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  1. Mano

    2020 MLB

    Dodgers very likely win anyway, but that was a bad way to end a series.
  2. Mano

    Week 6

    Players of the week announced: OFFENSE: Cameron Rising, So., QB, Utah (Ventura, CA) Also nominated for offense: Jayden de Laura, QB, Washington State; Drake London, WR, USC; Jayden Daniels, QB, Arizona State, Brittain Brown, RB, UCLA; Deshaun Fenwick, RB, Oregon State DEFENSE: George Hicks III, Gr., Safety, Washington State (San Bernardino, CA) Also nominated: Jack Jones, CB, Arizona State; Mika Tafua, DE, Utah; Avery Roberts, ILB, Oregon State; Otito Ogbonnia, DL, UCLA; Anthony Pandy, LB, Arizona SPECIAL TEAMS: Nicholas Barr-Mira, RS Soph., K, UCLA (Palos Verdes, CA)Also nominated: Ben Griffiths, P, USC; Everett Hayes, PK, Oregon State Also nominated: Ben Griffiths, P, USC; Everett Hayes, PK, Oregon State OFFENSIVE LINE: Liam Ryan, Gr., LT, Washington State (Chino Hills, CA) Also nominated: Bamidele Olaseni, LT, Utah; Dohnovan West, C, Arizona State; Nous Keobounnam, OL, Oregon State DEFENSIVE LINE: Tyler Johnson, Gr., DE, Arizona State (Temecula, CA) Also nominated: Mika Tafua, DE, Utah; Mo Diallo, DL, Arizona; Otito Ogbonnia, DL, UCLA FRESHMAN: Kamo'i Latu, Fr., Safety, Utah (Honolulu, HI) Also nominated for freshman: Benjamin Yurosek, TE, Stanford; Elijhah Badger, WR, Arizona State; Semisi Saluni, LB, Oregon State
  3. Mano

    The Flu

    Don bitching about a Democrat governor who has made mask mandate for school children and will likely have mandate for teachers as well, yet completely silent about the GOP governors who have not only not made mask mandates, but forbidden them. How surprising. I guess he is having a hard time missing his boy being in charge.
  4. I was 1-4 this week, maybe should just choose opposite of who I think is going to win.
  5. Mano

    Week 5

    Pac 12 refs doing their best to take Pac out of CFP.
  6. Mano

    Week 5

    Verdell out, I hope he is ok, but it doesn't look good..
  7. Republicans care about lies now? That's cute.
  8. https://www.abc4.com/news/local-news/sugar-house-party-shooting-leaves-one-dead-another-in-critical-condition/
  9. Mano

    Week 4

    Well, on the bright side for USC, I don't think fans will need to worry about interim coach doing so well he gets hired.
  10. Mano

    Week 4

    To be a CFP contender, Oregon will need Thibideaux at 100%
  11. Mano

    Week 4

    Arizona moving the ball pretty well against the Ducks.
  12. Mano

    Week 4

    What an ugly game. In the second half Utah moved the ball at will between the 20's, and coughed the ball up whenever they were in the red zone. Luckily the defense played well, Devin Lloyd was amazing and then Phillips sealed it with the pick 6. Hoping the Utes can get the turnovers cleaned up, but they haven't really shown anything that makes me think they will.
  13. Mano

    Week 4

    I would rest Thibodaux against Arizona. Why rush him back when you don't need him?
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