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  1. this was more exciting
  2. I watched some of this and was disappointed. There wasn't enough space or a long enough straight away for any real speed or good drama. It was nearly impossible to pass someone ahead of you
  3. Utah's new coach seems exceptional with the X's and O's. He'll be awesome if he can get 5-6 lesser recruited players to stick around for 3-4 years and coach them up. The problem is that isn't the college basketball of today. He was born 10-20 years to late.
  4. all 3 Utah schools finished ranked in the final AP poll, nobody cares about your Texas, NC or Kentucky comparison
  5. Oh yea, its Florida
  6. not a bad year for an obscure state that has a little over 3 million residents and is in the bottom third of the us by population
  7. retiring pretty young, he was only at Utah for 3 years, former NFL player and college coach at Navy. Maybe he's banked enough to just sit back and enjoy life
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