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  1. Jalapeno

    Week 7

    I still hope you beat ASU this year.
  2. Jalapeno

    Week 7

    Gotta build some confidence for the Buffs offense. And when you give up a blocked punt for a TD and a pick six, the score is going to be ugly against you.
  3. Jalapeno

    Week 7

    CU 6 UA 0 in the Game of the Century at the half.
  4. Jalapeno

    Week 7

    Buffs & Wildcats ought to be playing for a trophy that is a copper coated pile of buffalo dung. The battle for 5th place in the South! Bring it on!
  5. Jalapeno

    Week 5

    Probably back to the NFL as a WRs coach...that is apparently his ceiling.
  6. Jalapeno

    Week 5

    Yes that is what I am seeing and hearing. If that is true, that is less than what CU owed Hawkins & MacIntyre when they were fired. Not good for program stability with four HCs in five years although. More like CU wanted someone who wouldn't leave like Mel Tucker did and overpaid for it.
  7. Jalapeno

    Week 6

    Bye Week is going to slaughter the Buffs this week because Ralphie VI knows the team sucks and refuses to run.
  8. Jalapeno

    Week 5

    Seat is getting pretty warm and the Denver sports media is going after him. CU's AD had to apologize for him since Dorrell wouldn't do it. I'm not sure he makes it to 2022 except on January 1st when his buyout drops to a more reasonable amount.
  9. Jalapeno

    Week 5

    Agree with Q12 that politics need to stay in the politics board. No love for WSU @ Cal which is a matchup of two 1-3 teams? Is Cal the best 1-3 team out there? Thankfully despite CU's zero for USC record, the Buffs have been giving the same treatment back via men's basketball.
  10. Jalapeno

    ACC is out

    UO wins out and they are in the CFP. If not, it's not going to be a good look for college football in general. Norte Dame very well could take the ACC's playoff spot even without playing in the ACC CCG. All they have to do is win out and that includes beating Cincinnati. It doesn't mean the rest of the road will be easy as they have @VT, USC, UNC, and @Stanford on their remaining schedule who will want to give the Irish all they can handle. They make the CFP this year, they will not bat an eye when it comes to joining the ACC in football until next decade perhaps. OU wins out, they could be in. If the B1G championship has one loss while Oregon, Norte Dame, and Oklahoma are undefeated, there will be only one SEC team in the CFP this year.
  11. Jalapeno

    ACC is out

    Still a little early...let's play the rest of the season out and find out.
  12. Jalapeno

    Week 5

    You are not wrong about USC having too much talent and I don't think you would mind being wrong about USC beating CU this weekend.
  13. Jalapeno

    Week 5

    Remember how Oregon State broke Mike MacIntyre? They might have done it to USC for this season and maybe CU will finally beat USC this year. This already has been a crazy season.
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