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  1. Sorry for your loss, man. I just found out over the weekend a fellow coach and one of my long time leaguemates in a fantasy league is hospitalized and not doing well. Perhaps of no correlation but he and his family moved to Florida about 5 weeks ago.
  2. Learning requires food in bellies. Feed kids, who cares?
  3. These were in the same paragraph and seem to be in opposition.
  4. I’m curious where you’re getting this? Even back when I played in the late 90s/early 00s there was an entire Compliance Department. Granted, they were relegated to a basement office in Gill Coliseum, but they proudly displayed the NCAA rule book on the counter when you walked in. The hundreds of rules is technically right, I guess, but they used to say the NCAA rule book has more rules than the US tax code. It’s really more in the thousands and I’m sure it’s grown since back then.
  5. I say call it the Uncivil War. Simple. Throwback to the OG. Slightly obstinate.
  6. Congrats! You're not quite out of the woods, as the full effects take about two weeks. As best as those pesky scientists know is that you can still spread too. You got your second before a school teacher I know. She's in-person teaching. But, congrats. I'm glad for you!
  7. What I've never understood about guns, in general, is whenever you talk with someone about them or theirs, it always becomes technical jargon. Whether they're hunters, collectors, military, or Rambo-wannabes. Twin deck double ought jack pump eliminator rounds with a flack piece and roll scope. .422 winchester; never "pistol" and that's it. People have cars, they don't always have twin turbo, 718 HP, quad injection manifold 922c. Only when they're fanatics about cars. But with guns, any old swinging dick wants to be "in the club" (like Tucker Carlson) so they obsess over the minutia and detail of the guns, and of course display them like truck nuts dangling.
  8. It's simple. Virtue signaling.
  9. Are we really going to fault him for being a good father? Afterall, he was sneaking away across a border to escape the hellish nightmare that is his home country for a chance his family could have a better life. Also, the cocksucker left his dog, Snowflake, in the cold, just like his constituents. (Jesus Christ... what an asshole. Even his dog's name is a shitpost)
  10. What? Did you think this through? Nevermind...
  11. Nakedmolerat


    So I expect you'll let us know when you think she is ready, since that's the implication.
  12. I've seen sentiments similar to this: Fox News and Facebook did to our parents what they thought rock music and violent video games would do to us.
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