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  1. I watched some of this and was disappointed. There wasn't enough space or a long enough straight away for any real speed or good drama. It was nearly impossible to pass someone ahead of you
  2. retiring pretty young, he was only at Utah for 3 years, former NFL player and college coach at Navy. Maybe he's banked enough to just sit back and enjoy life
  3. I can't recall, were Oregon fans excited about Cristobal getting promoted back in 2017?
  4. couple of interesting tweets
  5. note to self - avoid ever having to get healthcare in Miami. instead of crutches you might end up with some old Miami yardage markers
  6. I wonder if Cristobal felt he had reached his peak at Oregon? (not saying that Oregon isn't capable of a CFP berth, because they clearly are) With Clemson coming back down to earth and Florida and Florida State currently reeling, there is a window for Miami in the ACC/state of Florida.
  7. I stopped listening for fear of breaking my cringe reflex from over use
  8. turnover at the the 3 top football jobs in the conference USC, Oregon and UW is a bit unsettling
  9. with UCLA's money, name and inherent advantages they haven't defeated Utah since 2015 and the average margin of defeat in those 5 losses is 47-20. Maybe UCLA should change its nickname to the Sloths because footballs been asleep since Terry Donahue
  10. Chip Kelly was 1-1 in the playoffs, Riley is 1-3
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