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  1. I was surprised by the 3 runs up the gut from the 5 before allowing Nix to try and make a play.
  2. When Sanders is trying to convince top recruits to sign with HBCU's, wouldn't it be an extremely bad look to jump to first P5 coaching offer?
  3. Pac 12 refs can't figure out which down it is.
  4. Leaving this year was completely expected. Not playing again this year a little surprising, but there were some rumors swirling around about some more issues at practice recently. Tavion is a talented player, and has had a pretty rough life. I am rooting for him to succeed.
  5. I wonder why he comes here. No one on the board likes him or finds any of his idiotic takes insightful or interesting. Would think he would get bored playing idiot douche bag, but I guess some folks just get off on that.
  6. Congrats to the Oregon fans, your team really shut Utah's offense down. The Utes had their chances, but were unable to make the big play on offense when they needed it, while the Ducks stepped up on defense all night. Rising has not been the same guy since the undisclosed injury against USC. It is unfortunate that it seems that Utah's defense has progressed, while the offense has regressed at the end of the season. I know that Utah can still back into the CCG, but USC and Oregon ( when Nix healthy ) have been playing the best ball in conference, so would be fitting for them to meet. Hoping everyone gets healthy and we all have a good end to the season.
  7. Rooting for UCLA ( and of course Utah ) this week. Really wanted a rematch with the Bruins, but it looks like only one scenario where that happens. Tie breaker scenarios really seem to favor the Utes.
  8. 5 way tie would be Utah losing to Oregon, UCLA beating USC, Oregon losing civil war, UW winning Apple cup.
  9. I hope both teams can have their guys go. Should be a great game, hoping for the best. Would love for this Utah team to get another shot at UCLA.
  10. Has anyone purchased tickets to the Pac 12 CCG? I bought some at beginning of season just in case, and will be going if Utah makes it. If they don't, I will be selling. Will likely be able to make a little on them, but if there is someone here that wants to have first dibs if Utah doesn't make it, let me know and I will hold them for you and sell them at my cost. Four tickets, Sec 313, Row 6, about $111/ticket all inclusive ( this is what you pay on ticketmaster for the $77 tickets after they pile on all their fees ) . If you are interested, PM me, if not, no worries, should be an easy sell once teams are set.
  11. Utah vs Stanford game time announced: 8:00. WTF? Sat 12 | Day 39° 4% NNE 7 mph Partly cloudy. High 39F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Humidity58% UV Index3 of 10 Sunrise7:11 am Sunset5:11 pm Sat 12 | Night 26° 18% SE 6 mph A few clouds from time to time. Low 26F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Humidity71% UV Index0 of 10 Moonrise8:14 pm Waning Gibbous Moonset11:26 am
  12. Let me step over this turd.
  13. Like a toddler that wants to shit in every room in the house.
  14. There has been a light snowfall in SLC all day today. Saturday night is supposed to be cold and rainy. Not looking forward to enduring this at the game, but hopefully it effects Arizona more than Utah.
  15. Perhaps there are fewer African American's here because we didn't hunt them and bring them over in boats from Africa in chains like they did in the south, where they also fought a war because they wanted to keep doing that?
  16. To be fair, all the games this week had pretty clear cut favorites who all won. Can't imagine anyone beating their chest over getting these right. Well, I guess there is one guy.
  17. Mano

    Utah @ WSU

    Unfortunately my medical knowledge is mostly from experience with family members. My grandmother, who lived with us until she passed away when I was 18 was paralyzed on one side and wheelchair bound the final 15 years of her life by a stroke. They run in my family, so I have some awareness. As for steroids spiking your blood sugar, had that happen with my mother about a year ago. She had a steroid injection for a back issue, and her blood sugar and blood pressure both spiked. She became incoherent and we were fearful that she was having a stroke. Rushed her to ER , and once they got her sugar and BP down she returned to normal. Very scary.
  18. Go to https://www.mwcboard.com/ and see what the rest of their former conference mates think of them. While you are there, share some of your great takes, I'm sure they will love you.
  19. If Cam plays, I think Utah should be ok, although Arizona's receivers scare the bejeezus out of me. Utah should be able to outscore them at home as long as the defense doesn't completely shit the bed. I doubt Kincaid plays, nor should he. Would love to see Tavion and Micah playing at full strength. Hoping Kincaid is back before the Oregon game.
  20. Mano

    Utah @ WSU

    Hope you are feeling better, and the lesion is benign. Next time don't fuck around with self diagnosis, get someone to immediately take you to ER, strokes are not something to mess around with, and time can be critical.
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