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  1. I would be good with a Western college sports forums, perhaps with sub boards for MWC, Big 12, B1G, ACC and Pac 2. Would be nice to have more users, has pretty much felt like a morgue since the Pac fell apart. Will likely be some chaos to start, but seems like an opportunity.
  2. Pretty sure he is out the entire season, that injury typically takes over a year. Feel terrible for the kid, for the team they should have time to either get someone else up to speed or grab someone else out of the portal.
  3. Twats are gonna twat.
  4. The problem is that is a self fulfilling argument, MWC doesn't advance so give their teams shitty seeds and they don't advance. They need to base seedings on each year individually, not based on school or conference history, and when they set up the metrics that they are going to use, such as NET rating, pomeroy etc. and smaller teams perform to those metrics, it seems unfair to give them the "eyeball" test argument and give them a crap seed anyway.
  5. USU, Boise and New Mexico got screwed in the seedings, while SDSU got rewarded for last years run. A lot of the seedings and selections are based on reputation rather than what teams actually did this year, regardless of what the selection committee says.
  6. Wazzu got a tough draw.
  7. If I were in Vegas I would probably put a bet in on USC - not that I think they are favorites, but better than a 20-1 shot.
  8. Donald Trump must pay an additional $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll in defamation case, jury says https://apnews.com/article/trump-carroll-defamation-trial-e4ea8b93cdeb29857864ffd8d14be888
  9. Mano

    Alabama Huskies

    Nah, he's just a twat. Can't imagine reading that word salad once, let alone twice.
  10. Arizona fans, any word on who may be the replacement coach?
  11. It's nice that the Utes rolled, but UCLA doesn't lose like this if team plays hard. Don't know or really care what their issues are, but seems a change needs to be made, either a wholesale change of roster or staff.
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