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  1. this conference is so much better with UCLA and Arizona being good at hoops, both teams are fun to watch.
  2. considering that Oregon actually lost to the 10th place PAC12 school (Stanford) I think your logic needs some fine tuning
  3. Jimmy Lake out at Montlake
  4. Scorcho

    Week 11

    Utes lost three offensive lineman to injuries on Saturday. A position they were already thin. That's a big concern going into next week. Fisch has AZ playing hard. That's a good sign for UA. I'll pick UA to upset ASU in a couple of weeks
  5. Scorcho

    Week 11

    I love the SLC media. These articles - same author within about 2 months of each other
  6. Wazzu is playing right now (not sure why so early?) Cougs are up 16
  7. Scorcho

    Week 11

  8. I listened to a local podcast about PAC12 hoops, and the one thing they mentioned about Arizona is that international players usually take a year to adjust to the physicality of college hoops in the U.S. With AZ having a number of international players they thought that was a concern for the Wildcats this year.
  9. Scorcho

    Week 10

    I think you're overlooking one of the biggest aspects of Oregon's future CFP ranking. Stanford is predicted to finish the year 3-9 or 4-8
  10. Scorcho

    Week 10

    has there every been a year when football head coaching in this conference has been so precarious?
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