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  1. Scorcho

    Week 7

    first dusting of snow
  2. Scorcho

    Hot Takes

    but would have lost to Portland St
  3. unbelievably, I'm attending two funerals this week for friends who passed away from COVID. One today and another on Saturday. Both men were way to young to die and both left kids still at home. These two deaths have sucked the joy out of life for me and my wife. This will be the 4th COVID funeral I've attended this year. I fairly certain I haven't attend that many funerals in the past 25 years all together. 😢
  4. if I've learned anything about this contest, its that 80% of the battle is just outliving the other participants
  5. A head coach is almost father like with 100+ kids every year. That’s a heavy burden. When I start to think that head coaches are overpaid, this is a good reminder why they’re not.
  6. 5 Utah students (3 athletes) killed from violence over the past few years. 4 of those from guns, and I'm not sure about the 5th one. It may have been gun related. This program is reeling right now.
  7. Scorcho

    NFL 2021

    I want all PAC12 players to succeed at the next level, but I especially want Sam Darnold to find a home in Carolina. He’ll likely never be considered a top 15 QB, but I’d love to see him resurrect his career and prove the naysayers wrong.
  8. one of the dangers of firing a coach so early in the year is you risk the possibility that the interim coach goes off on a major run, bonds with the players and instantly inserts himself as the leading candidate. USC would have been better served to stay with Helton for a bit longer IMO
  9. Scorcho

    Week 4

    we'll always have his performance against Weber State, nobody can take that away from us!
  10. we tore down and enclosed the South end zone this year. If you ever sat in the visitor section on a chilly day and the wind was blowing from the South it could be miserably cold with that section open to the wind blowing to through the cemetery to the South. With that part of the stadium enclosed that should block the wind significantly. It also increased Utah's capacity a bit and added new locker rooms for home and away. SLC also has a new airport if you haven't been here for a bit. Anything for Chip Kelly
  11. couldn't figure out what HBCU stood for, had to look it up anyone want to watch bowling or Hee Haw on tv later?
  12. Scorcho

    Week 3

    yea, but when you can't count up to twelve
  13. Scorcho

    Week 3

    if we're going every other then Week 3 is the North divisions turn again to wet the bed
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