takes down gunman. https://www.kgw.com/article/news/crime/former-ducks-receiver-keanon-lowe-now-parkrose-hs-football-coach-took-down-armed-student-near-school/283-0faf30b4-f854-4b7d-b8ed-0f28b15a0152 I graduated from Parkrose - during the Bronze Age.
  2. My sister gave me an ounce of "Commercial" (worth $10 at the time), papers, a rolling machine and a roach clip for my 16th birthday. I've never looked back, quite happily. You know what's far worse than pot for raising the risk of depression in adulthood? Sending teens to war. But of course, we've been doing that for all of human history.
  3. That's awesome. There are a bunch of pissed off Husky fans in the comments. There are several schools there that I never (or almost never) have heard of, but I'd never heard of Atchison, Kansas, let alone Benedictine College.
  4. That photo is awesome with the Lab-coated doctors. It looks like a Japanese monster movie. At least not everyone in the Carolinas is nuts. Senator Tom Davis, R-Beaufort, said there were too many absurd statements to even keep track of. “I heard a lot of really strange things, but one thing that occurring to me is that nobody that spoke today, has bothered to read the bill that I have drafted,” Davis said. Davis filed the bill in the Senate. He says if any of the speakers actually picked up the bill, they would know that it would be “one of the most conservative, tightly-regulated medicinal bills.” “I mean who in the world can stand up there while we have an opioid epidemic, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, and you can you say cannabis- which is going to authorized by use from doctors to patients, is the most dangerous drug in America? That’s just simply divorced from reality,” Davis said.
  5. Next thing you know, Henry Weinhard's will be making Root Beer.
  6. That's anecdotal evidence from a very narrow study.
  7. No, there is no such definitive research to support this statement. Some studies suggest regular marijuana use in adolescence is associated with altered connectivity and reduced volume of specific brain regions involved in a broad range of executive functions such as memory, learning, and impulse control compared to people who do not use.38,39 Other studies have not found significant structural differences between the brains of people who do and do not use the drug.40 https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/what-are-marijuanas-long-term-effects-brain
  8. This is exactly the same study you linked to here in early October. Check it out. And by the way, that article makes no mention of tobacco use, so you're simply speculating about marijuana being "more damaging" to young brains. You actually have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
  9. Hey trickydick, I found this on the HHB Glossary of Terms: FIVE REASONSOrigin: BondawgOriginally was posted in a sincere expression of confidence that Washington would beat Oregon in 2008. Quickly morphed into usage for any game, sport and team under the sun. Has achieved legendary troll status. Mike Damone (RIP) gets most of the credit for this. Note: List is always incomplete with mentioning Ben Ossai as part of the offensive line. "1. Keith Price - He is the best player on the field, enough said on that. He has three years under his belt and he will do everything possible to win the game.2. Offensive Line - We average a weight of 332 lbs across the line, they are ready to dominate the line of scrimmage. Hatchie, Brostek, Dolbec, Ikehara, Schaefer, White-Frisbee, etc. These boys have the attitude and are ready to rumble.3. Wilcox - New Defensive Scheme and a new attitude. Every player has spoke out about the difference between Holt and Wilcox, we will see a much improved defense on 9/1.4. Speed, Speed, Speed - This is the fastest our team has been in a long time. Doeontae Cooper, Connor Cree, Cooper Pelluer, Kavario Middleton, Will Chandler, etc. The newbies will be inexperienced but will bring something that we haven't had in past seasons, speed.5. Time of Possession - I think we can dominate the time of possession stat. The more we can shorten the game and keep our defense off of the field, the better chance we have to win the game.I think UW wins rather easily...say 34-17?"
  10. So they took 3,826 seventh graders, and once a year for four years, they asked them to be truthful about their alcohol and cannabis use, then gave them "computer-based cognitive tests." I'd like to see those tests.
  11. This woman claims the dog must have found an edible or joint while they were on their afternoon run.
  12. From what I've read on the Boring Company website, tunnels are surprisingly resistant to earthquakes, although that may not apply in this case. The website doesn't live up to its name. https://www.boringcompany.com/ Tunnels, when designed properly, are known to be one of the safest places to be during an earthquake. From a structural safety standpoint, the tunnel moves uniformly with the ground, in contrast to surface structures. Additionally, a large amount of earthquake damage is caused by falling debris, which does not apply inside tunnels. Some examples: 1994 Northridge Earthquake: no damage to LA Subway tunnels 1989 Loma Prieta (Northern California) Earthquake: no damage to tunnels, which were then used to transport rescue personnel 1985 Mexico City Earthquake: no damage to tunnels, which were then used to transport rescue personnel
  13. I like the "unspecific" ranking of OSU - it's one or the other.
  14. Is that what happened to his career?
  15. Well, I have no argument with that assessment, but that isn't what that sentence says, at all. Maybe if I get stoned and read it again, it will make sense to me.
  16. Here's a non-paywalled link: http://www.kansascity.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/syndicated-columnists/article211946499.html I doubt many would argue her points, although she's short on evidence, which is probably because of the lack of available marijuana research. Can someone explain this statement: heavy-smoking teens show evidence of reduced activity in brain circuits critical for flagging newsworthy experiences Da fuq does that mean?
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