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  1. Here's a non-paywalled link: http://www.kansascity.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/syndicated-columnists/article211946499.html I doubt many would argue her points, although she's short on evidence, which is probably because of the lack of available marijuana research. Can someone explain this statement: heavy-smoking teens show evidence of reduced activity in brain circuits critical for flagging newsworthy experiences Da fuq does that mean?
  2. I get the feeling academics weren't really on his mind.
  3. Absolutely. The issue isn't whether or not marijuana has some harmful side effects. The issue is simply that the inclusion of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug is absolutely ridiculous. It's probably less harmful than bacon. Don likes to run by and kick sand at that premise with trivialities that he then refuses to defend. I think he's just trying to piss off Orange.
  4. Well, I'm not denying that it's a potential health issue, (In fact, it sounds just like a Millennial's kind of health issue, namely, a tummy ache) but that "study" is questionable at best. So, 2127 adults under age 50 were questioned while in the Emergency Room (for something) at Bellevue, and of the 7 percent admitting to being heavy pot smokers, roughly one-third had experienced nausea and vomiting that was specifically relieved by a hot shower? What the hell kind of science is that?
  5. Technically, it's just an anecdotal story, so it's not news at all.
  6. This really seems like horseshit. This guy is 28 years old, went through all this in less than 10 years, and it never occurred to him to take a break from the bong? BTW, his MyLife profile states that he's a single Caucasian, Christian Republican. MAGA!
  7. LOL. They have reason to be excited in Nashville, but that's a bit much.
  8. The Fremont (405) didn't open until 1973, so If you were headed south through Portland on I-5, it was probably the Marquam. You would have been on the lower deck. The northbound lanes of that bridge on the east side of the river are treacherous.
  9. Not quite Galloping Gertie, but still semi-unnerving.
  10. Funny thing is, the Astoria/Megler Bridge has a clearance of 197 feet. It's exactly the same height as the Lewis and Clark Bridge at Rainier/Longview, which is, I assume, the bridge you ended up taking. I have family in St. Helens, so I cross the L&C bridge almost every time I go to Oregon. I hate the thing, not because I'm afraid of heights, but because it's so narrow, and it gets a shitload of truck traffic, so it shakes and vibrates like crazy.
  11. That second list is hilarious. Oxford is a "metro"?????? It has 10,000 fewer people than Pullman. Laramie? Ames? I don't believe that Stanford number in the first list. Maybe it's based on ticket sales, as opposed to actual butts in seats.
  12. I'm not sure I'd anoint that Miami team the best ever (didn't they dominate the Big LEast and have Ken Dorsey at QB?), but I agree that they probably would have beaten Oregon. I long ago gave up, "We should've played instead of Nebraska" in favor of "The wrist is down!"
  13. Whereas the critical defecations of anti-marijuana moralists are at very least equally unreliable.
  14. Seriously, what's the point of this Don, other than your admitted trolling? You're obviously spending a respectable amount of time digging up all these links and articles asserting the deleterious effects of marijuana, but to what end?
  15. With zero fatalities. I have an old friend (I'll call him John, since that's his name) who is a complete redneck, and is totally anti-pot. He also suffers from lung cancer and has been going through chemo. One of his kids has been trying to get him to try marijuana to reduce his nausea and improve his appetite, but he has always refused. Recently my wife and I were out to dinner with his wife, and she receives a panicked phone call from John, who tells her "Something is wrong, I don't know but something really is wrong." So she leaves dinner and rushes home to him. Turns out his kid left a plate of marijuana chocolate chip cookies on the kitchen counter, and John ate three of 'em. She said he ate more and slept better that night than he had in weeks; but he still refuses to knowingly ingest marijuana, simply because of his far-right politics. Sometimes (Bruin 70 being a prime example) you can't save a fool from himself.
  16. That's total horseshit and you know it. Seven paragraphs in, the detail that she smoked marijuana before taking a nap for "2 or 3 hours" is revealed, yet it's the headline of your post. The police made very little of that connection, yet you're suggesting that she killed her children because she smoked weed. What if she'd eaten a turkey sandwich or drank a beer?
  17. Classic "Donesty" post.
  18. I remember a story from about 30 years ago, in which a farmer in Puyallup planted acres of hemp to replenish the soil, which had been depleted of nutrients by years of alfalfa crops. He was arrested and the crop was destroyed, but he made a real point. Growing hemp is far superior as a method for restoring soils than simply letting them lie fallow. I have a friend who is a total right winger. She has one of those embarrassing Facebook pages with all sorts of Bruin-esque false memes, but she's done a complete 180 on marijuana in recent years, mostly because because her husband has been in chemotherapy and found great relief from pot. The change is coming, albeit slowly.
  19. I actually completely agree with you, Jalapeno. The industrial capabilities of hemp are enormous. Basically, anything you can make from oil, you can make from hemp, including fuel and plastics. I'm sure petrochemical companies had a lot to do with making hemp illegal, but William Randolph Hearst also gets a big chunk of credit. He crusaded against "reefer madness" in the 30s through his many newspapers, which were of course supplied with paper from forests and mills that Hearst also owned. Personally, I like to end my day with a dab sandwiched between layers of leaf. A few tokes, turn on the PS4, and the stress melts away.
  20. Jane Sanders Stadium is on track to be ready for Oregon softball's home opener, March 24 vs. Stanford
  21. I probably shouldn't admit it, but one particularly inebriated evening I crawled under the plywood box that covered the pole vault pad and slept there. I crawled out at about 7 a.m., and a bunch of track athletes were already out there practicing. It was pretty embarrassing escaping Hayward that morning.
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