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  1. So gay marriage and abortions are pure evil yet child grooming & rape is somehow acceptable to GOP. It's times like this where I wished there was such a thing as heaven and hell because these fucking douchebags all deserve to burn.
  2. clpp01

    NFL 2022

    I mean having a contender for the worst team in NFL history in 2025 is a pretty small price to pay for a couple titles.
  3. You think they reach a point where they couldn't become even less human and they just smile and say watch this.
  4. Their unabashed desire of slavery to the bible. I mean Jesus err I mean Republican Jesus continues.
  5. clpp01

    NFL 2021

    If that is the case they will likely have to trade up to get whomever that would be as the 9th pick is no sure thing given how any QB with a pulse seems to sky rocket up the draft board between the combine and draft night.
  6. Idaho says if you try to provide medical care for your children we are going to throw you in prison for life oh and don't think about moving out of state because we are making that illegal now as well I guess.
  7. I thought upset Saturday was a football thing?
  8. clpp01

    2019-20 NBA

    Out 6-8 weeks but at least he should be rested for the playoffs
  9. Operation Gazpacho This week in the world of republicans - Government keeping tabs on gun sales bad, government tracking women's personal health decisions good. - It is wrong that children can't be made fun of in the classroom for being different - Make Murder Legal - State politicians should have the authority to overrule the voters and choose who wins elections themselves. - Yeah woohoo lets go truckers hold everything up - Damn you libs look what you socialists are doing to the economy!!!
  10. Its like they wake up every morning and search for the dumbest shit that someone has said so far today and then think hit their head with a rock until they can outdo the other idiots.
  11. Anyone keeping track of who's turn it is to be turncoat between Manchin and Sinema?
  12. The man is a rampant coward, is to be expected of someone who blatantly sells out his wife & daughters to shield himself as he has done. also
  13. So what you are saying is that those people could have used someone looking out for them to help protect them and their job. Hmm maybe that right-to-work policy that has been co-sponsored by republicans for decades really is a worthless bitch.
  14. clpp01

    NFL 2021

    Would be difficult to name someone who had a bigger impact on football than Madden did.
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