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  1. https://x.com/bluebloodsbias/status/1707364077729960399?s=20 Travis Hunter met with the CSU player who did that dirty hit on him and forgave him.
  2. https://x.com/bluebloodsbias/status/1706797112988750067?s=46 CU-UO had a peak of 12.6M viewers. Seems like USC-CU will top that. CU-ASU will be on the P12N…let’s say the record for viewers for that network would be beat.
  3. It has been good for CU since every home game is sold out at this point. Student applications would go up and more students could go to said college. CU out of state tuition is almost $60k per year. About 17 more such students would mean a cool million for the school. It just adds up.
  4. Good ESPN article about whether the PAC survives or not. The Pac-12 leftovers - What will be Washington State's and Oregon State's ultimate fate? - ESPN Preliminary injunction hearing is next month as well.
  5. Again, just enjoy the ride you are on with Coach Prime...CU might never have another coach like that.
  6. Coach Prime insisted on everyone calling him "Coach Prime". So now you can call him Coach Prime and there might be a Coach Prime branded paper bag for you somewhere. Remember He Ain't Hard 2 Find.
  7. Saw this on my Twitter: https://twitter.com/TDISportsClips/status/1706342117117776156?s=20
  8. CU @ ASU on the P12N...maybe the country will forget about Coach Prime for one weekend.
  9. Boulder to Ft. Collins is about the same distance as Eugene to Corvallis but takes 1 1/4 hours due to roads & traffic. What's interesting is that from Ft. Collins to Laramie (where Wyoming is located), the time is about five minutes shorter but 22 miles longer.
  10. Money is what makes college sports go these days. I long for the days of the old BIg 8 where it was much less about the TV money and filling the stands with fans. I'm sure you enjoyed the MWC when TCU was in that conference and that was a pretty good conference back then.
  11. Can't hurt to have Coach Prime in town with the Buffs going to the toughest basketball conference next year in the Big 12.
  12. Week 5 Utah at Oregon State...will there be a Rising sighting on the football field this Friday? Line is 3.0 in favor of OSU. USC at CU...USC agreed to the 10 am game so they can get eyeballs on them on Fox Big Noon. Maybe CU @ ASU will be on the P12N next weekend. ASU at Cal...who will be the ASU QB for this game? Looks like injuries is ravaging the Sun Devil QB room. Oregon at Stanford...Ducks just need to show up for this game and then they can turn their focus to UW. UW at Arizona...Huskies just need to show up for this game and then they can turn their focus to UO.
  13. Big 12 was smart to pay just $2.5M at the time. Just imagine the going price before the Oregon game. Just another proof that money is running college athletics these days.
  14. I’m seeing that on other boards too. I have seen replacing the X in X.com with Twitter.con as a workaround.
  15. PAC MAN

    NFL 2023

    What a wonderful weekend! Buffs then Broncos.
  16. Can’t pin that completely on the OL…Shedeur Sanders took some bad sacks.
  17. Not CU’s day by any stretch. Best case scenario for a bowl game for the Buffs by me had CU at 3-1 after this game.
  18. Watching ESPN during the NCSU-UVA halftime, the ESPN guys said Oregon State is the most overlooked PAC team so far.
  19. Based on what I have seen from TT the last 30 years and compared to CU, I would say you are correct in this case. Hopefully the Buffs get off to a fast start like the TCU game instead of the slower starts in the Nebraska & CSU game.
  20. You might want to check my post 13 posts up from yours. The Coach Prime effect is real and maybe you want to hope that CU keeps winning along with WSU so ESPN Game Day can finally come to Pullman later this year.
  21. Yes they are playing USC next week.
  22. It's certainly the Prime Effect and I'm not ready for it to end anytime soon. It ain't stopping even if CU loses this weekend because USC is coming to Boulder after this one and will be on Fox's 10 am MT time slot (noon ET). The media is going to make sure of that.
  23. Ha that's something I didn't really notice. USC's number is going up next week for sure since the USC-CU game will be on at 9 am PT on the 30th. I have brought up in the past the topic of taking advantage of CU's location in the country and have those 10 am local start games. CU has already played in two 10 am MT games and will be playing in another one against USC. The numbers speak for themselves.
  24. https://x.com/RossDellenger/status/1704282126781198599?s=20
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